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Nov 16

normal distribution

Hi, I am trying to model a delay in normal distribution, following the approach presented in the SMC UPPAAL tutorial paper. However, I am unable to reproduce
    Nov 16
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    Re: Error - channel as parameter - Incompatible argument

    I think that channel parameters must always be passed as reference parameters, i.e. write chan &moveRight etc. in your template. See also the UPPAAL Help
    Stephan Merz
    Nov 16

    Error - channel as parameter - Incompatible argument

    Hi, I am working on a project in which I have to pass some channels as parameter of a template. This is a short description: I have declared those channels as
    Nov 16

    Latest news about UPPAAL?

    The latest UPPAAL version (4.1.19) has been released in 2014. I haven't heard anything about the project since that time. What's the latest news? Has the team
    Nov 7

    combining use of predicate with time constraints and imply

    Hi, I've got a problem when using with time constraints with some predicates, e.g. imply and not, in a guard. The guard (and some alternatives) are: forall (i
    Oct 30

    Re: time constraints with int variables

    Hi Marius, Thanks for your promote reply, and it solves my problem. The cause is that the variable i in my model is not limited by range. regards, Yuhui ...
    Oct 13

    Re: time constraints with int variables

    Dear Yuhui, 2017-10-12 18:23 GMT+02:00 yooway@... [uppaal] < ... I assume that the variable i is not beeing incremented without bounds, because you had
    Marius Mikučionis
    Oct 13

    time constraints with int variables

    I have a problem when using time constraints with a variable, e.g. t1 - t2 > i, where t1and t2 are clocks and i is an integral variable. One of the UPPAL's
    Oct 12

    Re: How to convert my C++ code into UPPAAL form

    2017-09-23 4:46 GMT+02:00 wonggwan1997@... [uppaal] < ... Uppaal uses C-like syntax and the language is even more constrained (e.g. pointer types are not
    Marius Mikučionis
    Sep 26

    How to convert my C++ code into UPPAAL form

    After learning the tutorial of UPPAAL, I've known how to use this software, but what still confuses me is that I don't know how to convert the code form (e.g.
    Sep 25

    Re: error "Must be computable at compile time"

    2017-09-21 13:40 GMT+02:00 jemini44@... [uppaal] < ... Right, the state of integer variables does not change by itself and it can only change due to
    Marius Mikučionis
    Sep 21

    Re: error "Must be computable at compile time"

    Thanks alot sir, In expression int[1,4] a = 1; a will not update itself, instead we have to update its value in a template. its values will not be changed
    Sep 21

    Re: error "Must be computable at compile time"

    Hi, 2017-09-11 <20%2017%2009%2011> 9:02 GMT+02:00 jemini44@... [uppaal] < ... This is wrong syntax, perhaps you wanted something like this: int[1,4] a;
    Marius Mikučionis
    Sep 11

    error "Must be computable at compile time"

    Hello, I have write this statement in declaration section of a template int [1:4] a; int out= a * 101; but error is coming which is " Must be computable at
    Sep 11
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