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  • Ron Stephens
    Jan 4, 1999
      At 09:26 PM 1/4/99 -0800, you wrote:
      >Dye Hawley here. I subscribed to your new list. However, I still feel that
      >people can filter out the bad ones on the other list. It is really NOT that
      >hard. I have been in computers for over 23 years and I can assure you that
      >people are either: 1) Too lazy to read the HELP section on their browser
      >2.) Don't care 3.) Enjoy the profanity and find it exciting.
      >Why should you have to moderate? You can't sit in front of your PC for 24
      >hours a day. Anyway, I think we should all stay where we are. I will
      >subscribe to this list to be sure to catch any info that I don't on the
      >other. I just don't like fragmenting this group. I like 90% of the people
      >and I want us to stay together. Running to another list is NOT the answer.
      Dye: I appreciate your input. But there are two types of moderation...
      1. I approve every email sent on the list
      2. I only approve subscriptions.

      The latter is the one I chose. This allows me to disallow/remove irritants like
      Roxanne. I've been in computers for 27 years; I'm no dummy either.
      I just think it's irresponsible to leave this list in this unmoderated
      state, given
      its direction: It's turned into a cesspool of cussing, and newbies that
      are unsophisticated just don't know what to do, except to unsubscribe.

      I've been following the length of the subscription list: it's been shrinking.
      So, do you really expect that people will put up with this cussing for long?

      No. I disagree with you on the solution. Yep, people *are* lazy, and don't read
      the instructions. Nope, they shouldn't have to. Yep *some* people don't care.
      BUT, *SOME* are offended (witness the desubscription process: the list
      *is* shrinking)

      So, if you're all for 5 or 10 people, and Roxanne cussing at them as your idea
      of a list, then stay on, and enjoy!
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