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26416ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference 2013

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  • Michael Riversong Education
    Apr 1, 2013
      Tesla Academy fully supports this conference, and has been doing so in many ways since 2004. We help promote it, highly recommend that people attend it, select certain DVD programs recorded at the conferences for special study, and provide documentation of many conference activities. Here is a text version of the program for your convenience:

      ExtraOrdinary Technology 2013 Conference Program

      Wednesday· July 24, 2013

      --- Conference Session 1 ---
      An ExtraOrdinary Revelation
      5:00pm: Gary Peterson - Tesla’s Wireless Energy System
      7:00pm: Conference Evening Social

      Thursday · July 25, 2013

      --- Conference Session 2 ---
      ExtraOrdinary Health Issues
      8:00am: Tracy Tucker - Enzymogens... Key to Longevity
      9:30am: Robyn Benson DOM - Oxidative Therapies and PEMF
      11:00am: Charles J. Crosby DO, MD(H) - TensCam Revolution
      --- Conference Session 3 ---
      ExtraOrdinary Scalar Energy Technology
      1:00pm: Thomas E Stone - - Healing Benefits of a Scalar Energy Medallion
      2:30pm: Thorsten Ludwig - ZPE, Solid State Magnetic Generator and Consciousness
      4:00pm: Lucian M. Ionescu - Tesla Waves, Biofields and Aetheric Energy
      --- Conference Session 4 --- (Evening)
      7:00pm: John Milewski - Magnetricity... New Energy Source
      8:00pm: Conference Evening Social

      Friday · July 26, 2013

      --- Conference Session 5 ---
      Cold Fusion Reality
      8:00am: Mark Hugo - It's Not HHO!!!
      9:30am: Moray King - ZPE Engines from Anomalous Plasmoid Force
      11:00am: Mike Hingle - Plasmatic Magnetic Energy... New Way to Generate Plasma
      --- Conference Session 6 ---
      Papp Engine Technology
      1:00pm: David Garroway - Journey Through the Looking Glass... Chaotic Universe
      2:30pm: Jeffery Hayes - Tesla’s Solution! Zero Emissions and Extreme Mileage
      4:00pm: Daniel Gonzales - GEET Technology Moves Forward!
      --- Conference Session 7 --- (Evening)
      7:00pm: David Schmidt - Tesla App Reduces Radiation Exposure
      8:00pm: Conference Evening Social

      Saturday · July 27, 2013

      --- Conference Session 8 ---
      Water... An ExtraOrdinary Substance
      8:00am: Clayton Nolte - The Magic of Structured Water
      9:30am: Brian Besco - Tensor Technology Unveiled
      11am: Greg Volk - From Plasma to Plasma: The Electric Universe in You
      --- Conference Session 9 ---
      ExtraOrdinary Energy Technology
      1:00pm: Vendors - Vendor Showcase
      2:30pm: BC Galegher - Practical Bedini Motor Applications
      4:00pm: Al Throckmorton - The Lord’s Pump Project
      --- Conference Session 10 --- (Evening)
      7:00pm: Roland Gregg - Unification Coil... Rodin Coil Evolution
      8:00pm: Conference Evening Social

      Sunday · July 28, 2013

      --- Conference Session 11 ---
      ExtraOrdinary Challenges
      8:00am: Lee Walstad - The Theory of Everything and History
      9:30am: Suzanne Price - Qualar Physics: Applications to ZPE
      11:00am: E. A. Boudreaux - God Created the Earth... Genesis of Creation Chemistry

      -- Michael Riversong
      Tesla Academy
      Fort Collins, Colorado