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[usage-centered] Cfp: CHI 2000 Organisational Overviews

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  • Birgit Bomsdorf
    Does your group have some intriguing and inspiring HCI-related projects and ideas you would like to showcase? Write up your out of the box thinking for the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 1999
      Does your group have some intriguing and inspiring HCI-related projects
      and ideas you would like to showcase? Write up your "out of the box"
      for the newly reformed Organisational Overviews track at CHI2000!

      CHI2000 is an ideal venue for you to show off your organisation or
      perspective on HCI, including your most innovative ideas and prototypes.

      We are currently inviting submissions from groups with a flair for
      research; at the CHI2000 Organisation Overviews session you can flaunt
      your work, make new connections and attract new collaborators.

      So what exactly are Organisation Overviews?
      Organizational Overviews are summaries of innovative HCI-related work
      taking place in institutions, organizations, or groups. The emphasis of
      venue at CHI is to give a broader perspective to the results and
      that are the substance of CHI.

      Organisation Overviews may describe HCI work:
      - in university, corporate, or government research groups or
      - in product development or consultancy organizations;
      - in different countries or geographical regions;
      - in collaborative efforts involving several groups or organizations;
      - in partnerships of different types of groups, or groups cooperating
      across geographical, political, or cultural boundaries.

      Presentation format is flexible; plan one that best suits your work, and

      select your best presenters to introduce your work to the HCI community.

      We encourage you to talk to us about your ideas for a presentation (or
      performance). As a general guideline, we would like to hear about:

      - the HCI domains addressed by the work in your organisation
      - the focus, themes, major processes, organisational setting, history
      future plans in brief
      - the people involved (for example you may say something about diversity

      of backgrounds)
      - some details of specific, inspiring projects.
      - details about any key publications or products
      We encourage images, videos and other demonstrations to bring these
      alive for audience members.

      CHI 2000 will take place in The Hague, The Netherlands. For further
      information please visit our web-site http://www.acm.org/sigchi/chi2000.

      All Organisation Overview proposals are due by September 13th 1999, and
      will be peer reviewed. Please feel free to contact us if you would like
      more information. We can be contacted on the email addresses below.

      We hope to hear from you. Best wishes,

      Elizabeth Churchill (churchill@...) and
      Birgit Bomsdorf (kne@...)
      CHI 2000 Organizational Overviews Co-chairs
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