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Re: [usa-tesla] Detailed account of WHAT aetheric waves are.....

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  • Michael Riversong
    I need to get definitions for quasi-conductors and quasi-semiconductors as used in this context. This is very interesting. Often people who make important
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 17, 2002
      I need to get definitions for quasi-conductors and quasi-semiconductors as
      used in this context. This is very interesting. Often people who make
      important discoveries are unaware of their true significance until some
      silly amatuer like myself comes along and starts asking dumb questions.

      At 12:20 PM 1/15/02 -0600, you wrote:
      >At 08:32 AM 01/14/2002 -0800, you wrote:
      >>For this discussion, we need to invent a new term, "quasi-magnetic". What
      >>that would mean, is various wave forms that act like electromagnetic waves
      >>in some ways, but have power characteristics that cannot be measured with
      >>any electromagnetic equipment. In other words, no characteristics of
      >>voltage or amperage, thus no wattage. That creates great difficulties in
      >>studying the subject, as your question about these waves becomes meaningless.
      >'Quasi-magnetic' sounds like a good term to me. There are terms that are
      >used in
      >high temp-pressure geological simulation experiments, such as quasi-conductors
      >and quasi-semiconductors, which refer to silicon compounds within the
      >crustal structures
      >of the earth. Under normal conditions these silica compounds would behave
      >as electrical
      >insulators, or dialectic... but many of these compounds appear to behave
      >similar to
      >semiconductors used in modern electronic equipment, when placed under high
      >>Col. Tom Beardon did perhaps the best job of explaining these wave forms in
      >>several lectures given at various Tesla Symposia beginning in 1984. These
      >>lectures may still be available in Symposia Proceedings, and i believe Steve
      >>Elswick managed to keep a few copies in stock. Steve, are you still there?
      >>So, according to my understanding of Aetheric Standing Waves, what you
      >>really have are non-local waves which are primarily resonant phenomena. You
      >>will notice upon investigation that resonance, which i regard as the key
      >>force of nature, does not operate like electromagnetism. Thus, Beardon's
      >>constant references to the equations of Maxwell and Hertz only manage to
      >>confuse most students. If you had a thorough understanding of those
      >>equations, you might be able to decode Beardon's work, but most of us can't.
      >Bearden is not well accepted by many folks on this list as you probably
      >know, MR.
      >However, if he is correct on even a few of his speculative theories, he may
      >be know in the future to have been one of the most foresighted and innovative
      >thinkers of this century. It is interesting to me that he papers are even
      >posted on the US Dept of Energy web site now, if I remember right. So,
      >there must
      >be something to his concepts, that are of merit in the coming future. I
      >wonder how
      >many of his ideas are being researched at the present by the military? The navy
      >seems to be vary interested in his thoughts related to magnetic regauging
      >as applied to electric motor and generator efficiency, and scalar
      >>But it is obvious to me that Tesla was aware of resonant phenomena, and
      >>applied his understanding to electromagentism, which is how he managed to
      >>invent AC electricity and radio mechanisms. He just never really named what
      >>he was working with, as he was focused on practice, not theory. The rest of
      >>us have to grapple with theory and then try to apply it to engineering.
      >>I really do believe that resonance is the physical manifestation of aetheric
      >>phenomena. Does that change your understanding in any way? More
      >>importantly, does it help you engineer anything useful?
      >Nice thread and discussions Mike. Here's wishing all of the list members a
      >very good year,
      >and hopefully it will bring happiness and prosperity to all of you and your
      >families!!! Hopefully,
      >this will be a good year for the recognition of Tesla's great legacy to
      >humanity, also!
      >"The only difference between light and electricity, is one of frequency"
      > --Nikola Tesla--
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