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Re: Thanx for the explanation

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  • Wallace E. Brand
    Dear Frank, One of the other members of this list has just recently suggested to me that he has found the best explanation of Tesla s wireless energy system
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 26, 1999
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      Dear Frank, One of the other members of this list has just recently
      suggested to me that he has found the best explanation of Tesla's wireless
      energy system in a reprint of several of Hugo Gernsback's "Electrical
      Experimenter" magazines entitled, as I recall, "Strange Stories from the
      Electrical Experimenter - 1917 - 1919" available from Lindsay Publications
      for $6.95. I am sending off for a copy. I believe their e-mail address
      is: lindsay@... I got this post from them on how to order:

      You can order one of four ways:
      1 You can mail a check, money order, Master Card number, or Visa number to

      the following address Lindsay Publications PO Box 538 Bradley IL 60915.
      2 You can fax in an order to (815)935-5477.
      3 You can call in an order to (815)935-5353 during normal business hours.
      4.You can email your charge card number to us. (this method is not as
      secure as the other three.).
      You can request a catalog be sent with your order that contains a price
      Lindsay Publications

      Frank A. Jur wrote:

      > From: "Frank A. Jur" <" jur"@...>
      > Thanx Wallace for the explanation. I guess I'll have to dig out my old
      > dusty transmission line theory books again to review the theory and
      > math.
      > The trouble I see is that lightning as a natural phenomenon is not
      > concentrated at node points spatially on the earth. There are lightning
      > regions, but there is no consistancy in perioodicity nor spatial
      > location. (Of course lightning was not my strong suit, and I may be
      > wrong on the spatial distribution of it.)
      > Now Tesla was big on resonant frequencies. I guess he even predicted
      > that a series of well placed and timed explosive charges around the
      > world would actually split the earth apart. To come up with a closed
      > form mathematical solution to that even making simplifying assumptions
      > as to the uniformity of the earth's composition would be a bear.
      > To accomplish his "free energy" idea then would require generators
      > placed at appropriate node points and receiving their power from
      > somewhere, and the whole network being appropriately synchronized to set
      > up the appropriate standing waves and accomplish what he had in mind.
      > Certainly there is enough energy being generated from even just
      > lightning alone around the world to supply all the power needs of the
      > earth, but to channel it in this fashion would be a tremendous
      > engineering challange.
      > The more I dig into this guy, the more I appreciate his genius. His
      > legacy goes far beyond the practical inventions he left behind, and
      > which, incidently, made Westinghouse into a great electrical company
      > too.
      > Frank
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