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Re: [usa-tesla] Declassifiing History...

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  • sno1
    If the first real saucer contact was crash at roswell back in 1947...which i think most students of the matter agree on...it was at the end of world war
    Message 1 of 36 , Apr 1, 2002
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      If the first real saucer contact was crash
      at roswell back in 1947...which i think most
      students of the matter agree on...it was
      at the end of world war two...at the time
      everyone was paranoid, even more so then
      the government became later in history....
      therefore there were legitimate reasons to
      cover up until it could be determined who
      what where...etc....and whether there was
      danger...and what it was....

      I am supposing that perhaps, after studying it,
      they determined that they could not release the
      fact that they had proof of contact with aliens.

      I can conceive of one possible reason and am sure
      there are others....

      The reason I can conceive of is if the alien technology
      was so dangerous and simple to make/use that anyone
      could play with it. If you think about it a minute
      you will realize that if they release the fact that
      they have access to a saucer, that they would not be
      able to keep any technology that goes along with it out
      of public hands.....

      They may have made the decision to keep it quite until
      they understood the technology enough to know whether
      it would be dangerous in public hands....and may then
      have discovered it really was...

      I am thinking along the lines of the "free energy"
      device being able to tap so much energy instantaneously,
      that if it is shorted out it causes a nuclear explosion...
      or the equivalent.....

      I find it interesting that this technology i.e.
      free energy...anti gravity...has not been seen to be
      used in any of our military craft....except maybe
      in increasing the cruising range of the B2 bomber.
      It is extremely hard for a military type not to use
      the latest/best stuff available...because it makes
      his job so much easier....he naturally demands the
      latest technology....industry also would love to
      put out this type technology....not quickly of
      course...but any company that could put out products
      that used this technology would make mega bucks....
      the oil companies would love to corner the "free
      energy generator market"....it would make the money
      they are making from oil right now look like nothing...
      they would lease them to us at something like 100
      US dollars a month....and watch the money roll in....
      and all they would have to do is roll them off the
      assembly line....instant money makers....no more
      hassle from anyone....and no more dealing with other
      countries.....same for the car companies....anti
      gravity cars.....same thing.....run a lease.....
      100 for the cars free energy generator...and 100 for
      the car.....this is just off the top of my head...am
      sure they would figure out a better way....but however
      they did it, it would bring them in much more money then
      they are making now.....

      You state "habitual liar"...and of course you are
      talking about the "government"....

      In the case of a saucer and the technology that goes
      along with it you are talking about the military...
      which is a different animal then the government....

      There is lying and deceit in the military...but when
      it gets down to the nitty gritty they take very
      seriously there oath to protect the country....high
      leaders in the military....generals and such...who
      would know the whole story and reasons, would only
      go along if they could be convinced that there were
      real reasons to keep this hidden.....and these are
      not men who you can fool easily...nor frighten easily...
      (I am retired military so am prejudiced <grin>)

      I am of course playing devil's avocate in this....to
      point out that the common assumption...that there is
      no real reason to keep this secret, may be entirely

      thanks again for listening to my thoughts....


      James Moore wrote:
      > "how about if this technology can be used by any kid/nut fooling
      > around to blow up his neighborhood...???"
      > Sorry Steve... that type of technology can be had at Walmart,
      > a feed store, landscaping center, pool supply, etc... I disagree.
      > It is not just a matter of technology, it is an issue of how long
      > can we be lied to, and be expected to be fully trusting. Do you
      > trust every word from a person whom you know to be a habitual
      > liar?
      > I totally agree that some knowledge show remain classified
      > but how ALL UFO related material is considered to be a threat
      > to national security, if it is not debunked, is beyond me. Maybe
      > they are afraid to confess that they have been withholding the
      > truth, and down right defrauding the public about this issue for
      > many decades? Maybe this fact alone if admitted would jeopardize
      > national security!
      > American citizens and other peoples of the world have been kept in
      > the dark too many years about facts related to documented
      > extraterrestrial contact, and if there is any basis in fact regarding
      > the abduction phenomenon, then there could be a conspiracy that
      > could put the nation at risk, especially if a high level of complicity
      > exists in this regards... they are hiding something much bigger
      > than the existence a few documented flying disks, IMO.
      > JPM
    • Ed Phillips
      ... In a manner of speaking there WERE German contributors. Best example is the experimental demonstration of nuclear fission by Otto Hahn and Fritz
      Message 36 of 36 , Apr 4, 2002
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        McGalliard, Frederick B wrote:
        > Sorry. I really forget, except for Einstein who I think put in a few seminal
        > ideas and some consulting at a very high level. In a manner of speaking,
        > there were German contributions to the physics community developing the
        > atomic theory. In fact they provided a lot of the crossection data and decay
        > data that made it clear that a fast neutron bomb could be built. Why do you
        > ask?

        In a manner of speaking there WERE German contributors. Best example
        is the experimental demonstration of nuclear fission by Otto Hahn and
        Fritz Strassman. Publication of their results and the explanation by
        Lise Meitner was responsible for the start of the weapon program here in
        the US. Note that because Meitner was a jew she had to leave after the
        Nazis Annexed Austria.

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