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4211Re: [urbanvita] Sooo.... How can I be tactful about this topic?

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  • Marilyn Kearns
    Dec 7, 2013
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      So ..... do we have a photo?
      *:^o liar  I'm guessing that the company you would "never" buy from again must have been Bar-bay?  Or IT?  

      On Friday, December 6, 2013 11:47 PM, "genemarshallfan@..." <genemarshallfan@...> wrote:
      Well... I was really bad... REALLY BAD... HIPPOCRITICAL EVEN... I vowed I would never purchase another product from this company as long as I lived... But I could not resist it... It was on clearance and it was just calling me... Tempting me... I wasn't even looking for it, but there it was during my Christmas shopping calling me... "You know you want me! Buy me! Buy me! Buy me!" I tried to look away, but I couldn't. It isn't even 1:4 scale... A puny 1:6 scale gal... And now I feel SO ASHAMED! So cheap! Yes, I bought her and now I'm paying for it. I bought... (gulp!) Mommie Dearest!
      Oddly enough, though... The wire hanger IS 1:4 scale! Go figure... Too bad I'm not allowed to use it.

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