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43[usage-centered] Streamlining Usage-Centered Design

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  • Larry Constantine
    Jan 7, 2000
      We have had some interesting experiences lately with trying to do
      disciplined model-driven design in crunch-mode. We are doing the user
      interface design for an Internet startup on a schedule that is nigh unto
      impossible. Our experiences suggest there are some shortcuts that are less
      dangerous than others. We found we could safely simplify a lot of user role
      modeling and skip defining the process narratives ("flow of events") for
      simpler use cases. On the other hand, for UI design, the content navigation
      model (overall UI architecture) was critical and we had to go back to finish
      it up. A complete report is on our Web site

      I'd like to hear about other experiences in taking shortcuts.

      --Larry Constantine <larry@...>

      BTW, Constantine & Lockwood will give members of this eGroup a $100 discount
      on the upcoming usage-centered design training. (Details at
      <http://foruse.com/seminars.htm>) Just mention it when you register.
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