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Re: [usa-tesla] Ark of the Covenant

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  • Riversong Education
    Back in the 1980s there was a chiropractor from Michigan who came out to Global Sciences in Denver a few times, who spoke of these things. I m not exactly
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      Back in the 1980s there was a chiropractor from Michigan who came out to
      Global Sciences in Denver a few times, who spoke of these things. I'm
      not exactly sure where he got all this information. In essence, what he
      said was that each Egyptian god was actually a symbolic representation
      of some part of the human body, so that the whole system was actually a
      way of memorizing medical information!

      The Egyptians were incredibly materialistic. I remember one of my
      professors in college saying, "they were obsessed with preservation --
      preserving everything, including families, the form of government, their
      bodies, and the structure of their society. They did a pretty good job
      of it too, keeping everything going for probably around 4,000 years."

      Outside of Judaism, there's a tendency for people to minimize its
      uniqueness and importance. Those of us who study the Torah intensively,
      and have had exposure to other systems, can see how things developed in
      a unique manner. There may indeed have been some advanced technology
      among the Egyptians, and the Hebrews may have become privy to some of it
      at some point, but within the context of the Torah, it is clear that
      they had some ideas, at least among their leadership, that were very
      different from Eqyptian concepts.

      What i wanted to add last night is that there are persistent rumors that
      the Ark of the Covenant was smuggled out to Ethiopia during the
      destruction of the Second Temple in AD 70. Ethiopia is a big place, and
      very rugged. You could lose the Starship Enterprise in there.
      Supposedly some researchers recently travelled there and met with
      someone who claimed to know where it was. After a lot of run-around,
      they were taken to a room. They saw nothing in the room. They were
      told by their guide, "If you had been meant to see it, you would have
      seen it."

      Another current rumor, which is carefully and slowly being followed up,
      is that it is buried under Golgotha, waiting to be dug up. Occasionally
      i get bulletins about this.

      On Thursday, April 29, 2004, at 10:04 PM, Miguel A. Santos wrote:

      > TheArkis definitely interesting. There is supposed to have been made 12
      > replicas that had the same “powers.” In addition to that, I heard or
      > read somewhere, can’t remember where, that the ancient Egyptians where
      > ark builders also and that the “art” of building arks was adopted by
      > the Israelites during the exodus. There are supposed to be a few
      > excavations inEgyptwhere some ark were found. The mystery deepens
      > because it is known that the Egyptians did not use them with a
      > religious meaning so they had some kind of practical application. I
      > really wish I could remember where I read, or heard this. If I ever
      > remember or find out Ill let you know.
      > mas
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      > That Ark is mysterious for sure. I'm still trying to wrap my brain
      > around it.
      > There's an interesting passage in the early part of Samuel where the
      > Ark was stolen by some Philistines. While it was among them, epidemics
      > of a certain distinctive tumor, known in the KJV Bible as "emerods"
      > broke out. Eventually the leaders of these cities negotiated the return
      > of the Ark, and elaborate precautions were necessary.
      > From the accounts, obviously the Ark had some kind of electronic
      > character. One of its most interesting aspects is how it is the only
      > religious artifact whose construction is written in detail for all the
      > world to read. All other such artifacts from other religions, and there
      > were very few of these, did not have their construction details exposed
      > in such a manner.
      > Yes, the High Priest only went into the innermost sanctuary once a
      > year, where the Ark resided. This was specifically so that he could ask
      > for the forgiveness of sins for all the people. He had to wear special
      > white garments and bathe both before and after the time in the
      > sanctuary. The day was Yom Kippur.
      > I'd like to write more but can't due to our kids. Sorry.
      > On Thursday, April 29, 2004, at 05:33 PM, James Moore wrote:
      > It is rather obvious now that Ed was speaking of the Ark of the
      > covenant, and Jim,
      > Dave, and I were speaking of the Ark of Noah, and the great flood.
      > So... there lies
      > the confusion  I suppose.... two different holy Arks. Anyway.... God
      > most certainly
      > was in the box Fred... at least figuratively, and maybe literally also.
      > Although, if
      > I remember my sunday school learnin..... maybe it was the Holy Spirt,
      > which is
      > just an extension of God, and not the big guy himself?
      > According to the high priests that were allowed behind the seventh veil
      > where the Ark of the covenant was kept, while the Tribes of Israel were
      > nomadic. Anyway, when the highest of high priests went into the
      > presence of the Ark C (once a year?), God supposedly spoke directly to
      > him, or the Holy Spirit relayed Gods message... how ever the system
      > worked.
      > God commandment that no man was ever supposed to physically touch the
      > ArkC... or he would die immediately. One guy did, according to history,
      > and died immediately, even though he was just attempting to steady the
      > ArkC,  so it wouldn't tip over or fall, so the story goes. His
      > intentions were good, but the charge on the golden capacitor was just
      > to darn large to absorb, I guess. Or what ever caused his immediate
      > death. Maybe it was just a vengeful God, who didn't realize that this
      > poor guy meant well?
      > In is interesting to me, that nobody died during the construction of
      > this apparatus, but
      > after it was finished, it evidentially had some special power to
      > protect what was inside. If God or an extension there of, was inside...
      > he needed no protection. Now I don't remember when the Ark disappeared.
      > When someone plundered the Temple of David Maybe.
      > Maybe God had left it by that time, or it had lost it's charge? We will
      > never know.
      > JPM
      > At 05:40 PM 4/29/04 -0500, you wrote:
      > Well said, Fred!  It's time to start thinking out of the box.  I like
      > the way you led up to that.
      > Dave
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      > > From: Ed Phillips [mailto:evp@...]
      > ...
      > >       No.  Couple of points.  First the great age for the
      > > Sphinx is conjecture not supported by facts
      > Any age attributed to the Sphinx is conjecture, lacking a record (true
      > or not) of it's construction. The "facts" are plentiful, it is the
      > interpretation of those facts that gets us in such hot water. I did see
      > a TV presentation on this, and of course I believe everything I see, but
      > it did seem rather strange that a study of erosion artifacts would be
      > countered by a standard opinion of the experts rather than alternative
      > views of the mechanism producing the artifacts.
      > Regards the arc of the covenant, seems rather hard to imagine another
      > arc of God, since this one was built to hold the fragments of the 10
      > commandments, and marked God's covenant with Israel. I love it that this
      > little gold box, of no import at all, should be attributed Gods power.
      > But then if we can just stay away from the box, then God can't have any
      > influence over our lives, right? We are free to screw up anyway we want,
      > and not have to pay the toll, right? If we view it this way, then we get
      > to have control over God. Somehow I don't think it works like that.
      > These blokes liked to think the same way, keep god in his box and let us
      > run our own lives. Lost them the war, more war, many more wars, lost
      > them the box, and for many, looses them to their God, who is not, never
      > was, in the box. Is now the time to suggest that you all start thinking
      > out of the box?
      > Michael Riversong
      > http://www.hippiehebraic.com/michaelriversong.html
      > Free Celtic harp and other gentle MP3s and radical ideas about music
      > and culture

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    • Chris Titan
      ... wrote: Your car is a lot larger than this little box. When was ... to ... perhaps, ... When is the last time you drove your
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        --- In usa-tesla@yahoogroups.com, "McGalliard, Frederick B"
        <frederick.b.mcgalliard@B...> wrote:
        Your car is a lot larger than this little box. When was
        > the last time you reached for the door to enter your car and were
        > knocked flat by the accumulated charge? (no fair waiting for a
        > lightening storm, or sliding across the seat and counting shocks on
        > exit). If you are going to propose "weird physics" it would be nice
        > match it up at least tentatively with your real life. Boring
        > but nice.

        When is the last time you drove your car across the desert and did
        not feel an ache in your bones. Any long distance drive has more
        discomfort than the same amount of time sitting still on the couch.

        Just watch a simple GSR meter react to the presence of a orgone
        device such as the ARK.
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