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Re: [usa-tesla] Rectifier Question

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  • Jet Black
    ... I m guessing that the variable resistor has values other than ohms , but thats all there is to it , I took some photo s of it yesterday they should be
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 6, 2000
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      At 10:06 AM 7/04/00 , Jim Farrer wrote:
      >Dear Jet,
      >You wrote of your glomination ("glommed onto" in U.S dollers) of
      >a mystery box.
      >I believe what you are describing here is a new mystery box.
      >======>> I'm including your first mystery box memo at the end of
      >this email.<<===
      >I can't make any guesses on the current box. Does it have
      >other than the switch, variable resistor, and selenium plate

      I'm guessing that the variable resistor has values other than "ohms" , but
      thats all there is to it , I took some photo's of it yesterday they should
      be developed within a week or so.
      I will be acquiring a cheap & nasty (read expendable but reasonably
      accurate) multi meter from www.jaycar.com.au cat number QM1490 or similar
      that should help me measure out simple (non HV) capactiance & inductance in
      the things I find or am trying to figure out.

      As far as the first mystery box goes it is a confirmed analog RF signal
      generator , freq range of
      (outer scale) 10Hz to 90 Hz
      C 20M Hz to 6M Hz
      B 1500K Hz to 500K Hz
      A 520K Hz to 400K Hz

      The C , B , A freq ranges are actually marked as "mc" & "kc" , which I take
      were Mega & Kilo Cycles at the time of construction RF1 jpg

      RF2 jpg is an underside view of the box , the paint tin I refer to is
      actually a cream can , mounted behind the front switch marked 1 to 6 , you
      may have to mess with the brightness or contrast to get some of the finer
      details from the pic , there is not a printed circut board to be seen in it.

      >Why is it that this stuff is more interesting than my federal
      >Income Tax?

      Because the idea of combining valves/analog switching with
      semiconductor/digital switching is almost as creative as filling out your
      taxes ?


      <snip initial syntron/rectifier post>

      >J.B.'s first mystery box memo:
      > [usa-tesla] Help Required with Valves & the like.
      > Date:
      > Mon, 23 Aug 1999 14:34:30 +1000
      > From:
      > Jet Black <blackj@...>
      > Reply-To:
      > usa-tesla@onelist.com
      > To:
      > usa-tesla@onelist.com
      >From: Jet Black <blackj@...>
      >Whilst shopping through the local "bazaar" the other day , I came
      >across an
      >interesting "hand crafted" aluminium box with a hand marked (180
      >degree 4
      >band) indicator dial (the dials controls are of bakelite
      >construction) with
      >a 240V AC lead coming out of the back of it.
      >I thought this looks interesting so I haggled with the merchant &
      >bought it
      >for $20 (Australian)
      >When I asked the merchant what he knew of it & what it does , he
      >had a
      >lapse in memory (to the point that he could no longer speak
      >I was quite happy with my purchase of this "mystery box" as I
      >had a vague
      >idea of what it was..........
      >I was unwilling to plug it in & try it out when I finally had the
      >time to
      >take a closer look , besides it was late at night 240 Volts and
      >box's don't mix too well so , I decided on an autopsy to see what
      >I was
      >dealing with.
      >Autopsy notes follow:
      >Check fuse ,the fuse has been tampered with & another higher
      >rated piece
      >of fusewire had been resoldered back into the fuse , leaving the
      >old blown
      >fuse wire alongside the new heavier
      >guage fuse wire.
      >Definately hand built , I had to drill out a lot of blind rivets
      >to get
      >into the back of it.
      >Upon sliding the thing out of the box , my jaw dropped , it's got
      >VALVES in
      >it , WOO HOO ! (as in Homer Simpson)
      >They are marked.
      >6V4 , 6BE6 , 12AT 7 (2V4) (made in England).
      >Plus olde capacitors , resistors , hand wound coils and all sorts
      >of things
      >, some of the parts could be immediately identified , others
      >cannot.IE one
      >of the switches is shrouded by old paint tins and soldered shut.
      >It appears <imho> to be a hand built RF analog signal generator
      >or similar.
      >Something someone has built for their own private use _many_
      >years ago ,
      >maybe built by a man ahead of his time at the time , I'll try to
      >track the
      >builder or any of his friends down & have a quiet chat with
      >In the mean time , I will take some decent photo's & videotape
      >inside it.
      >If you have read this far thank you :) this is where I very
      >politely ask
      >for some help & guidance in order to get this thing cleaned up
      >and working
      >I'm still pouring over it with a jewelers magnifying glass trying
      >reverse engineer it and draw up a schematic diagram of sorts for
      >parties to view.
      >Any tips or local knowledge on how to handle clean & maintain
      >this sort of
      >"old school" tech would be greatly apprectiated.
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