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Re: [urbanvita] Re: How about TV?

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  • Robert Constant
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    Message 1 of 7 , Mar 2, 2013
      *:) happy
      Robert Constant
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    • vitarichardsfan
      Since I don t have proper cable, my television is limited to networks and the odd channels. I loved Sherlock , but I haven t watched it in eons. I also
      Message 2 of 7 , Mar 3, 2013

        Since I don't have proper cable, my television is limited to networks and the odd channels.

        I loved "Sherlock",  but I haven't watched it in eons.  I also really like the Americanized "Elementary" and they had the first contact with Moriarty a few weeks back... YAY! Best Villian Ever! (I'm guessing they'll hold off on his first appearance for a while.)

        I also enjoy "The Good Wife", however it's getting "overpopulated" with too many supporting characters. I miss Mary Beth Peel.

        My favorites are a toss up between "Modern Family" and "The Big Bang Theory". Lily kills me and Sheldon's girlfriend Amy delivery is the best. Oh, yeah, I like the silliness of "Miranda".

        I buy the previous season's "South Park" every year and it still works... for the most part. "Bob's Burgers" is my current favorite "adult" cartoon.

        I enjoy "Downton Abby" quite a bit, but anything that deals directly with Mary bores be to tears. (Except for Mr. Pamook's demise... "Mary's Deadly Vajayjay" is a running gag in the family... Poor Mathew, I hope her next victim fares better.)

        I'm starting to like SNL again and the occassional "60 Minutes". I like "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" - Geoffrey Peterson is a riot.

        We have three "retro" channels that I watch a lot. "Maude", "Sanford and Son", "WKRP", "MTM", and "Barney Miller" are great and I've rediscoved "Night Gallery" (a big hit or miss show) and I have found the joys of a show completely new to me: "Burns and Allen".



        --- In urbanvita@yahoogroups.com, "flamingomoon414" <flamingomoon414@...> wrote:
        > Well, I had fun with the 'reading' topic and found several things that
        > are now on my "to read" list. Whaddya say we move on to the small
        > screen? TV .... what programs are you addicted to? Old favorites?
        > Best TV shows ever? "If I were on a desert island with my iPad I'd
        > wanna watch ...." Now I don't have cable, but I can watch stuff on my
        > computer or wait for the DVD so ...
        > I am ADDICTED to "BREAKING BAD" which I honestly think is one of the
        > best TV shows ever. I'm also addicted to "Dancing With The Stars", so
        > there! [:))] I used to be a "Frasier" fangirl and still put it in
        > that "best ever" category of mine along with "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"
        > and the original "Mickey Mouse Club" (... not because it was genius
        > writing, but because it captured a generation.) I would have sold my
        > soul for Mouse Ears!!!
        > Anyone have any favorites or "most hated" they want to share?

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