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Always Learning Live

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    Always Learning Live A set of three gatherings in Albuquerque. Registration is open for: July 26-30, 2011 Always
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      Always Learning Live 
      A set of three gatherings in Albuquerque.

      Registration is open for:
      July 26-30, 2011 

      Always Learning Live Unschooling Symposium and Kirby's 25th Birthday Party

      with Pam and Rosie Sorooshian, and Jill Parmer
      (and maybe more Sorooshians, possibly some Davidson children and a few Dodd kids)

      Always Learning LIVE Symposium Blog

      • Registration is open


        It's time to register for the first of three Always Learning Live Symposia! Come and mingle with regular writers fromÉ
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      Too early to register for:
      December 28-31, 2011 
      Always Learning Live Unschooling Symposium, Winter Session 
      with Joyce Fetteroll and Deb Lewis
      (and probably some Dodds, maybe more Fetterolls, and possibly some Sorooshians)
                                            *(we can have it until January 1 
                                               if people want to hang out for New Year's Eve)

      July 23-27, 2012 
      Always Learning Live Unschooling Symposium, Fifth Learn Nothing Day 
      with Schuyler and David Waynforth

      I had joked about it in chats, and talked about it in person with people, about having a conference and calling it Always Learning In Person, or Always Learning Live. It's happening. I know there are lots of unschooling conferences people can attend. Holly and I will be at the InHome conference in Illinois in March, which is HUGE and filled with workshops. We will be at Good Vibrations in San Diego in September, which will have a beach outing with surfing (and Marty might go, too, and wear a shirt this timeÑthey had promised wet suits, but dude! They didn't bring 'em... poor Marty was wounded)...

      Don't decide against any conferences you were committed to attending, but please consider one of these in-person extensions of the Always Learning list. There will be no speakers who aren't active list members or their family members. The discussions will be all unschooling, all the time. :-)

      Advantages of being in Albuquerque, at the intersection of I-25 and I-40: People can drive or fly, and flying will not require a rental car; the hotel has a shuttle van. These might be the first of more symposia, or a finite set of three. I don't know yet.

      People who were at the Santa Fe Symposium in 2010 (SUSS) know that I don't especially love super-busy conferences where people end up without shared experiences (or without having seen each other, sometimes). The plan involves a light schedule of special presentations, with opportunities for table games and casual discussions. Without rushing people around, we'll see that the unschooling information provided is especially good.

      Summer sessions have a big pool available. 
      Winter session has an outdoor hot tub.

      Here's the note on conference rates for rooms. "Upgraded" means refrigerator and microwave.

      $51 + taxes (Standard rooms) and $61 + taxes (Upgraded rooms). The rates are for 1-2 adults; each additional adult is $10 more nightly. Youth 18-under stay free with parent or guardian. The rates also include the Deluxe Breakfast Buffet with hot and cold foods in the morning. For your convenience, we also offer the complimentary airport shuttle service.

      Help for New Unschoolers  Teens  Being

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