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  • MaryC
    *Thanks! Your note gave lots of hints for my internet wanderings today.... my dolls all seem to have a shoe fetish. They seem to think they need
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      Thanks!  Your note gave lots of "hints" for my internet wanderings today.... my dolls all seem to have a shoe fetish.  They seem to think they "need" different shoes for each outfit.  I have *no* clue where they get this idea from.  I have 3 basic pair of shoes that I wear - they certainly don't get it from *me*!  ;-)

      On Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 10:51 PM, TERRY BARNER <terrkat@...> wrote:

      Welcome aboard MaryC!   You will love her!   When you discover just how capable of holding a pose she is and you can get her to stand without the help of stands for your photos, you will be amazed.   She can even do it in heels.   As for size, she can where almost anything other 16 inch dolls can wear and I might add, she can wear them better.   Most Tonner Tyler clothes will fit easily.   A lot of the fashions for Gene will fit if the fabrics have a little give, her bust and waist is a bit larger, but when they fit...Oh man... can she wear it.   Her legs are a bit longer than Tyler or Gene but since most fashions are dresses, no issues.   The slightly longer leg is not a issue with most pants either, you just have to try it.   If you are making an outfit specifically for Vita, just add a tiny bit to the length.   Marilyn can tell you exactly how much to add as she has made Vita clothes using Tyler patterns and they look amazing.   I am sure if you read through the archived messages you will find the amount to add, because I asked and since I have the memory of a grapefruit, I will need to search for it when I get the time to try it.   She can wear Tyler/Gene shoes and depending on the shoe, she can wear Ellowyne and Antoinette shoes although they are a little large.   I have been on a shoe binge lately and I have not bought a pair yet that did not work.   I have many, many, many pair, even some duplicates if I really like them.   Enough about shoes.   You will love her!   Look through the photos section and you see a lot of Vitas in many clothes including her own.   Keep an eye open for some more releases from Horsman, there are many things coming.


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      Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 02:10:03 +0000
      Subject: [urbanvita] Introduction...

      Hi, folks!  New member here - from Haslett, MI.  I saw an ad in Dolls magazine for the Urban Vita and was so curious about her jointing, that I ordered her today.  Will be interesting to see how we get along once she arrives.  I'm nearly finished going through the photo albums to take a peek at your dolls.  Very happy to be here.  Are there any body measurement documents available to see how she compares in size with any other dolls??  I sew and crochet for my dolls - just curious where to find patterns - if you have clues for me, that'd be appreciated!  

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