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95RE: [usage-centered] UCD vs. U-CD

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  • Larry Constantine
    Apr 24, 2001
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      Hallvard wrote:

      > In one of the last discussions, both UCD (Tony) and U-CD (Larry) acronyms
      > where used. I usually think of the first as User-Centered Design, and find
      > it strange to use it for the similarly sounding but different (or more
      > specific) than Usage-Centered Design. Therefore I liked the idea of using
      > U-CD for the more specific approach. Is this an established convention? Or
      > perhaps UsageCD, which I've also seen used.

      Lucy Lockwood and I started the U-CD abbreviation for usage-centered design
      precisely to distinguish it from UCD, a common abbreviation for "user
      centered design." In formal presentations and publication we invariably
      spell it out. (After 40 years in the business I am tired of all the acronyms
      and have become somewhat of an acronymophobe, preferring genuine readability
      to false economies of paper saving. I even spell out "user interface," to
      the dismay of editors. Reading research shows that acronyms, far from
      speeding up scanning, actually slow down reading and marginally increase
      error rates.) I *like* UsageCD, which really puts the emphasis on the

      --Larry Constantine
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