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Re: Designs available.

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  • Paul Eitson
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2000
      Paul Eitson wrote:

      > To those of you interested in testing specific designs or who would
      > like turbine rotor sections designed by me please inquire. I have
      > several designs which focus on some of Tesla's modifications. Free
      > consultation is available for design. I can also construct turbine rotor
      > sections, complete with shaft, shaft couples, or rotor sections only.
      > Mike Stark is also involved with various planning stages of turbine and
      > energy system designs and says he can handle the containment housing
      > construction. Mike has two complete turbine rotor sections if anyone
      > wants to see an example of our work. Turbine rotors will be custom
      > constructed for specific functions, including fluid gearing, water,
      > steam, or steam flow + combustion. Turbines will consist of 316
      > stainless, laser or plasma cut, with spacers composed of 304 stainless
      > 22 guage or 316 16 guage stainless.. Thicker end plates will be
      > composed of 3/8 sheet steel covered in a stainless plate. Vacuum rotor
      > sections and fluid flow turbines are also available. Contact me or Mike
      > Stark.
      > Paul
      > xyme2@...
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