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NEMS News No. 393 - August 28, 2010

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    NEMS News No. 393 - August 28, 2010 New England Music Scrapbook Newsletter Alan Lewis, Editor Our Corner of the Rock n Roll Life August 28, 2010 Issue
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      NEMS News No. 393 - August 28, 2010

      New England Music Scrapbook Newsletter
      Alan Lewis, Editor

      Our Corner of the Rock 'n' Roll Life

      August 28, 2010
      Issue 2010:393

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      We've got Thrills, chills, Dirty Water
      : : : What more do you need?
      When the big beat hits ya
      Comin' from your transistor
      : : : Like the T at full speed
      When the big beat hits ya...

      "Boston Lullaby," Dudick/Naihersey.
      : : : Copyright c. 1980 by Camaraderie Music, BMI.
      : : : All rights reserved. Used with permission.



      BRATTLEBORO, VT, August 28 - You may judge for yourself how WE did this week, but Yahoo Music News was bustin' at the seams with articles that may very well be of reader interest. THEY appear to have had a very good week.

      Thanks to Stephen Lewis.

      Scratch the cat

      READ WHAT INTERESTS YOU, scroll right past whatever doesn't.

      Listed by Newbury Comics, Excerpted by Us

      New CD Releases Available Tuesday, August 24th

      !!! - Strange Weather, Isn't It? - $9.99
      APOCALYPTICA - 7th Symphony - $9.99
      APOCALYPTICA - 7th Symphony (Deluxe Edition) - $12.88

      BLIND GUARDIAN - At The Edge Of Time - $9.99
      BLIND GUARDIAN - At The Edge Of Time (2 CD) - $12.88
      <> German power metal, or so we've been told. We have since received an e-mail expressing the opinion that Blind Guardian is a pretty good band. - Ed.

      BOXER REBELLION - Union - $9.99

      CAMPBELL, ISOBEL/ LANEGAN, MARK - Hawk - $9.99
      <> Isobel Campbell is late of Belle and Sebastian, while Mark Lanegan formerly fronted Screaming Trees. I actually don't know what God Help the Girl is/was, but there seems to be a connection to Belle and Sebastian and, I guess, thus, to Isobel Campbell. Could she be the one for whom divine intervention is sought? - Ed.

      CHO, MARGARET - Cho Dependent - $8.99
      EARL, RONNIE - Spread The Love - $11.88
      EELS - Tomorrow Morning - $9.99
      FITZ AND THE TANTRUMS - Pickin' Up The Pieces - $11.88
      GREY, JJ & MOFRO - Georgia Warhorse - $11.88

      JP, CHRISSIE & FAIRGROUND BOYS - Fidelity! (Deluxe Edition) - $12.88
      JP, CHRISSIE & FAIRGROUND BOYS - Fidelity! - $9.99
      <> J. P. Jones, Chrissie Hind, and the Fairground Boys, we are informed. - Ed.

      LAND OF TALK - Cloak And Cipher - $9.99
      LINKIN PARK - Catalyst - $2.99
      MOGWAI - Special Moves (CD/DVD) - $12.88
      MUSSELWHITE, CHARLIE - Well - $12.88
      NEVER SHOUT NEVER - Harmony - $9.99
      PERRY, KATY - Teenage Dream - $10.88
      RA RA RIOT - Orchard - $8.99
      RA RA RIOT - Orchard (CD/DVD) - $13.88
      SEX PISTOLS - Great Rock 'n' roll Swindle - $13.88
      SWORD - Warp Riders - $8.99

      TALLEST MAN ON EARTH - Tallest Man On Earth EP - $9.99
      TALLEST MAN ON EARTH - Shallow Grave - $13.99
      <> Swedish folk artist Kristian Matsson. - Ed.

      USHER - Raymond V Raymond (Deluxe Edition) - $14.99
      USHER - Versus - $8.99

      New DVD Releases Available Tuesday, August 24th

      BACK UP PLAN - $27.99
      ELO - Live: Early Years - $9.99
      GOSSIP GIRL - Season 3 - $45.99
      LOST - Season 6 - $43.99 (5-DVD)
      NCIS - Complete Seventh Season - $44.99
      NCIS - Complete Sixth Season - $36.99
      SIMPSONS - Season 13 (Ralph Wiggum Head) - $35.99 (4-DVD)
      SIMPSONS - Season 13 - $35.99 (4-DVD)
      SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD - Ultimate Undead - $21.99 (2-DVD)
      SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD - Ultimate Undead - $21.99 (Blu-ray)
      TIME BANDITS - $15.99 (Blu-ray)

      coming soon to cd and dvd...

      Tues. 8/31
      Tues. 8/31 Tues. 9/7
      Tues. 9/7

      Asylum CD

      Sons Of Anarchy
      Season Two
      DVD & Blu-ray

      Stone Sour
      Audio Secrecy CD

      The Beatles
      4 Complete Ed Sullivan Shows Starring The Beatles DVD


      SOURCE: Newbury Comics, "August 23 Newbury Comics New Releases and More," August 23, 2010.

      Ronnie Earl
      "Spread the Love" (CD, 2010)

      :: margaret cho, the band the eels the band, electric light orchestra, jj grey and mofro, j j grey and mofro; jp, chrissie and the fairground boys; j p, chrissie and the fairground boys; charlie musselwhite, katy perry, the band sword the band, three asterisks, the band usher the band; the great rock and roll swindle ::


      <> International Songwriting Competition's August ISC Newsletter, August 25, 2010. We have been connected with several artists who have done very well in this contest, and we understand it has brought them good recognition. - Ed.

      <> Boston Symphony Orchestra Press Release: Tanglewood Jazz Festival, September 4 - September 5, 2010.

      Press releases are most often posted toward the bottom of this newsletter.

      : : :
      : : :

      - and -
      - at -
      Club Passim
      Cambridge, Massachusetts
      Saturday, August 28, 2010

      <> "I [Brian Webb] am doing a show this weekend that I am very excited about. My friend Rose Polenzani and I will be playing a show at Passim. We will be on stage together, alternating being each others' side person. I'm sure many of you know Rosie; but if not, don't deprive yourself of the experience. I'm proud to being doing this show [with] her. In addition, our friend Alana ["special guest Elana Arian" - Rose P] will be joining us on fiddle and vocals. (She's quite talented and soon becoming one of my new favorite people.)

      "Here are the details:

      Where: Club Passim (Harvard Sq) Reserve seats at www.clubpassim.org. (I'm imagining this show will sell out.)
      When: This Saturday... August 28th at 7:00 pm
      What: A Brian and Rose music extravaganza

      SOURCE: Brian Webb, "Show This Saturday and Other Such and Such," August 24, 2010.

      Rose P Says:

      <> "Last week Elana was up in Somerville [Massachusetts] playing on my next record. I can't tell you what a magical experience it was. Billy Beard, who played drums and percussion on the record, said it was like we were defying gravity, and I totally agree. I just can't wait for you to hear it!"

      SOURCE: Rose Polenzani, "Brian Webb and Rose Polenzani Tonight," August 28, 2010.

      : : :
      : : :

      - and -
      - on -
      Coast to Coast AM
      Tonight: Saturday-Sunday Overnight

      <> My favorite regular television broadcast of any sort ever is a 1980s two-hour overnight broadcast called CBS News Nightwatch, the best-known and longest-running host being Charlie Rose. Harry Shearer was a member of the totally wonderful Nightwatch Panel of Comics. If you missed it, you missed a lot. Shearer and Richard Belzer could not be beat; and a UMass graduate named Morrison - Jim Morrison, I think - did the best Lyndon Johnson imitation I've ever seen. He did other impersonations really well, too.

      Shearer's appearance tonight on Coast to Coast AM, the number one overnight radio talk show in the world, should come as no surprise to regular Coast listeners. It has been in the talking stages for months.

      But it may be something of a surprise - it is to me, anyway - that Gary Lachman, a founding member of the band, Blondie, will be on, quite possibly for three hours, to discuss the relationship to the occult of psychoanalyst Carl Jung.

      Ian Punnett, tonight's host, is the best of the current regular Coast to Coast AM hosts. His broadcasts also often feature pretty decent bumper music.

      A tip of the hat to Coast to Coast AM founder Art Bell who returned last night to host the program.

      tonight's show

      10 pm - 2 am PT [NOTICE this is Pacific Time]
      Jung & Mysticism

      Carl Jung was known as the "founding father of the New Age," yet sought to avoid any public association with mysticism or the occult. Author (and founding member of Blondie) Gary Lachman joins Ian Punnett to shine light on this misunderstood facet of Jung's career.

      In the first hour, comedian Harry Shearer will discuss his new documentary about Katrina, The Big Uneasy.

      : : :
      : : :

      LOU BARLOW, Thursday, September 2
      - and -
      SWEET APPLE, a J MASCIS band, Sunday, September 5
      - at the -
      Middle East Restaurant
      Cambridge, Massachusetts

      lou barlow of Dinosaur Jr. at the Middle East Upstairs next Thursday!

      Thu 9/2
      lou barlow + the missingmen, Wye Oak, The Unfamiliars - 18+ $12 - TIX

      SWEET APPLE (feat. J MASCIS of Dinosaur Jr. + Cobra Verde (Guided By Voices Backing band '96-'97)... is now ALL AGES!

      Sun 9/5
      Sweet Apple (feat J Mascis, mems of Cobra Verde, Witch), Black Helicopter, Zombie Radio - All Ages - $15 - TIX

      SOURCE: Middle East Nightclub, "Hot Hot Tickets! How About Them Apples?" August 27, 2010.

      WHEN IT COMES TO US GETTING ON . . the Middle East mailing list, the eagle has landed ... finally. - Ed.

      : : :
      : : :

      Friday, September 3, 2010
      - at -
      Somerville, Massachusetts

      The Inside the Avalanche crew sent this show listing:

      Friday, September 3rd at 9pm
      70 Union Square
      Somerville, MA

      (Doors open at 8).

      $10, 21+

      SOURCE: Inside the Avalanche, "Inside the Avalanche at Precinct," August 27, 2010.

      : : :
      : : :

      FOX PASS
      - and -
      - at the -
      Precinct Bar
      Somerville, Massachusetts
      Saturday, September 18, 2010

      <> Come see Fox Pass at the Precinct Bar in Union Square Somerville Saturday 9-18-10. We are on first at 9pm sharp.

      A hot new spot for music! Lots of parking and restaurants in the area.

      Special guest, Tom Dickie, will join the band to perform the hit song Downtown Talk, released on Mercury Records in 1981 by Tom Dickie and The Desires. Jon Macey and Michael Roy were in that band in NYC. Macey co-wrote the song with TD.

      Here is the rare, unearthed video, on You Tube.


      9 – Fox Pass
      10- The Doom Buggies
      11- Liz Borden
      12- Leon Rich

      70 Union Square
      Somerville, MA


      SOURCE: Fox Pass, "Hold the Date September 18," August 16, 2010.

      "Downtown Talk," Tom Dickie and the Desires, Mercury Records, 1981.

      :: lizzie borden, the doombuggies ::

      : : :
      : : :



      : : : : :

      Barrence Whitfield
      "Sugar Falls"

      <> "A shoutout to Barrence Whitfield for including 'Sugar Falls' on his recent CD. Thanks, man."

      SOURCE: Dennis Brennan, "DB Back in Town," August 23, 2010.

      ASIDE FROM LISTINGS . . that include his name, we have not posted anything about Barrence Whitfield in a few years. Let's hope we can reconnect with him. - Ed.

      Barrence Whitfield
      "Raw, Raw, Rough!" (CD, 2010)

      Wipe Your Feet This Way

      THE OFFICIAL (We Think It's Official)

      This Ain't the Same Old Song and Dance...

      "Visit the Official Aerosmith Online Store at AeroForceOne.com

      "All new featured products only at Official Aerosmith Online Store!

      "Must Have 'Walk This Way' Doormat, enter your house in style!

      "Aerosmith Embroidered Baseball Caps, perfect for any Aerosmith fan!

      "Blazing Wings Towel perfect for a beach day with some Aero tunes!"

      SOURCE: Aero Force One, "You GOTTA See This - All New Look!" August 26, 2010.


      <> George David Weiss has died. Our readers may know him best as one of the writers of a big hit for Elvis Presley, "Can't Help Falling in Love" (RCA Victor, 1961-1962). "Can't Help Falling in Love" held the No. 2 spot for a week and charted on the Billboard Top 40 for twelve weeks. Or maybe our '80s guys and gals would remember Weiss better for "What a Wonderful World" (A&M, 1988), which was a Billboard Top 40 hit for Louis Armstrong.

      Weiss reworked the melody of The Weavers' "Wimoweh" for the successful record, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" by The Tokens.

      For a George Weiss obituary, follow the following direct Web address:



      Take my hand, take my whole life, too
      For I can't help falling in love with you...

      A Query

      <> If you have heard the latest record by Ray Lamontagne and care to comment, please let us know if you think he is sounding reminiscent of any other musician in particular. You may e-mail us by way of

      FredRemainsLost At Yahoo Dot Com

      only convert this into an all-lowercase conventional e-mail address.

      Though my old computer remains stubbornly dialup, I understand this YouTube link leads to a video of the Lamontagne song that is currently getting the most radio airplay.


      At Lilith Fair: Boston

      <> "Thanks so much to everyone who voted for Winterbloom to be at Lilith Fair Boston. It was a thrill to play in the company of women who first made me want to sing. Rocking out the grand finale song, 'Because the Night,' with Sarah Mclachlan in front of 10,000 squealing fans was ridiculously fun. We have a bunch of pictures and video on the Winterbloom site


      SOURCE: Meg Hutchinson News, "Lilith Fair, Midwest and Little Clues," August 27, 2010.

      Winterbloom: - Antje Duvekot, Anne Heaton, Meg Hutchinson, and Natalia Zukerman.

      Friday Night

      Taylor Swift debuts 'Mine' music video in Maine
      AP – Fri Aug 27, 8:55 pm ET
      Taylor Swift arrives for the premiere of her new video, 'Mine,'... AP

      KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine - Country music star Taylor Swift has returned to Maine for a half-hour television special to introduce her latest music video.


      Thursday Afternoon

      Tops Rolling Stone's Chart
      of the Best Beatles Songs

      "A Day in the Life" tops Rolling Stone's Beatles' list
      Reuters – Thu Aug 26, 1:56 pm ET

      NEW YORK (Reuters) - Rolling Stone magazine has for the first time rated the greatest 100 Beatles' songs, with the 1967 track "A Day in the Life" written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney topping the list that was released on Wednesday.


      This (Saturday) Afternoon


      Ono to mark John Lennon's 70th birthday in Iceland
      AP – 1 hr 2 mins ago
      FILE - In this March 16, 1972 file photo, John Lennon and Yoko... AP

      NEW YORK - Yoko Ono is planning a series of events in Iceland to mark what would have been John Lennon's 70th birthday.


      Saturday Morning

      Sara Bareilles learning to enjoy mainstream success
      Reuters – 13 mins ago

      LOS ANGELES (Billboard) - Sara Bareilles is a very nice woman who broke through to music's mainstream by writing songs that sweetly and eloquently tell people precisely where they can go.


      Friday-Saturday Overnight

      Underwood, Paisley to host CMA Awards Nov. 10
      AP – Sat Aug 28, 12:06 am ET
      FILE - In this Nov. 11, 2009 file photo, Brad Paisley and Carrie... AP

      NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Carrie Underwood's wedding was one of the most special days of her life, but it will likely become fodder for jokes when she and Brad Paisley host the Country Music Association Awards for the third year in a row.


      Friday Night

      Heart hits the road with "Red Velvet Car"
      Reuters – Fri Aug 27, 10:07 pm ET

      LOS ANGELES (Billboard) - Nancy Wilson of Heart says the travel aspect of touring remains "just as hard" after almost four decades. "But the sweeter thing," she adds, "is to still be doing it."


      :: the band heart the band ::

      Friday Night

      "Music of Ireland" series continues with U2, Hansard
      Reuters – Fri Aug 27, 9:27 pm ET

      NEW YORK (Billboard) - U2, Glen Hansard, Damien Rice and the Script are among the Irish pop musicians featured in the second installment of the documentary series "Music of Ireland," scheduled to roll out nationwide on public television stations in September and throughout the fall.


      Friday Evening

      Mavis Staples reaches new generation of believers
      Reuters – Fri Aug 27, 7:55 pm ET
      Mavis Staples performs on stage during the Pontevedra Jazz Festival... Reuters

      NEW YORK (Billboard) - Sixty years into her career, Mavis Staples overflows with enthusiasm for music, family and food. At 71, the voice of civil rights gospel group the Staples Singers is converting a new generation of fans, thanks not only to her energy and talent, but to collaborations with artists like Wilco's Jeff Tweedy, who produced her new studio release.


      Friday Night

      Jerry Lee Lewis shakin' it up with famous friends
      Reuters – Fri Aug 27, 9:29 pm ET

      NEW YORK (Billboard) - Jerry Lee Lewis wants to make one thing clear: The title of his new album, "Mean Old Man," isn't a reference to the Killer himself.


      Tuesday-Wednesday Overnight

      Early Bob Dylan demos released in new "Bootleg" set
      Reuters – Wed Aug 25, 3:17 am ET

      LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Bob Dylan's label has dusted off 47 demos recorded by the singer between 1962 and 1964 for its latest foray into his extensive archives.


      Thursday Morning

      Robbie Williams, Take That plan reunion tour
      Reuters – Thu Aug 26, 10:14 am ET

      LONDON (Reuters) - Robbie Williams and his old band Take That plan to tour together next summer after reconciling their differences, but the reunion is likely to be temporary, they said on Thursday.


      :: the band take that the band ::

      Tuesday-Wednesday Overnight

      Pearl Jam to mark 20 years at Young's charity gig
      Reuters – Wed Aug 25, 2:13 am ET
      Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam throws the microphone during a performance... Reuters

      NEW YORK (Billboard) - Pearl Jam fans, save the date: guitarist Stone Gossard says the closest thing to a 20th birthday gig for the band will be a slot on the bill of Neil Young's annual Bridge School Benefit in northern California on October 23 and 24.


      :: neil young ::

      Thursday Morning

      Japan's maestro Ozawa makes a fragile comeback
      Reuters – Thu Aug 26, 8:14 am ET

      TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's most famous orchestral conductor, Seiji Ozawa, has concluded esophageal cancer treatment but will only conduct one piece in September concerts since his health remains frail, organizers said.


      GET WELL WISHES . . and general best wishes from the folks at NEMS to former Boston Symphony Orchestra music director, Seiji Ozawa.

      Thursday Morning

      New album, outlook for survivors Little Big Town
      AP – Thu Aug 26, 10:27 am ET
      In this July 26, 2010 photo, members of Little Big Town, from... AP

      NASHVILLE, Tenn. - If ever there was a group with plenty of reason to pitch it in and give up, it's Little Big Town.


      Friday Night

      El DeBarge faces the music with "Second Chance"
      Reuters – Fri Aug 27, 10:53 pm ET
      El DeBarge performs a medley of songs at the 2010 BET Awards... Reuters

      LOS ANGELES (Billboard) - The last time El DeBarge released an album, it was 1994. The Internet was starting to come into its own. YouTube, iTunes, Facebook and Twitter weren't even blips on anyone's radar. Beyond that, in the intervening years, R&B and its fan base have changed radically.


      Monday Afternoon

      Tom Petty relaunches "Torpedoes" in documentary
      Reuters – Mon Aug 23, 3:32 pm ET

      LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are giving short shrift to one of their biggest albums on their current North American tour. The only song from "Damn the Torpedoes" to make the cut is "Refugee," which typically ends the main set.


      end BRIEF ITEMS



      ISC August Newsletter

      <> More than $150,000 in cash and prizes will be shared among the 66 winners, including an overall Grand Prize of $25,000 (US) cash and $20,000 in music equipment, services, and more. ISC has a lot of great new judges for 2010, so scroll down and check them out - this means new judges listening to all the finalists' songs and picking the 2010 winners (this could be you!).

      Enter online or mail in your songs. Entering ISC is easy: all you need to do is fill out an entry form and send us your songs. You can also enter through MySpace if you have a MySpace page - which is really easy because ISC will go to your page and listen to your songs there (you don't even need to send us your songs!). No uploading songs, no waiting in line at the post office...

      Winning ISC isn't just about the cash and prizes. The recognition, exposure, and kudos of winning ISC add to the reasons to enter and benefits of winning. ISC is looking for great songs and songwriters - so, whether you're a professional songwriter or just starting out, ISC welcomes your entries.
      ISC Judges Include:

      Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel Tom Waits Tom Waits Train Train Regina Spektor Regina Spektor Timbaland Timbaland
      Kings of Leon Kings of Leon Terence Blanchard Terence Blanchard Kelly Clarkson Kelly Clarkson Ben Harper Ben Harper Rihanna Rihanna
      Wynonna Wynonna Ben Folds Ben Folds Jeremy Camp Jeremy Camp Ray Wylie Hubbard Ray Wylie Hubbard Jeff Beck Jeff Beck
      Additional Judges Include:

      Recording Artists: Keane; McCoy Tyner; Robbie Williams; Michael W. Smith; John Scofield; Jerry Lee Lewis; Alejandro Sanz; Montel Jordan; John Mayall; Craig Morgan; DJ Tiësto; James Cotton; Robert Earl Keen; Baaba Maal; John Digweed; Dan Zanes; K'Naan; Adele; Black Francis (The Pixies); Robert Smith (The Cure); Chris Hillman (The Byrds); Darryl McDaniels (Run D.M.C.); Toots Hibbert (Toots & The Maytals); Sandra Bernhard; and Matt Thiessen (Relient K)

      Industry Executives: Monte Lipman (President, Universal Republic Records); Amanda Ghost (President, Epic Records); Rick Krim (Exec. VP, Talent & Music Programming, VH1); Brian Malouf (VP A&R, Walt Disney Records); Bruce Iglauer (Founder/President, Alligator Records); Angel Carrasco (Sr. VP A&R, Latin America, Sony/BMG); Ric Arboit (President, Nettwerk Music Group); Daniel Glass (Founder/CEO, Glassnote Entertainment Group); Cory Robbins (Founder/President, Robbins Entertainment); Dr. Demento (Radio Host, The Dr. Demento Show); Steve Lillywhite (Producer); Dan Storper (President, Putamayo World Music Records and Putumayo Kids); Lisa Ramsey Perkins (Sr. Director, A&R Sony Nashville); Kim Buie (VP A&R, Lost Highway); and Tommy Morris (Talent Coordinator, The Comedy Store)

      Pop/Top 40, AAA (Adult Album Alternative), R&B/Hip-Hop, Adult Contemporary (AC), Rock, Country, Folk/Singer-Songwriter, Americana, Blues, Jazz, Gospel/Christian, Latin Music, Instrumental, Dance/Electronica, Comedy/Novelty, World Music, Children's Music, Lyrics Only, Teen, Performance, Music Video, and Unsigned Only. Entrants may submit as many songs as they wish - in the same category or in multiple categories.
      ISC News:

      ISC Launches New Website

      ISC is proud to announce the arrival of a new website with an updated design and better functionality. Included in the new site is a Forum section for the public to interact with other artists and a Twitter feed. So, if you want to talk about your songwriting or look for a gig or sell your guitar, check it out. Give us your feedback on the new site! Designed and programmed by Melodic Virtue, you can contact them at www.melodicvirtue.com

      Unsigned Only: A New Category For 2010

      What is the Unsigned Only category? It's a new category for 2010, and it's for anyone who is not signed to a major record label or major label distribution deal. The entered song may not be owned wholly or partly by a publishing company. ISC created this category to level the playing field for unsigned artists. All genres of music are accepted into this category, and there will be one overall winner! Click here to enter.

      ISC 'Crank Your Cred' Contest

      If you enter on MySpace (you must have a MySpace page), you are also eligible for the ISC Crank Your Cred contest. In addition to being entered into ISC, each month two winners are selected, and then at the end of ISC, the monthly winners will go head-to-head in an online vote. The winner will get lots of cool prizes and kudos. Last year, the ISC Grand Prize winner, King Charles, entered through MySpace, and so did 11 additional winners! This year you could be one of these winners... ISC will definitely crank your cred!

      July 'Crank Your Cred' Winners

      Come To The River
      Sam de Jong, Omega Levine, Richard Knott
      (Parachute Band)
      Auckland, New Zealand Running Master
      Shinichiro Kamoto
      Tokyo, Japan
      Parachute Band is a contemporary worship band that regularly tops the mainstream MySpace NZ Music Charts, tours throughout the world, and is the recipient of the coveted People's Choice Award at the 2008 New Zealand Music Awards, as well as the Gospel Music Association's International Achievement Award in the U.S. They have begun work on their third album which is set for release early in 2011. A professional drummer, Kamoto has played with not only Japanese but also internationally renowned musicians. He apprenticed for one of Japan's top drummers, Motohiko Hino, and also studied with Anders Kjellberg. He has become an enthusiastic composer. The recently released CD, Tales from the Blue (Thomas Walbum Trio), includes three of his pieces, including the title tune.
      ISC Sponsors: ASCAP, Berklee College Of Music, Disc Makers, D'Addario, Shure, Westone, Thayers, Onlinegigs, SongU.com, The Music Business Registry, Independent Mastering, Indie Venue Bible, George Stein, Esq., Sonicbids, Taxi, music Submit, and Alphabet Arm Design
      ISC Sponsor Spotlight
      Westone Westone

      As one of the pioneers of the in-ear monitor, Westone has been guided by an unwavering devotion to develop in-ear devices that bring out everything in the music for an unequaled sound and an unparalleled listening experience. Their 50-year hearing history gives them a deep knowledge of "all things ears" which has lead to the development of products that offer superior fit, ergonomics, acoustics, and comfort. Their nimble, anti-corporate work ethic has created an environment where going the extra mile for customers is the rule, not the exception. No preservatives. No artificial anything. No hype. Pure Comfort. Pure Music. Westone. Go to www.westone.com for more information.
      musicSUBMIT.com musicSUBMIT.com

      musicSUBMIT.com submits your music to genre-specific radio stations, online music magazines, podcasts, music blogs, music content sites, and more. Get online reviews and radio airplay - submit your music to hundreds of the best sites on the internet. It's as easy as creating your account, then loading your music material, including songs, pics, links, bio, press release, and video - they do the rest! Music SUBMIT has been recommended as the top internet music promotion service available today by well known and reputable companies like CDBaby.com, American Songwriter Magazine, and many others. For more information, please visit www.musicSUBMIT.com
      Industry Partners
      TheIndie.biz TheIndie.biz

      TheIndie.biz has launched its contest to find "The Ultimate Social Artist" which gives artists a chance to win up to $25,000 in prizes. "The Ultimate Social Artist" contest invites bands and musicians from around the world to take participate and bring their fans along for the ride. The band that signs up the most fans to their profiles, while selling the most songs through TheIndie and receiving the highest ratings from the select panel of judges, wins. Registered TheIndie.biz fans also have a chance to win prizes including an HD Flip Cam. To learn more visit http://bit.ly/c1Zybu.
      2010 Americana Music Festival 2010 Americana Music Festival

      "Best Music Festival" - Southern Living
      "The coolest music scene today" - The New York Times
      Each year, the Americana Music Festival & Conference brings together legendary artists and the next generation of rising stars for four days of music and education. Artists like Robert Plant, Emmylou Harris, The Avett Brothers and more have graced the Americana Festival stages, making it both the critics' darling and place where artists want to be. This year's event takes place from Wednesday, September 8th through Saturday, September 11th, gathering thousands of artists, fans and industry professionals from all over the world in Nashville, TN. Visit www.americanamusic.org for more information.
      1st Annual Memphis Hip Hop Expo 2010 1st Annual Memphis Hip Hop Expo 2010

      The Memphis Hip Hop Expo takes place September 3-4 at the Memphis Cook Convention Center in Downtown Memphis, TN. Exhibitors, vendors, live performances, art and fashion shows, networking mixers, Industry conference, panels, live workshops and more built for showcasing, educating and presenting the artists, entertainers, businesses and people who involve themselves in the community. Guests include music producer Christopher 'Drumma Boy' Gholson; Southern Entertainment Awards co-founder Janiro Hawkins; Hosea Mays, founder of MemphisRap.com; with media coverage by Ozone Magazine, BET, and more. For more information visit www.memphisiphopweekend.com or call 901-881-0795.
      Gonzo Magazine Gonzo Magazine

      A bold and daring arts & entertainment magazine, devoted to exploring and promoting the diversity and richness of Canada's Music, Film, and Cultural Communities. They take on the issues that matter. Written with a gritty, introspective, and humorous edge, they are dedicated to the support and perpetuation of Canadian Art, Music, Film, and Culture and all respective Organizations and Cultural Advocates. Check them out at www.gonzomagazine.ca and join the GONZO REVOLUTION! For advertising, contact them at advertise@....
      Indie On The Move Indie On The Move

      Indieonthemove.com is a 100% FREE music venue database and tour booking resource. With thousands of members worldwide, IOTM has quickly become the most comprehensive and reliable informational source in the independent music community. Not only are all of the venue and show listings verified and updated every month, but members can submit booking inquiries to every talent buyer in the database, receive show notifications of upcoming opportunities, gig swap with other artists, and rate and review venues from a performer's perspective - creating an unmatched, community based checks and balances system built upon the collective experiences of the IOTM community. For more info, please visit: http://www.indieonthemove.com
      The Blues Foundation The Blues Foundation

      The Blues Foundation is Memphis-based, but world-renown as THE organization dedicated to preserving our blues music history, celebrating recording and performance excellence, supporting blues education and ensuring the future of this unique art form. Founded in 1980, The Blues Foundation has 3500 individual members and 190 affiliated blues societies representing another 50,000 fans and professionals around the world. Its signature honors and events—Blues Music Awards, Blues Hall of Fame, International Blues Challenge and Keeping the Blues Alive Awards—make it the international center of blues music. Its HART Fund provides the blues community with medical assistance while its Sound Healthcare program offers health insurance access. Blues in the Schools programs and Generation Blues scholarships expose new generations to blues music. Throughout the year, the Foundation staff serves the worldwide Blues community with answers, contact information and
      news. Go to http://www.blues.org
      AandROnline AandROnline

      Discover a step-by-step blueprint to turn your music career around and start achieving the success you always dreamed of! The 'Indie Artist D.I.Y. Smartkit' is your blueprint for success in the music business, developed by recording artist Chris Standring. Today artists need to become self-promoters like never before, and this program explains how to market your music with amazingly effective results! It is a practical no-nonsense guide for the independent musician, written from the perspective of a professional artist who is currently having major success in the music business! For more info, click here.

      Undiscovered Artists Given Chance To Score A Movie Soundtrack! Music video site MUZU.tv is offering musicians from all over the world the chance to be a part of film history. Soundtraxs is the first-ever competition that gives independent music artists the opportunity to create the soundtrack for forthcoming film Relative Desire by a two-time BAFTA award-winning director. Simply download any of the movie scenes at http://www.MUZU.tv/Soundtraxs, sync the video with an original music track and upload to MUZU.tv. The competition is free to enter, and the top 50 tunes will be judged by an expert panel who will choose the final 10 tracks to appear in the film. Winners will have their music featured in the film and earn revenue from soundtrack. Visit http://www.MUZU.tv/Soundtraxs now.
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      SOURCE: International Songwriting Competition, "ISC Newsletter - August," August 25, 2010.

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      : : :

      Saturday, September 4 - Sunday, September 5, 2010

      2010 Tanglewood Jazz Festival to take place September 4-5







      Now in its 23rd year, Tanglewood's annual Labor Day Weekend Jazz Festival will take place September 4-5, at Tanglewood, the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, located in the Berkshire Hills in Lenox, Massachusetts. To open the festival on Saturday, September 4, at 2 p.m., "Radio Deluxe" co-hosts John Pizzarelli and Jessica Molaskey will be joined by special guest Jane Monheit, followed by evening performances by the Laurence Hobgood Trio and vocalist Kurt Elling. The Sunday afternoon concert on September 5, at 2 p.m. will open with a rare performance by clarinetist/saxophonist Eddie Daniels and pianist, Bob James, in a new program entitled "Broadway Boogie." Sunday evening's concert will open with a performance by the Julian Lage Group and end with pianist/composer Donal Fox performing a new program entitled "Piazzolla to Bach Project," with special guest, classical cellist Maya Beiser and Cuban born drummer Dafnis Prieto.
      All performances will take place in Ozawa Hall, with Jazz Café performances taking place in the Jazz Café tent, located at the top of the hill behind Ozawa Hall.


      This year, for the first time, the Tanglewood Jazz Festival conducted a national contest for four Jazz Café slots throughout the weekend. The winning artists who will be presented in this year's Jazz Café are: saxophonist Brandon Wright and his quintet, Saturday, September 4, at 12:30 p.m.; vocalist Kelley Johnson and her quartet, September 4, at 6:30 p.m.; vocalist Audrey Silver performing with her quartet, Sunday, September 5, at 12:30 p.m.; and pianist Noah Baerman performing with his trio, Sunday, September 5 at 6:30. Jazz Café concerts are presented before each main stage concert and are free with a ticket to the main stage event.

      Artists were asked to submit video auditions for consideration and were judged by a panel of jazz experts: Christopher Loudon of Jazz Times Magazine; Lois Gilbert of jazzcorner.com; Sachal Vasandani, jazz vocalist and Jazz Café veteran performer; Steve Schwartz, jazz programmer at WGBH Radio in Boston; Jane Monheit, jazz vocalist and Tanglewood Jazz Festival veteran; and James Gavin, jazz journalist and biographer of Lena Horne, Chet Baker, and other iconic performers.

      For additional information, bios and photos on the performing artists, please review the electronic press kit at tanglewoodjazzfestival.org/presskit.


      The Tanglewood Jazz Festival will open with "Radio Deluxe" co-hosted by husband and wife duo John Pizzarelli and Jessica Molaskey, and featuring special guest vocalist, Jane Monheit. Normally broadcast from their living room "high atop Lexington Avenue," the Tanglewood concert will be taped live at the festival for future broadcast on more than 60 stations national wide. This will be the second consecutive year they have taped the program from Tanglewood, marking the only times the show has been taped elsewhere since the program's inception in 2005. The show's format, marked by the duo's urbane, sophisticated humor, inventive playlist, and extensive knowledge of the Great American Songbook, has recently expanded the show's repertoire to include such rock era voices as Randy Newman and Joni Mitchell.



      Pianist, composer, and arranger Laurence Hobgood and his trio will bring Hobgood's original compositions and arrangements of jazz standards to the stage of Ozawa Hall. Referred to as "one of the most incredible pianists I've ever heard" by Dave Brubeck, Hobgood has collaborated with vocalist Kurt Elling since 1993 when they co-produced "Close Your Eyes," their first of six Grammy nominated records on the Blue Note label. Hobgood received his own Grammy statue in 2010 for his collaboration on "Dedicated to You: Kurt Elling Sings the Music of Coltrane and Hartman" (Concord Records 2009). A powerful, imaginative innovator from the Chicago school of hard-driving swing, Hobgood's latest CD, "When the Heart Dances," (Naim Records), features legendary bassist, Charlie Haden.

      Following the Laurence Hobgood Trio, Grammy winning vocalist, Kurt Elling will return to the Tanglewood Jazz Festival after a triumphant debut in 2008. Recipient of the 2010 Grammy for Best Vocal Jazz Album of the Year for "Dedicated to You: Kurt Elling Sings the Music of Coltrane and Hartman," Elling is known for his cutting edge vocalese technique and four-octave baritone voice. A native of Chicago, Elling has worked extensively with the Steppenwolf Theater on multi-disciplinary events incorporating music, poetry, acting, dancing and visual art. He has recorded and toured extensively and was awarded the Prix Billie Holiday from the Academie du Jazz in Paris, placed six consecutive years at the top of the Downbeat Critics and Jazz Times Reader's polls, and has received six Jazz Journalists' Association Awards for Best Male Vocalist.


      The Sunday afternoon concert on September 5 will open with a rare performance by clarinetist/saxophonist Eddie Daniels and pianist Bob James, drummer Peter Erskine, and bassist James Genus in a new program entitled "Broadway Boogie." Musical collaborators for forty years, Daniels and James refer to this swinging, integrated quartet as "chamber jazz." "Chamber jazz denotes music in a close setting that is finely tuned and woven together, even in its improvisation and composition, that pulls the listener into the utter intimacy of the setting," said Eddie Daniels. I believe this approach can transform the performer as well as the listener."

      Following "Broadway Boogie" on Sunday afternoon will be the Legendary Count Basie Orchestra. Since its creation in 1935 by William "Count" Basie, the orchestra has toured and performed around the globe for fans and dignitaries in every country. Since Basie's passing in 1984, the orchestra has been led by Thad Jones, Frank Foster, Grover Mitchell and—currently—by Bill Hughes (who was hired by Basie in 1953). The multi-Grammy winning orchestra continues to tour the world and perform for enthusiastic fans of every age.


      Sunday evening's performances will begin with the Julian Lage Group, which has received critical acclaim for their unique compositions and improvisational style blending the influences of classical, blues, jazz, and folk music. While Lage has performed several times at the Tanglewood Jazz Festival (most recently with Mark O'Connor's "Hot Swing" in 2008) this marks his first appearance on the Ozawa Hall stage with his own group. Regarded by many as a guitar prodigy at the age of 8, Lage spent several years under the tutelage of instrumentalist Gary Burton and subsequently gained recognition from jazz superstars Herbie Hancock and Bela Fleck. Lage's premier recording "Sounding Point" (Emarcy Records 2009) was nominated for Best Contemporary Jazz Album. The 21-year old Boston-based guitarist recently performed with Mark O'Connor's "Hot Swing" and with the Julian Lage Group at the Newport Jazz Festival in August.

      The festival will close on Sunday evening with an encore performance by pianist and composer Donal Fox, performing a new program entitled "Piazzolla to Bach Project," with special guest, classical cellist Maya Beiser. Also appearing with Donal Fox and Maya Beiser will be Cuban born drummer Dafnis Prieto whose arrival in the US has been compared to that of an asteroid hitting New York. "Bedazzlement is a proven strategy for Mr. Prieto," the New York Times said, and Latin jazz musician Eddie Palmieri calls him "extraordinary." Vibraphonist Warren Wolf and bassist John Lockwood will round out the quartet.

      Named a Martin Luther King Visiting Artist at MIT in 2009, Fox crosses the classical music and jazz music boundaries and regularly receives critical acclaim for his compositions and integration of the two musical genres. Following Fox's world premiere in December of his piano concerto "Peace Out" for Improvised Piano and Orchestra to a standing ovation at Carnegie Hall, Anthony Tommasini of the New York Times described Mr. Fox's new work as "…an arresting piece…compelling music…exceptionally interesting." Fox last appeared at the Tanglewood Jazz Festival in 2008 with his Scarlatti Jazz Suite Project.

      Called a "cello goddess" by The New Yorker, Maya Baiser has captivated audiences worldwide with her virtuosity, electric repertoire and quest to redefine her instrument's boundaries. She has collaborated with Philip Glass, Mark O'Connor, Brian Eno, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, and Tan Dun (Couching Tiger Concerto), among many others. Her major teachers were Aldo Parisot, Uzi Weizel, Alexander Schneider, and Isaac Stern. Beiser was the founding cellist of the legendary new music ensemble, the Bang on a Can All-Stars. This will be her first appearance at the Tanglewood Jazz Festival. Beiser's latest CD, Provenance, peaked at #6 in overall music sales and #1 in classical music on Amazon. It also hit #1 in world music on iTunes and #3 in classical music on Billboard.


      Tanglewood Jazz Festival, ranging in price from $18-77, are available through www.tanglewoodjazzfestival.org, by calling SymphonyCharge at 617-266-1200 or 888-266-1200. All-day lawn pass Saturday and Sunday $34. All ticket prices include a $1 Tanglewood grounds maintenance fee. Tickets are also available for purchase in person at the Tanglewood Box Office at Tanglewood's Main Gate on West Street in Lenox, MA. American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, Discover, personal checks, and cash are all accepted at the Tanglewood Box Office. For further information and box office hours, please call the Boston Symphony Orchestra at 617-266-1492 or visit www.bso.org.

      The Tanglewood Jazz Festival is sponsored by Jazz Times Magazine. The online media partner for the Tanglewood Jazz Festival is jazzcorner.com.

      2010 Tanglewood Jazz Festival

      Saturday, September 4, 12:30 p.m.

      Brandon Wright Quintet

      Jazz Café (admission free with ticket to Main Stage concert)

      Saturday, September 4, 2 p.m.

      "Radio Deluxe" with John Pizzarelli and Jessica Molaskey

      Live taping for national radio broadcast with special guests Jane Monheit

      $33/42/56/lawn $19

      Saturday, September 4, 6:30 p.m.

      Kelley Johnson Quartet

      Jazz Café (admission free with ticket to Main Stage concert)

      Saturday, September 4, 8 p.m.

      Laurence Hobgood Trio

      Kurt Elling

      $45/63/77/lawn $19

      Sunday, September 5, 12:30 p.m.

      Audrey Silver Quartet

      Jazz Café (admission free with ticket to Main Stage concert)

      Sunday, September 5, 2 p.m.

      The Eddie Daniels-Bob James Quartet

      "Broadway Boogie"

      Legendary Count Basie Orchestra

      $33/42/56/lawn $19

      Sunday, September 5, 6:30 p.m.

      Noah Baerman Trio

      Jazz Café (admission free with ticket to Main Stage concert)

      Sunday, September 5, 8 p.m.

      Julian Lage Group

      Donal Fox Quartet: Piazzolla to Bach Project with special guest Maya Beiser

      $42/$50/$62/lawn $18

      SOURCE: Taryn Lott, "2010 Tanglewood Jazz Festival To Take Place September 4-5," August 25, 2010.




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