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Weapons of Mass Destruction

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  • Kent L. Aldershof
    Folks, Responsive to Larry H and others, I am willing to believe that WMDs existed in Iraq after the first war (Desert Storm). Ex-President Bill Clinton
    Message 1 of 39 , Jul 1, 2004

      Responsive to Larry H and others, I am willing to believe that WMDs
      existed in Iraq after the first war (Desert Storm). Ex-President Bill
      Clinton acknowledged that in his interview, printed in this week's Time
      magazine. He said there were significant quantities of anthrax,
      aflotoxin, and other biological and chemical agents known but unaccounted
      for at that time.

      It is a pretty fair guess that the recent war in Iraq did not
      inadvertently blow up all of those stores; and by observation, we know
      that (most of them) have not been used. Despite more than a year of
      searching, by UN teams and the US military, no stocks of chemical,
      biological, fissionable, or other forbidden materials have been found.
      It seems at this point a pretty fair guess that they are not going to be
      found, not in Iraq at least.

      Whatever we may think about Saddam, he is not a fool. It is exceedingly
      doubtful that he would have destroyed all of his weapons stockpiles on
      his own initiative, leaving no traces behind (but leaving some of the
      delivery systems). Nor, I think, would his generals or other staff have
      been so suicidally motivated toward ensuring the world's well-being,
      during Saddam's tenure.

      So we are left with the question of Where Are They Now? They are
      probably not in Iraq, for if they were some of the lunatic insurgents
      would most likely have used them; they have used everything else they
      could put their hands on, including swords, rocket-propelled grenades,
      mortars, mines, machine guns, and high explosives. If the stocks of
      chemical and biological weapons are not in Iraq, they are almost
      certainly somewhere else. Maybe concentrated, but more likely dispersed,
      perhaps very widely.

      Weapons of all sorts are produced for two reasons: either for domestic
      use internally or aggressively, or for sale to others who want weapons.
      The United States is the world's largest weapons producer, and also the
      world's largest seller of weapons. Saddam, I think, was not above
      participating in weapons trade, both as a buyer and as a seller.

      My fear is that those elusive WMDs were sold (possibly even given),
      either to other hostile governments or to terrorist or insurgent groups.
      If that should be so, then we may find that the world faces a much
      greater threat than an Iraq armed with chemical and biological weapons.
      We are all horrified by the memory of the 3000 or so killed in the 9/11
      attacks; but some terrorist group armed with material from Saddam's
      hideous arsenal could cause far greater losses.

      Mind you, I have no evidence for this hypothesis. It is, however, a
      plausible explanation for why we have never found the WMDs that were
      known to exist. It provides a powerful motivation for continuing, and
      winning, the War On Terror.


      > Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 17:07:47 -0000
      > From: "LMH" <lmhooten@...>
      > Subject: Re: Spaceships, world peace and Federal bank changeover
      > Hi Adam,
      > Okay, I admit it. I mixed up Poland and Czechoslovakia because I was
      > working off the top of my head. Thank you for the correction and the
      > elaboration regarding the events triggering WWII.
      > As to the French, wow. Even Altzheimer's patients remember the early
      > parts of their lives. So what possible excuse can they claim for not
      > wanting to stop an enemy BEFORE it reaches their shores?
      > Of course, the simple truth is that they are invested in Iraq, and
      > the war cost them millions when we destroyed the Iraqi WMD
      > capabilities they had helped create for Saddam. And please don't
      > buy
      > into the lie that there were no WMD's. Where there's smoke, there's
      > fire, and since the invasion, our soldiers have found trucks
      > specifically designed to deploy chemical weapons, artillery shells
      > designed to accept chemical and bioweapons, and underground
      > facilities capable of creating the weapons, as well as traces of
      > these chemicals in their rivers. Oh, and let's not forget the
      > chemical shell that was juryrigged into a roadside bomb. The WMD's
      > definitely existed, our liberal major media simply doesn't WANT to
      > see them because their only priority at this time is to get the
      > Democrats back in office where they 'belong', no matter what the
      > cost.
      > LarryH

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    • Jim Farrer
      Dear Fred, Please back up that supposition. JIm :)^
      Message 39 of 39 , Jul 9, 2004
        Dear Fred,
        Please back up that supposition.

        JIm :)^

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