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more informed .. appreciate

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  • peekay
    yep .. now that i am more informed about your tedious studies and the professional background, i tend to agree with you .. you know the basic human thingy ..
    Message 1 of 1 , May 19, 2006
      yep .. now that i am more informed about your tedious studies and the professional background, i tend to agree with you ..
      you know the basic human thingy .. to treat the other guy as a less knowledgeable guy and oneself as the 'more' knowledgeable guy
      we  all sucuumb to that at time .. i guess i need to learn a lot from you too .. and i do a lot of studying his patents, wrappers, his own statements, speeches, articles, letters, documents and such things .. those which can be directly ascribed to be HIS thingys .. the reporters accounts etc then, as now, are bound to contain sesationalism more than informationalism
      i also read up a lot on the statements and speeches of his highly accomplished and esteemed contemporary scientists (in particular the speeches by several including nikola tesla himself  at the Ediston Prize function in 1907 .. next year will be the 100th anniversary of THAT event)
      and what other contemporaries say can be indicative if not fully informative about the person and his achievements
      as others do,  i too frame my views and opinions on what one says himself, what others said of him and what others are saying about him today too
      so, now that i know the enormous efforts you have put in .. in the study of his patents and ideas .. i tend to agree with you .. like all geniuses, tesla has to have his share of eccentricity, showmanship, verbosity and fantasizing statements .. sometimes a lot of hyperbole too
      thanks for the illuminating discourse
      (this thread ends here as we have reached a 'position' which cannot be 'discussed' more to get more different outcome)
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      Sent: Saturday, May 20, 2006 3:38 AM
      Subject: Re: [usa-tesla] source : for gem of wisdom and for info on where he wrote it down

      ed .. being sorry and your "problem with that" will shut you out of the "gem of wisdom"
      fyi .. all the linked patents, articles, writings of nikola tesla are in plain ENGLISH"

          Indeed they are, in all their glory in some cases and folly in others.
      "open up a bit ed .. and know much much more about tesla thingys .."

          Sounds a bit snippy but I think I know a lot more about what Tesla really did than some of you who seem to know more about what he probably didn't do and about things attributed to him by others.  I have and have studied both his patents and his patent wrappers.  He (and his patent attorneys of course, that's their job) spelled things out in very clear and unambiguous language which is there for all to study and critique.  His polyphase patents are  prime examples of things which did work.  His world power system is a prime example of things which didn't work.  In each case he tells us exactly how, in his opinion, it was supposed to work so there can be no confusion on his intentions.

      "it will help
      us all .. and with a li'l effort you'll be better positioned to offer incredibly valuable
      insights and comments .. so that we can all understand what tesla said, made,
      thought, conceived .. and then MAKE those things .. for making our lives better
      and easier
      e.g. if his 10hp per pound of engine weight makes our 150 hp engine in the car
      weigh only 15 pounds, we can all start feeling downright happy
      (not impossible .. use a multi runner small dia tesla turbine with the burning of
      lpg/cng .. as mentioned in his patent(s) .. and you have the solution .. it only
      needs doing by ONE member here .. and all others will adopt it pronto)"

          You are all free to do exactly as you say and therby get richer than rich.  Wonder why it hasn't happened?
      (it will also make you think of tesla as a scientist rather than a crank, whacko,
       dreamer, unrealistic .. this guy DELIVERED the goods !)"

          Unfortunately, he was ALL of those things at various times and various stages in his life.  He truly earned the title "erratic genius".  He certainly delivered the goods with regard to electric power in his pre Colorado Springs and Wardenclyffe days but I can't see much around me which happened after that.  Lots of fun pronouncements and predictions (some realized and some not realized), a few patents, but where are the revolutionary products he created earlier?

      Fun topics which will go on forever!


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