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  • coexusa
    Jan 4, 1999

      Dye Hawley here. I subscribed to your new list. However, I still feel that
      people can filter out the bad ones on the other list. It is really NOT that
      hard. I have been in computers for over 23 years and I can assure you that
      people are either: 1) Too lazy to read the HELP section on their browser
      2.) Don't care 3.) Enjoy the profanity and find it exciting.

      Why should you have to moderate? You can't sit in front of your PC for 24
      hours a day. Anyway, I think we should all stay where we are. I will
      subscribe to this list to be sure to catch any info that I don't on the
      other. I just don't like fragmenting this group. I like 90% of the people
      and I want us to stay together. Running to another list is NOT the answer.


      Dye Hawley
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