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For Sale -- Staircase!!

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  • flamingomoon414
    The studio next to mine is what we laughingly ... [IMG]http://i85.photobucket.com/albums/k77/Flamingomoon/P1020656-1.jpg[/IMG]
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2010
      The studio next to mine is what we laughingly
      : call the "atelier" of a fine
      : woodworker/ carpenter who worked up this
      : staircase at my insistence. This one in the
      : photos is the prototype that he made out of
      : what he calls "whatever" wood and
      : painted with something he found under a
      : bench!


      : I have talked him into offering
      : these for sale if folks are interested. As
      : you can see, two of the stair units could be
      : book-ended to make a platform/landing with
      : stairs going down each side. I suggested he
      : keep the top level at the height which would
      : allow a doll to stand on it and still fit in
      : a 22"-23" room (that corresponds
      : to a 8-9' ceiling and is the height I
      : usually use for my walls.
      : The "real" stairs will be made of
      : good quality wood and will arrive unstained
      : so that you can stain them or paint them as
      : you choose.
      : We are also discussing a way that a
      : removable door could be attached to the
      : unit.
      : These stairs are 7" wide as I thought
      : that would be a good width in case people do
      : "rooms" on book shelves or doll
      : cabinets. Geoff wants to make them about an
      : inch wider as he now thinks the proportions
      : would be better.
      : Here are Antoinette and Trixie showing the
      : unit and then the unit in a 'room' so that
      : you get an idea how it works for photos.
      : The unit (in the 'good' wood) will be about
      : $20, but if Geoff gets lots of orders he
      : says it could be less! Shipping would be
      : extra.
      : If anyone is interested or wants more
      : detailed information you can email :
      : Geoff Truelove
      : swiftntrue@...
      : His website is www.swiftntrue.com ... but
      : the furniture there is all human size!
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