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  • David Thomson
    Hi Hal, Speaking of Tesla, (what a concept for this list, lately), I have been making phenomenal progress on my new physics theory. I now have about 200 pages
    Message 1 of 39 , Jul 4, 2004
      Hi Hal,
      Speaking of Tesla, (what a concept for this list, lately), I have been making phenomenal progress on my new physics theory.  I now have about 200 pages of my book already written.  It is complete with graphics and equations to illustrate the concepts.
      In my book I'm quoting Tesla on several occasions and doing what I can to bring him back into the mainstream science.  Wait until you guys see what I've done with this theory. 
      I have thoroughly debunked Special Relativity and thoroughly corrected Quantum Mechanics.  The Aether definitely does exist, and it exists much like Tesla envisioned it, not as a particulate medium, but as a gaseous medium.  I can thoroughly quantify the quantum realm.  Several of the equations I present are new discoveries by me.  Among the discoveries are equations that quantify the electron and proton g-factors from first principles, exactly quantify the neutron and neutrinos, exactly quantify the Aether and its mechanics, and I'm just a short ways away from exactly quantifying all the electron binding energies for each isotope.  Also, of course, I have the Unified Force Theory that I've presented before along with the quantification of the strong force in terms of charge dimensions.
      The equation for the neutron and the neutrino shows strong evidence in favor of the Aether as it involves the geometrical constants that describes folded spacetime.  (You'll have to read the book to get the details on this).  I can now fully describe the physical spacetime continuum that explains why light curves around massive bodies.  The neutrino, as it turns out, is the "binding energy" of the neutron, just as binding energy is involved with electron and nucleon structure.  There really is no such thing as "binding energy" per se.  "Binding energy" is just a mathematical construct that will soon fade away.  What is really happening when electrons bind to protons to produce a neutron is that extra angular momentum is trapped in the folded spacetime.  This neutrino angular momentum is released during decay and actually does work, but outside of our normal physical existence.
      In the case of the neutrino, however, the extra angular momentum is of the wrong quanta to exist within the Aether units, so it ends up traveling in between Aether.  Since the physical world we experience takes place completely within the Aether structure, we can't easily detect the neutrinos.  It turns out that the neutrino actually has mass equal to 1.531 times the electron mass, but it doesn't interact with electrons or protons.  The only way for the neutrino to interact with normal matter is for the neutrino to hit other neutrinos in unstable atoms (radioactive).  It is the sum total of all these neutrinos caught in between Aether units that causes "dark matter/energy". 
      It looks like I'll have most of the book finished by the end of this month.  We're shooting for a release date sometime around Christmas.
      This theory will open the eyes of free energy researchers as it shows the equations and dynamics whereby free energy is tapped.  In fact, the theory shows how we have been getting free energy all along from normal chemical and atomic reactions.  It is the result of this constant production of new photons that the Universe is expanding.
      That's why I've been quiet mostly for the past few months.  I can barely keep up with the steady stream of new discoveries opening up before me.  It's absolutely incredible that I gave all the important clues out for this theory two years ago and nobody else has developed this.  The equations are incredibly simple and the quantum realm is easy to visualize once you get away from the mass equal energy paradigm. 
    • Jim Farrer
      Dear Fred, Please back up that supposition. JIm :)^
      Message 39 of 39 , Jul 9, 2004
        Dear Fred,
        Please back up that supposition.

        JIm :)^

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