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248Re: Violence Is Cultured in Our Youth By Example?

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  • Fred W. Bach
    May 1, 1999
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      Fred McGalliard wrote:

      > From: Fred McGalliard <frederick.b.mcgalliard@...>


      > I spent a
      > lot of time learning how to raise my kids and I also studied as a
      > teacher early on. I think we have a lot of oversimplified views of how
      > to raise kids.

      Studied to be a teacher. Ah, there we have the problem ;-) .

      The militant teaching profession, along with those darned social workers
      and godless university professors have been gathering socialist propaganda
      for years and putting it into their teaching courses. Training to be a teacher
      gives you a false sense of knowledge, a false sense of having the truth,
      in my opinion. In this country the teachers and the social workers have,
      in my and many other people's opinions, done their darndest to undermine
      parental authority, even police authority. Just ask them. In Canada,
      they'll tell you! What the police want is "if you do the crime you get the
      punishment". They also want to have the authority to physically take
      kids off the streets and send them home. But these social workers
      and teachers have indoctrinated the kids with the idea that if they don't
      like discipline and don't like what their parents tell them to do (or not do)
      that they can just make up their own minds and they don't have to
      obey. THAT'S what the teachers and social workers have done!
      And that, my friends, is truly evil. They have told the kids their
      rights without teaching them their God-given responsibilities as kids.

      Do you know what your parental rights are in Canada? You have
      the right to know that your child is safe. That's all. You have no
      right to know where he/she is, nor with whom your child is
      associating, nor do you have the right to go fetch them and bring
      them home if they don't want to come home. And that was
      told to me by a member of the city police force, in uniform.
      And that is truly evil.

      > Face it, a kid, even at 5, is the most complex piece of
      > equipment you will ever tinker with. You have to feed it right, exercise
      > it right, and give it your love and attention. Works great when your kid
      > turns out to be one of the easy to raise "cheer leaders". But what do
      > you do when they are the hard ones that can be either juvinile
      > delenquents or the bold leaders who point out our faults?

      What do you do? Could corporal punishment be the answer ?

      Indeed you have expressed the problem well.. Environment counts,
      but as is the purpose of reproduction by means of sex, the genes are
      all shuffled at conception for the specific means of generating variety
      in the species. And children do arise who are of a different makeup,
      a different mental patterns than their parents, or to put it plainly, mutated,
      although these mutations *may* not be obvious and there really are no
      tests for them that are any good. The brain is a physical organ and
      such mutations happen to it too. Or, as has been said here before,
      there are environmental and nutritional factors in the mother's life
      that could cause brain damage to the unborn child.

      >Then you have
      >to learn the difference between dicipline and love.

      "Whom the father loves he disciplines". They are inseparable.
      Love *includes* discipline, but discipline does not necessarily
      include love.

      >Too often you find
      >that all the advice you get is simply wrong. I think you would find it
      >safer, and wiser, to never strike your child after the age of 3,
      >regardless. It is just too easy to do for the wrong reasons, and to
      >achieve the wrong effects.

      I think 14 is more like it, when reason does not work and the
      theme is just general disrespect for laws or parental authority.


      And boy they'll try to fool ya! They'll lie and exaggerate like a pro.
      Seems to be born in them. The parent's job is to get at the real
      truth. The parent must instill in the child that the child's credibility
      is critically important. They must be taught to protect and guard
      their credibility. Thus they must be taught, by whatever means
      necessary, not to lie to their parents. But what do TV shows like
      Friends, and Three's Company teach the pre-teens? It teaches
      them that everything is about sex and lying to each other. Seemingly
      harmless and funny. So we sit back like those frogs in the water.
      We are unaware of the subtleties that influence our children's
      minds in the wrong direction. So, when a child is caught lying,
      punishment is in order. It is one of the first signs of trouble.

      The parent(s) are the judges. That's their job, and these darned
      teachers and social workers have done their best to short-circuit
      or nullify the God-given authority that the parents have, and society,
      being, as previously illustrated, 'frogs on the stove' has let them
      sneak it by. Just because there are a few bad parents out there,
      these new laws take away every parent's God-given authority in
      this godless society.

      And don't talk to me about the socialist's whine of poverty, illness
      and hardship to the kids. There was plenty of these things in the
      old days and kids were far better behaved then.. Maybe I would
      buy the argument that overcrowding is a problem with today's kids.

      ... Fred Bach music@... Opinions are my own.
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