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Alternative Energy Partnership Conference

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  • Michael Riversong Education
    Here are details on the conference next weekend. I plan to be there, documenting technologies, interviewing inventors, and hopefully playing a little harp
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 22, 2008
      Here are details on the conference next weekend. I plan to be there, documenting technologies, interviewing inventors, and hopefully playing a little harp music.

      Such an event is already scheduled on June 28-29 in the D.C. area:

      The 2008 Alternative Energy Partnership Conference (AEPC 2008) will be held on June 28-29 at Jarboe's Mill, 29880 Three Notch Road, Charlotte Hall, MD.  Our network’s findings will be presented in a downloadable report to be made available on June 30, and a documentary by James Allen Robey to be posted online shortly thereafter.  This event is a follow-up to the 2007 Advanced Energy Technology Colloquium (click link for archived footage of last year’s event presentations).  AEPC 2008 will be an excellent venue for independent researchers to demonstrate their technologies, and is free of charge to presenters and the public.  Larry Jarboe is sponsoring the event and currently serves as St. Mary’s County Commissioner.  Mr. Jarboe is a strong advocate for sustainable communities, as evidenced by his involvement with hydrogen and electric vehicle research and sustainable communities.  Go to Google Maps for specific directions from your location to the event.  Otherwise, just take I-495 to exit 7A and merge onto Branch Avenue/MD-5 South towards Waldorf and follow the signs for MD-5 South for ~25 miles.  Jarboe’s Mill is approximately 30 minutes south of Washington, D.C.  Email Larry Jarboe or call 240-577-1240 for more specific directions as needed.  The weekend event will be held outdoors with live demonstrations on site, and will be videotaped as part of a comprehensive documentary on advanced energy technologies – inclusion in the documentary is voluntary.  Food, restrooms, parking and lodging are available in the immediate area – google keyword search for Charlotte Hall hotels/lodging/restaurants for more information.  24/7 security throughout the weekend will ensure safety of attendees and technologies at the event.  For additional information on other activities in the D.C. area, email Nora Maccoby.  No formal RSVPs are requested for AEPC 2008, as this is an informal network of inventors, researchers, and activists who fully support full-scale implementation of advanced energy technologies.  Many of the technologies listed below are in the process of being independently validated, the results of which will be released to the public as they are made available via open sources.  A google keyword search will provide additional information not listed via the links below on these technologies.  Live Internet feeds demonstrating advanced energy technologies will be made available in the near future as the process to independently validate/replicate these technologies continues (“If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?” -Albert Einstein). 
The 2008 Alternative Energy Partnership Conference will have live 
demos and hard data to back up some of the demos, not more powerpoint 
presentations, AND the event is free to the public, rather than 
charging hundreds of dollars a head, with archived footage only 
available to the public for the same price. Instead of a couple 
hundred people benefiting from the conference, THOUSANDS will attend 
the event and MILLIONS have free access to the demonstrations online 
in real time. It is worth noting (again...) that the advanced energy 
technologies are not being developed by Ph.D.s...only the folks who 
actually understand how to apply the theory behind advanced energy 

Yet another paradigm shift in progress, apparently. 

Suffice it to say that the R&D team that will be coordinating next 
generation prototype builds will have few if any Ph.D.s among them. 
If any of you care to debate the issue, please provide the yahoogroup 
POC info of your legion of Ph.D.s with working overunity devices. 

Meanwhile, we will stick with the gentlemen working out of their 
garages and backyards preparing their gee-whiz techs for the 2008 
AEPC. Everyone is welcome to attend and present their technologies. 
Travel expenses are being reimbursed for many of the inventors 
traveling from as far as Alaska to share their open source 
technologies in an open forum.

Todd & Nora

      The Alternative Energy Partnership Conference scheduled for June 28-29 is to be held on 30
      acres of privately held land with a couple of enclosed spaces available for the technologies to
      be housed during the nights. Security will ensure that all technologies presented are safe
      throughout the weekend. Presenters are welcome to remain with their technologies on site
      all weekend and into the following week if meetings in D.C. follow the event.

      See http://www.youtube.com/user/waterfuelmuseum for a glimpse of the area - nothing
      fancy but the location will provide an opportunity for anyone to review the latest in
      independently developed technologies. The clip doesn't show the complete track where the
      vehicles can be driven but it's about a 1/4 mile long so everyone will have an opportunity to
      test out the vehicles that will be presented at the event.

      -- Michael Riversong
      Professional Teacher & Harpist
      Cheyenne, Wyoming
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