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Re: Tesla Museum Safe for NOW.

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  • Steve Elswick
    Two weeks ago, I watched a one hour interview with Milosevich on CSPAN. The interviewer (a Houston professor and TV talk show host whose expertise was Balkan
    Message 1 of 89 , May 3, 1999
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      Two weeks ago, I watched a one hour interview with Milosevich on CSPAN. The
      interviewer (a Houston professor and TV talk show host whose expertise was
      Balkan affairs) was clearly neutral and asked questions off-the-cuff, M.
      placed no restrictions on the questions, and did not know what was going to
      be asked as he did not get a list of questions. It was really interesting to
      hear his perspective... and he made a couple of good points.

      The first being ethnic cleansing. He stated in Yugoslavia there can be no
      ethnic cleansing as Yugoslavia is comprised of 26 national ethnic groups of
      which Serbs are just one. However, the government has a duty to protect the
      minority from the majority.... everyone must be treated equally. M stated
      that before the army moved in the KLA had killed over 2000... Serbs were not
      the only ones killed... in fact the majority were Albanians that were killed
      by the KLA. The KLA was running a protection racket and were killing their
      own to make the rest pay up their share of the KLA taxes.

      He was confused as to why the US intervened at all. There is NO national
      interest of the US in Y. and no US citizen was in danger from the Y.
      government. The KLA was a recognized international terroist group whose
      patron was bombed in September by the US. M's troops were totally in Y. and
      were not threatening any other countries so this was not a NATO country.
      NATO by intervening transformed itself from a defensive alliance into a
      force of aggression. M believes all of the current turmoil can be traced to
      1991 when Germany recognized Croatia as independent setting off a series of
      civil wars by majorities in several geographical areas.

      When asked about the refugees, he stated that it was called by the
      bombings... not only Albanians were leaving, but Serbs and other ethnic
      groups as well... and Serbia had refugee camps that were swelling with all
      ethnic groups including Albanians. M welcomed any humanitarian aid but could
      not protect them from American bombing. He pointed out they did not ask the
      humanitarian groups that were in Y to leave, but rather they ran on their
      own when the bombs started dropping. M didn't oppose unarmed observers in
      any number, but was definitely not interested in having armed forces occupy
      his country.

      Finally he said the POWs were treated in accordance with the Geneva
      Convention and Y would abide with all agreements it had signed on this
      issue. (the POWs have comfirmed that they were treated well by their

      All in all this was a fair interview and the first uncensored (by our folks)
      information out of Y. The interviewer (in post interview commentary) was
      peeved that the TV station he used was bombed. He fairly pointed out it has
      no military value and the only photos and information we were getting from
      the Serb side came from it. The interviewer also pointed out that Y was not
      censoring West news.... in fact he watched CNN and BBC every night on cable
      when he was over there.

      M did not come across as a monster, and seemed quite reasonable. His
      responses were logical and unprepared. I am saddened by all of the militant
      attitudes on this list. Having served my country for eight years in the
      military (most of it infantry), I am a firm believer in self-defense, but do
      not believe that we should be in foreign wars at the whim of our President.
      I believe the House took the appropriate action when it doubled Clintons
      request for funding to rebuild our stocks (we are below 50 cruise missiles)
      but then refused to sanction the air war. It further resoundingly threw out
      the declaration of war.

      I hope the next step will be to stop the air war completely, bring our boys
      back home where they belong, and chalk this up to a monumental blunder by
      boy wonder et al. We should not be intervening in a foreign country's
      problems... and definitely not backing terrorist groups composed of thugs
      running a protection racket. We have more vital threats awaitng us...
    • coexusa
      Hey Cliff: We do discuss Tesla here... frequently. Some of us who have been here for the past year or more like to divert to other topics. So, what is the
      Message 89 of 89 , May 18, 1999
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        Hey Cliff:

        We do discuss Tesla here... frequently. Some of us who have been here for
        the past year or more like to divert to other topics. So, what is the the
        big deal? One thing I can assure you of is that if YOU bring up any Tesla
        related topics you will get many responses from Ed Phillips, Wallace Brand,
        Fred McGalliard, Fred Bach, Paul Eiston and many, many more. The people on
        this list are always willing to discuss Tesla. All YOU have to do is bring
        up any Tesla related topic. The ball is in your court. Please don't be
        critical of our little "side trips" and comments about World News, etc. We
        are all willing to discuss Tesla...just ask.


        Dye Hawley

        >From: Cliff Proctor <cliff_proctor@...>
        >Dear Fred .. So What ... I wish this was less of a gossip line for general
        >venting ... and more related to Tesla and what the list perports to be. If
        >do not agree I can understand that but I hope you appreciate that I may not
        >really what women and men do to each other ... seeing as I have such low
        >interest in that relative to my interest in Tesla. C
        >Fred McGalliard wrote:
        >> From: Fred McGalliard <frederick.b.mcgalliard@...>
        >> I wouldn't want to overstate the case, but for pure raw sustained
        >> violence, I think you have to go to a woman. They devote more attention
        >> to it, where a man tends to drift off when it stops being fun. I always
        >> thought that was why men wage war. Women will give no quarter when they
        >> see their family threatened. Frankly I would go aginst a bunch of drunk
        >> swaggering men anyday before I would oppose a bunch of angry women.
        >> coexusa wrote:
        >> > Dear Fred McGalliard:
        >> >
        >> > Actually, I am NOT laughing. What you say makes sense to me. We can
        >> > agree on one thing: The male homo sapien is an extremely VIOLENT
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