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  • narf1933
    Thanks to Paul, Bert and JB for the welcome, I ve been looking for a dedicated Tesla group and unfortunately it s not easy to find. I joined one group called
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 27, 2008
      Thanks to Paul, Bert and JB for the welcome,

      I've been looking for a dedicated Tesla group and unfortunately it's
      not easy to find. I joined one group called the
      teslainformationexchange@yahoogroups.com started by a guy named Neal
      from The International Tesla Institute. It turned out to be nothing
      but a Porn and Spam group that was disgracing the name of Tesla. Our
      Atty. Is trying to find out who this Neal guy is. It's good to know
      that I finally found a group of real Tesla fans here at USA-Tesla.

      I'll start by answering Bert and JB's questions.

      I am quite interested in the research you describe. In particular, can
      you provide more information about the actual theory and operation of
      your magnetic generator? Any closeup photos of the unit?

      I posted a drawing of the flat electromagnetic panel in the group
      files. I used four special Aluminum alloy plates that are 1/16th of an
      inch thick by 11 ½ inches wide by 7 ¾ inch high and placed three
      1/16th inch Bismuth sheets between the Aluminum plates. Then I used
      two very powerful flat permanent magnets (3''X3/4''X1/8'') attached in
      the center of the plates. A special gold plated wire that is coated
      with clear insulation is used to create a coil to flex the magnetic
      field of the magnets. A special frequency generator is used to induce
      a series of alternating frequencies to create a flow of electrons when
      activating the magnetic field. We are presently experimenting with
      replacing the Aluminum and bismuth with different material such as
      Magnesium, Beryllium and graphite which has been showing better output
      than the Aluminum and Bismuth.

      I put some good photos of our prototype #8 in the group photos.

      This device appears to be related to the "elemental rod generator"
      that was previously marketed in Japan by the ERR Company. In a
      translation of the Japanese marketing documents, the inventor is
      appears to also be a Dr. Schwartz from the Noah's Ark Research
      Foundation. Are these units being offered for sale today?

      Yes, this is related to the Rod Generator. That video was taken in
      1988 by a friend of mine who came to visit me in the Philippines. His
      video cam was stolen from his bag on his way back to the US so who
      ever posted that video is still a mystery. Because he was planning on
      showing the video to some people in the US we decided to say that one
      rod contained 73 elements and the other 74. That was only to confuse
      people so that they wouldn't know how really simple the rods were. I
      considered my first Rod Generator a toy that needed a lot of research
      and testing.

      Back in 2002 my board of directors talked me into marketing small Rod
      Generators to help poor countries. We pooled our money to set up a
      small manufacturing plant to build our Rod Generators. We were
      planning on selling them at cost to help do our part to save the world
      form the Oil Companies. A week later we got a notice from the Dept. of
      Energy in Japan that required the Rod Generator to be safety checked
      by their laboratory before it could be sold in Japan. It took them
      almost six months to test it before we received notice that it was
      unsafe for public use. All the units that we had already manufactured
      plus our jigs and dies had to be destroyed. That really hurt me and my
      partners because we put a lot of money into that project. Since our
      wife's told us not to put money into the Rod Generator we now have to
      live with the old "I told you so". At least we learned a very
      important lesson, I will never try to market one of my ERR generators.
      When I have finished my ERR research and I fully understand how it
      works, we plan on posting it on the internet. My board of directs and
      myself are the ones that fund all of our Noah's Ark Research
      facilities so we have no investors to account to.

      Since I do a lot of lectures at different Universities we decided to
      keep the big business interest and the people from the oil companies
      from trying to figure out my new ERR. They like to send their people
      to take close-up pictures so they can study my prototype but it won't
      do them any good because we only use a small portion of the circuit
      board that you see in the photos, the rest is just for show. We're
      making sure that OPEC and the powerful companies don't patent my ERR
      technology to keep it from the people.

      An earlier prototype version is apparently being demonstrated here –
      are you the demonstrator in these videos?
      http://video. Google.com/ videoplay? Docid=-635987818 295327978
      http://video. Google.com/ videoplay? Docid=-429834766 9641896403

      Yes, this was prototype #7 that I used in my lectures at the
      University of the Philippines. One of the students that attended my
      lectures more than likely posted it to Google Video since many like to
      take videos and still shots.

      As you can see in the video I used a special flat panel alloy instead
      of the rods. The big problem with prototype #7 was too much
      fluctuation in output plus burned out components in the controller
      that stabilized the electromagnetic field. Our latest prototype #8 is
      the one that I posted in the group photos. Even though this one seems
      to work very well it still needs a lot of testing.

      Do you have much trouble getting that "electromagnetic briefcase"
      shown in the video at the above link onto airplanes when travelling?

      Yes, the first time that I tried to take prototype #7 on one of my
      lectures outside the country I got stopped by the airport security
      because the electromagnetic field interfered with the x-ray machine.
      It caused static on their screen. The inspectors were afraid because
      they didn't understand how it worked. Because the unit was capable of
      putting out a great deal of power without any batteries they were
      afraid that it might be radiative. After x-raying it several times and
      using a Geiger counter to check for radiation they finally allowed it
      to be checked in only but not in my carry-on bag. I don't have any
      problem with my latest ERR because it doesn't interfere with their
      x-ray; it just looks like a metal plate with a circuit board when they
      see it on their screen so they don't bother to ask me to open my bag.

      Re: The "left hand rule" anomalies you mentioned, I have noticed
      variations or odd things about written about it by people in the
      Northern Hemisphere vs the Southern Hemisphere in the assortment of
      Electrician' s text books

      The left hand rule is a very interesting research. We have noticed
      many variations in our experimental coils at our facility in India
      compared to the coils in Japan and the Philippines. It's best that I
      don't go any farther on this subject because this could take hours and
      twenty pages of text to explain. And the truth is that after all that
      explaining you would be very confused. I'm even confused myself
      because we are sometimes having difficulty replicating some of our
      experiments. As we learn more about this theory I will post it. This
      is much better because then I won't look like a fool trying to explain
      parts of our theory that is still not fully understood.

      Thanks for the information about photobucket, I'll check it out.

      Our Foundation is planning on building a world class Tesla Museum, we
      could really use any good ideas or thoughts that you might have. We
      are presently setting up a planning committee.

      And thanks again for the warm welcome; I look forward to a long and
      lasting relationship with the group.

      Dr. Schwartz (or just Ben will do fine)
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