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Re: China

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  • flamingomoon414
    7 hours with no break? Ken was really cracking that whip, huh? And I know how much you LOVE to shop for fabric! [:((] I can t wait to see what you ve
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      7 hours with no break?  Ken was really cracking that whip, huh?  And I know how much you LOVE to shop for fabric!  :((  

      I can't wait to see what you've chosen.  And the custom fabrics will be a treat, I'll bet!  That is really something to look forward to.
      Also, I'm so sorry that your friend Marsh died.  I read that on Vita's blog this morning.  My deepest sympathy to you and her other friends.

      Marilyn and Trixie

      --- In urbanvita@yahoogroups.com, <dorinda@...> wrote:
      > It finally warmed up! We spent the entire day Friday fabric shopping and I
      > mean ALL DAY. We walked for 7 hours straight! We did not even stop for
      > lunch.
      > We know everyone will love the new line this year! We have gone to the
      > extreme of custom making some fabrics so the outfits will be beautiful and
      > unique.
      > Best Regards
      > Dorinda Balanecki
      > Design Director Horsman Ltd
      > www.horsmanltd.com <http://www.horsmanltd.com/>
      > www.urbanvita.com <http://www.urbanvita.com/>
      > www.rinidoll.com <http://www.rinidoll.com/>
      > <http://www.creepycurtains.com/> www.creepycurtains.com
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      > Hey Dorinda!
      > Hope all is going well. Ken posted that it is cold in China, but I expect
      > you can handle that after the cold winter you had!
      > I think all the Urban Legends are really exited about this year's line. Are
      > y'all adding anything new that we've not seen yet?
      > Kissy,
      > M
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