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    Rebel Newsflash Rebel Newsflash Daily digest of lastest articles from the Rebel Site Israel threatens to shoot international activists (by Agencies, published
    Message 1 of 9 , Jul 1, 2009
      Rebel Newsflash

      Rebel Newsflash

      Daily digest of lastest articles from the Rebel Site

      Israel threatens to shoot international activists (by Agencies, published Tuesday, 30 June 2009 16:43)


      The postwar humanitarian crisis in Gaza takes a turn for the worse with the Israeli Navy intercepting a relief ship headed toward the coastal strip.

      A group of 21 activists sailing to Gaza said Tuesday that Israeli forces had threatened to gun down their boat unless they changed direction.

      "There is a patrol boat around us and we were told that if we did not turn back they would open fire," Reuters quoted Irish activist Derek Graham as saying.

      "We are continuing our course to Gaza," he added.

      The Free Gaza Movement activists had left the Cypriot port of Larnaca earlier on Monday to deliver three tons of medical supplies, some tool kits...
      Early pregnancy complications up premature labor (by Agencies, published Tuesday, 30 June 2009 16:50)


      The risk of having a premature baby is slightly higher among expectant mothers who experience difficulties in their first trimester.

      According to a study presented at the annual meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE), expectant mothers who experience certain complications in the first three months are placed at an increased risk of premature labor.
      A history of miscarriage particularly in early twin pregnancy, intrauterine haematoma - the accumulation of blood in the womb - are linked to future premature births.

      Heavy vaginal bleeding in the early weeks also increases the risk of pre-eclampsia, premature delivery and the risk of having a low birth weight baby.

      Extreme early morning sickness is associated with a three times higher risk of premature delivery and giving birth to a low birth weight baby.

      After Iran election, Israel beefs up air force (by Agencies, published Tuesday, 30 June 2009 16:56)


      The Israeli Air Force has launched an upgrade of its F-15 fleet, equipping the jets with complex systems that would enable them to carry out long-distance attacks.

      Both the Israeli F-15s and F-15Is -- another version of the F-15 developed by an American manufacturer for the IAF -- are currently being equipped with two advanced weapons systems.

      The IDF journal BaMahaneh described the two new systems as Barad Pelada (Steel Hail), and Lightning.

      A source in the IAF familiar with the Barad Pelada system explained that the advanced Israeli armament operates like a smart bomb.

      "The system is unique in that it is able to plan the bombing in an accurate way by identifying the target from above," said the source. "After the...
      Spain shelves probe into Israeli crimes in Gaza (by Agencies, published Tuesday, 30 June 2009 17:09)


      Spain's National Court has turned down a request by The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights to investigate a 2002 bombing by Israel in the Gaza Strip.

      The report on Tuesday comes a day after court papers announced that the country's highest court would try seven Israelis, including a former defense minister, for bombing that killed Hamas leader Salah Shehade and 14 others.

      Seven children were among those killed in the July 22 attack that left more than another 150 injured.

      Judge Fernando Andreu had argued that it could constitute a crime against humanity, which allows the persecution of the foreigners under Spanish...

      Iran, UK to end Embassy row: Miliband (by Agencies, published Tuesday, 30 June 2009 22:47)


      Foreign Secretary David Miliband says Britain and Iran have agreed to resolve the dispute over the arrest of four local British Embassy staff in Tehran.

      The Tuesday announcement came one day after Iran's Foreign Ministry confirmed that five of the nine detainees had been released following primary investigation into their alleged role in 'inciting mass public protests' following the June 12 vote.

      Miliband told parliament that the decision had been reached for the safekeeping of the interests of both countries and expressed concern over the “continued detention of some of our locally engaged staff in Tehran.”

      “I have discussed this issue with Iranian Foreign Minister (Manouchehr) Mottaki and we both agreed in our second telephone conversation yesterday...

      Israeli navy seizes Gaza aid boat (by Agencies, published Wednesday, 01 July 2009 07:39)


      In another act of piracy outside its territorial waters, the Zionist regime's navy seized a foreign vessel carrying humanitarian assistance for Gaza and forcibly diverted it and all onboard to Israel on Tuesday.

      The “Spirit of Humanity” was carrying 21 human rights workers from 11 countries, including the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mairead Maguire and former US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney.

      The crew was detained by the Israeli military, who said they would "be handed over to the proper authorities."

      According to an International Committee of the Red Cross report released Monday, the Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip are “trapped in...

      Ron Paul's 'Audit the Fed' bill on fast track (by Agencies, published Wednesday, 01 July 2009 07:57)


      The legislation introduced by Texas Republican Ron Paul to audit the Federal Reserve is gaining momentum as more US lawmakers are rallying to support for the bill.

      The Libertarian Republican cited the current financial downturn in the US as the main reason behind his bill.

      "In the past, I never got much support, but I think it's the financial crisis obviously that's drawing so much attention to it, and people want to know more about the Federal Reserve," Paul told FOXNews.com on Tuesday.

      Paul has gained the backing of 245 co-sponsors for a bill popularly known as the “Audit the Fed” bill.

      The bill will authorize the Government...

      Zionists prepare to demolish more Palestinian homes (by Agencies, published Wednesday, 01 July 2009 08:01)


      The Zionist regime army has handed out demolition orders for the destruction of Palestinian homes and structures located in Al Kahder town in the occupied West Bank.

      The demolition plans are in accordance with Israel's policy of changing the demography of Jerusalem (al-Quds) and the surrounding area in order to turn Islam's third-holiest city into a "Jews only" region.

      Israel's military civil administration officers on Tuesday have called for the demolition of six homes, four aquifers, and one greenhouse owned by Palestinians south of the city of Bethlehem, in the southern West Bank.

      The houses are homes to six families of around 40 people, local sources reported.

      The Zionist army claims that they lack the necessary building...

      After massive bombing, Obama warns Iraq (by Agencies, published Wednesday, 01 July 2009 08:08)


      US President Barack Obama hails the withdrawal of US forces from Iraqi towns and cities as a "milestone" but warns of the "difficult days" he believes are yet to come.

      Obama late Tuesday touched on the US military success in meeting a June 30 deadline to complete its pullout from urban areas and hand over full control to local security forces ahead of its planned departure from Iraqi soil by 2012.

      The president, however, acknowledged that "there will be difficult days ahead" and warned that there are "those who will test Iraqi security forces and the resolve of the Iraqi people through more sectarian bombings".

      Obama advised leaders of the various Iraqi factions to make the needed "hard choices" to settle disputes and overcome obstacles to real political...

      Iraq seals first linensing contract with BP (by Agencies, published Wednesday, 01 July 2009 08:15)


      A BP consortium has won Iraq's first oil and gas field contract amid widely differing expectations between government and oil companies.

      According to the Iraqi government, under the 20-year contracts, the companies would be paid a fee of $2 per barrel for any crude they produce in excess of a minimum production target.

      The first oil and gas field up for auction was for the biggest field al-Rumaila, which at present produces 950,000 barrels per day (bpd).

      Two consortiums, the British giant BP and Exxon Mobil, submitted their offers for the largest prize on offer with 17.8 billion barrels in crude...

      UK posts biggest GDP drop in 50 years (by Agencies, published Wednesday, 01 July 2009 08:25)


      Britain's recession-battered economy is suffering its biggest contraction in more than half a century amid the worst global slowdown in decades.

      The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said in a statement on Tuesday that the British economy contracted by 2.4 percent in the first quarter of 2009.

      The office says the drop is more than the 1.9 percent it had estimated.

      "Gross domestic product (GDP) in real terms fell by 2.4 percent compared with the previous quarter, revised down from last month's estimate of 1.9 percent. This is the largest decrease since the second quarter of 1958," the ONS said in a statement on Tuesday.

      ONS says the decline is mainly driven by weaker industrial output in the construction and services sector.

      "Around half the revision... is a...
      Michael Hudson's 'Super Imperialism:' The Economic Strategy of Imperial America (by Stephen Lendman, published Wednesday, 01 July 2009 11:08)
      First written in 1972, it was updated in a 2003 edition that's every bit as relevant now - thus this review focusing on Hudson's new preface, introduction, and detailed account of the book's theme.

      He revisited it in his 2008-09 Project Censored award- winning article titled: "Economic Meltdown - The 'Dollar Glut' is What Finances America's Global Military Build-up" in which he explains the following - the "inter-related dynamics" of:

      -- "surplus (US) dollars pouring into the rest of the world for yet further financial speculation and corporate takeovers;"

      -- global central banks "recyl(ing) these dollar inflows (into) US Treasury bonds to finance the federal US budget deficit; and most important (but most suppressed in the US media),"

      -- "the military character of the US payments deficit and the domestic federal budget deficit."

      In other words, the global "dollar glut" finances US corporate takeovers, speculative excesses creating bubbles and global economic crises,...
      Pirates of the Mediterranean (by Paul Craig Roberts, published Wednesday, 01 July 2009 11:14)

      On June 30, the government of Israel committed an act of piracy when the Israeli Navy in international waters illegally boarded the "Spirit of Humanity," kidnapped its 21-person crew from 11 countries, including former US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and Nobel Laureate Mairead MaGuire , and confiscated the cargo of medical supplies, olive trees, reconstruction materials, and children’s toys that were on the way to the Mediterranean coast of Gaza. The "Spirit of Humanity," along with the kidnapped 21 persons is being towed to Israel as I write.

      Gaza has been described as the "world’s largest concentration camp." It is home to 1.5 million Palestinians who were driven by ...

      Spinning the Jewishness of Bernie Madoff (by Andrew Anderson, published Wednesday, 01 July 2009 11:19)

      In the weeks before Bernie Madoff’s sentencing to what amounts to a life sentence, the professional “spin doctors” at various Jewish advocacy organizations were doubtless working overtime. They know that his sentencing will be the top story in many media outlets around the world. Their goal is to distance Madoff and his crimes as far as possible from the public perception of Jewishness, and to distance Jews, in general, as far as possible from the current global economic collapse.

      David Harris, the Executive Director of the American Jewish Committee, exhibited this type of concern last December 21 in a letter to the New...

      Evolutionary Psychology: The Really Dangerous Idea Is That It's Wrong (by Kevin MacDonald, published Wednesday, 01 July 2009 11:21)

      Sharon Begley is at it again, flailing away at evolutionary psychology because it doesn't fit well with her feminist, liberal agenda. This is ironic because evolutionary psychology owes its very existence to political correctness.

      I remember the excitement when, as a graduate student, E. O. Wilson's Sociobiology came on the scene. People talked about nothing else. Because of my background in philosophy and in leftist politics , I was a skeptical of sociobiology. But I was converted finally by Robert Trivers' evolutionary theory of sex. The basic idea is that reproduction is very costly for women because of the huge amount of time and energy involved in pregnancy, lactation, and child care. On the other hand, the basic act of reproduction for males is quite inexpensive, requiring only a small amount of time and energy. This means that in the same time period that a female could raise one child, a male could sire a huge number of offspring. Males benefit from having multiple mates because that raises the probability of their leaving many offspring, i.e., of having reproductive success.


      E. O. Wilson

      It follows, theoretically, that a principal male motive for seeking wealth and power is gaining access to multiple sexual...

      Goon Squad: 'Hollywood, we're missing a stereotype here' (by Greg Bacon, published Wednesday, 01 July 2009 11:47)


      Hollywood seems to have an endless fascination with certain stereotypes, like the ones showing my Italian DNA as some overgrown, flabby pasta eating thugs, always sitting in a restaurant gulping down mountains of spaghetti while discussing how to "whack" someone.


      Or the movies showing African-Americans as wearing about 20 pounds of gold and chugging malt liquor while planning on how to take over the crack...

      Abraham Lincoln and the Palestinians (by Roy Tov, published Wednesday, 01 July 2009 12:20)

      Abraham Lincoln and the Constitution

      I have already commented ( http://roytov.com/refugee/constitution.htm ) in the past how the beautiful principles stated in the US Constitution seem to be inconsequential in the modern American government, especially when it comes to the relations between that country and Israel.

      “Well, the Constitution is too old, they forgot it,” I told myself. What about more recent texts? For example, one belonging to a leader of stature, widely respected and loved? Abraham Lincoln, for example.

      Having dealt extensively with slavery and government, he may have said a few wise things; especially since he is considered by many as one of the...

      EU NGOs seek ban on Israeli products, colleges (by Agencies, published Wednesday, 01 July 2009 12:37)

      euro ban

      European civil society groups and trade unions have stepped up efforts to boycott economic and academic exchange with Israel. 

      Civil rights groups across Europe are pushing for the further 'delegitimization' of Israel via campaigns targeting Israeli products and university material. 

      The collective anti-Israeli movement known as the Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) seeks out an international front in order to shore up solidarity with Palestinians who lost lives and properties in the 2008 Israeli war on Gaza. 


      The international campaign was initiated in 2005 in reaction to calls made by the Palestinian cause for freedom from the Israeli-imposed blockade. 

      Ex-CIA spy admits to kidnapping Muslim cleric (by Agencies, published Wednesday, 01 July 2009 13:00)


      Former US CIA agent Robert Seldon Lady has confessed to his role in the abduction of a Muslim Egyptian cleric for questioning. 

      In an interview with the Italian Il Giornale newspaper, the former CIA operative admitted to his involvement in the 2003 kidnapping of Egyptian cleric Osama Moustafa Hassan Nasr known as Abu Omar under the suspicion that he had links to 'terror' groups. 

      The former US spy said that Abu Omar was temporarily held in US bases in Italy and Germany before being transferred to Egypt for interrogation. 


      He acknowledged that Abu Omar had been tortured as part of CIA's 'rendition program' in Egypt before being released. 

      The CIA launched the scheme...


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    • The Rebel
      Rebel Newsflash Rebel Newsflash Digest of lastest articles from the Rebel site Waging War Upon Our Friends (by Peter Chamberlin, published Wednesday, 01 July
      Message 2 of 9 , Jul 2, 2009
        Rebel Newsflash

        Rebel Newsflash

        Digest of lastest articles from the Rebel site

        Waging War Upon Our Friends (by Peter Chamberlin, published Wednesday, 01 July 2009 22:16)

        The trusted watch-keepers of the world have turned their hearts to midnight plunder, while they carried-out their duty standing guard over mankind, who blissfully, unaware, continued to sleep. Morning rapidly approaches and the householders are sure to demand an accounting.

        The exploding world economy and the expanding war are but symptoms of the great mental sickness that afflicts society, waves of warning of the tsunamis that lie directly ahead. The dominant ideas and ideology that drive our world are all collapsing around us, falling from the weight of their own corruption and immoral baggage.

        In the ongoing warfare of ideas, the selfish immorality of the old order is proving to be its downfall, as it meets the impenetrable resistance of...

        FEMA, Israeli Defense Forces Home Front Command Partner for Martial Law (by Kurt Nimmo, published Wednesday, 01 July 2009 22:39)

        A press release buried on the FEMA website, dated June 30, 2009, announces a meeting between FEMA administrator Craig Fugate and Maj. Gen. Yair Golan of the Israeli Defense Forces Home Front Command. “I look forward to working with my Israeli counterpart as co-chair of an emergency management work group to improve emergency management practices in both countries,” said Fugate. “These partnerships are critical in ensuring that we are incorporating best practices and also working towards greater public preparedness.”

        FEMA, Israeli Defense Forces Home Front Command Partner for Martial Law
        TOPOFF exercises concentrate on terrorist attack scenarios.

        The Israeli National Emergency Management Authority and FEMA...

        Color Revolutions, Old and New (by Stephen Lendman, published Wednesday, 01 July 2009 22:57)
        In his new book, "Full Spectrum Dominance: Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order," F. William Engdahl explained a new form of US covert warfare - first played out in Belgrade, Serbia in 2000. What appeared to be "a spontaneous and genuine political 'movement,' (in fact) was the product of techniques" developed in America over decades.

        In the 1990s, RAND Corporation strategists developed the concept of "swarming" to explain "communication patterns and movement of" bees and other insects which they applied to military conflict by other means. More on this below.

        In Belgrade, key organizations were involved, including the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the International Republican Institute (IRI),...
        US Charities Paying for Sending Aid to Palestinians (by Karin Friedemann, published Wednesday, 01 July 2009 23:15)

        While US officials were dropping charges against former Senator Ted Stevens because of prosecutorial misconduct and against AIPAC operatives Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman, Dallas US District Judge Jorge Solis handed Holy Land Foundation executive chairman Shukri Abu Baker a 65-year sentence, founding chairman Mohammad El-Mezain 15 years, former chairman Ghassan Elashi 65 years, former volunteer fundraiser Mufid Abdulqader 20 years, and former New Jersey representative Abdulrahman Odeh 15 years.


        In an interview with Amy Goodman shortly after sentencing, Nancy Holder, attorney for HLF CEO Abu Baker, has pointed out: “There was never any...

        Mainstream Media Can't Admit Its Part of the Problem (by Mark Anderson, published Wednesday, 01 July 2009 23:18)

        Here in the shadow of colorful late journalistic icon H.L. Mencken, known for his revealing news stories and biting commentaries that bore his unmistakable grit and wit, professionals from the dominant corporate media and some independent media gathered for a conference in Mencken’s beloved Baltimore. But many acted as if his legacy did not exist. Indeed, most of the attendees seemed to sing the same “collective tune” at the conference, held by Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE) in June.

        Mencken — judging from his life history as “the bad boy of Baltimore” whose pen poked holes in countless scandals but extended into the...

        Pat Buchanan on Darwin (by Kevin MacDonald, published Wednesday, 01 July 2009 23:43)

        Pat Buchanan is without doubt the most incisive political commentator that we have. His writings on the death of the West , immigration , the neocon influence in the Republican Party, and the Israel Lobby are brilliant and courageous, and they certainly have won him no friends among the most powerful forces in the Republican Party or among the watchdogs of political correctness.

        So it is with a great deal of ambivalence that I must disagree with his recent op-ed “ Making a monkey out of Darwin .” The article and the

        Human Rights Watch condemns Israeli drone attacks (by Sherine Tadros, Al-Jazeera, published Wednesday, 01 July 2009 23:57)

        A new report by Human Rights Watch says missiles fired from Israeli drone aircraft killed many innocent civilians during the war on Gaza. The unmanned aerial vehicles are supposed to carry the most precise weapons, but the report says most of them ended up destroying the wrong targets.

        A righteous Jew (by Voltaire, published Thursday, 02 July 2009 00:00)

        Jews have done so much evil over the centuries that it is difficult to believe that there is any good in any of them. But there are always a few. One of the most intellectually honest Jews around is the Toronto Sun columnist Eric Margolis. Mr. Margolis is only half-Jewish but he nevertheless exemplifies the principle that an individual Jew may have merit. Jewish or not, Margolis is the rarest of public commentators – a man who actually knows what he is talking about. The average journalist knows nothing of the past as he lies about the present. Eric Margolis has actually studied history – and knows what is being covered up. Thus, Margolis will candidly acknowledge that Soviet communism was a disproportionately Jewish movement. He is also honest enough to admit that it was precisely the Jewish involvement that got all Jews into trouble.

        Eric Margolis is not a reflexive anti-Nazi like so many of his colleagues. As a former teacher of military history, he writes frequently with...

        Israeli doctors accused of flouting ethics (by Jonathan Cook, published Thursday, 02 July 2009 00:11)

        Israel's watchdog body on medical ethics has failed to investigate evidence that doctors working in detention facilities are turning a blind eye to cases of torture, Israeli human rights groups claim.

        The Israeli Medical Association (IMA) has ignored repeated requests to examine such evidence, the rights groups said, even though it has been presented with examples of Israeli doctors who have broken their legal and ethical duty towards Palestinians in their care.

        Israeli soldiers detain a Palestinian following an operation in the West Bank village of Beit Ummar, near Hebron.
        Israeli soldiers detain a Palestinian following an operation in the West Bank village of Beit Ummar, near Hebron.

        The accusations will add fuel to...

        AI: Israel used Gazans as human shields (by Agencies, published Thursday, 02 July 2009 07:39)


        Amnesty International says Israel used Gaza children as "human shields" during its recent offensive in which over 1,400 people lost their lives.

        In a 117-page report on the Israeli war against the Gaza Strip, the London-based rights group accused the regime of war crimes saying Israeli forces inflicted "wanton destruction" in attacks that targeted civilians.

        Based on the report, Israeli troops forced Palestinians to stay in one room of their home while turning the rest of the house into a base and sniper position effectively using the families, both adults and children, as human shields and putting them at risk.

        "Intentionally using civilians to shield a military objective, often referred to as using 'human shields' is a war crime," Amnesty said.


        US remains silent over McKinney arrest by Israel (by Agencies, published Thursday, 02 July 2009 07:44)


        Nearly a day after the detention of former US lawmaker Cynthia McKinney by Israeli forces, Washington has yet to make a reaction.

        Israeli Navy detained former US congresswoman and Nobel Prize laureate Cynthia McKinney and twenty other human rights activists on board a relief boat outside Israel's territorial waters on Tuesday as they were heading to Gaza on a humanitarian mission.

        Tel Aviv claims the boat was trying to break Israel's two-year siege on Gaza.

        Ms McKinney -- the 2008 Green Party nominee for President of the United States-- has accused Tel Aviv of violating the international law by seizing...

        US government may pull support for GM (by Agencies, published Thursday, 02 July 2009 07:52)


        The US government will pull its support from GM if the automaker does not get court permission for an exit from bankruptcy protection by July 10.

        "We cannot make an open-ended commitment," Henry Wilson, a member of President Barack Obama's automotive task force told the New York court.

        GM is seeking court permission to sell its best assets to a new company in which the US government will get a majority stake.

        Should the plan be approved in time, Wilson said the government could begin to sell its stake as early as 2010, once the new company is ready to...

        Iran police: Neda's death 'prearranged scenario' (by Agencies, published Thursday, 02 July 2009 07:57)


        Iran's Police Chief says the mysterious death of Neda Aqa-Soltan, who became a symbol of post-election street rallies in Iran, was a 'prearranged scenario'.

        Neda, 26, was shot dead on June 20 in an alley away from the scene of clashes between security forces and demonstrators in Tehran.

        She immediately became an international icon after graphic videos of her death grabbed the attention of world media outlets.

        Esmaeil Ahmadi-Moqadam, commander of the Iranian Police, said Wednesday that the unfortunate incident --which has been hyped and dramatized by...

        US marines begin massive offensive in Afghanistan (by Agencies, published Thursday, 02 July 2009 08:02)


        US Marines have launched a massive offensive into lower Helmand River in southern Afghanistan, as President Barack Obama unveils a new war plan in the region.

        Operation Khanjar (Strike of the Sword) involved nearly 4,000 US forces as well as 650 Afghan police and soldiers, the Marine Expeditionary Brigade said, announcing the pre-dawn launch of the drive in southern Helmand province.

        The operation was the Marines first major operation since they were deployed to the region over the past few months.

        The valley in Helmand River, mostly under wheat and opium plantation along the Helmand River, is largely in the hands of Taliban fighters who have...
        Sadr casts doubt on US plan for withdrawal (by Agencies, published Thursday, 02 July 2009 08:17)


        Iraqi cleric Moqtada al-Sadr has criticized Baghdad and Washington for their handling of the issue of US forces' withdrawal from the country.

        With at least 131,000 US forces remaining in Iraq, Sadr said the way US troops are leaving the country "shows that the (Iraqi) government and the occupation are not serious about the withdrawal."

        "The withdrawal should include all the occupation forces: army, intelligence, militias, and security companies and others. Otherwise, the withdrawal will be uncompleted and useless," he added on his website on Wednesday.

        US forces says they began leaving Iraqi cities and towns on Tuesday in accordance with the security agreement signed between Baghdad and...

        'US trains Jundullah members' (by Agencies, published Thursday, 02 July 2009 08:49)


        A senior member of the Jundullah terrorist group says that the group has been trained and financed by "the US and Zionists".

        Abdolhamid Rigi, the brother of Jundullah leader Abdolmalek Rigi made the remarks in a court session held in the southeastern city of Zahedan on Wednesday.

        Abdolhamid Rigi was among the thirteen members of the Jundullah who were accused of terrorist activities, Fars news agency reported.

        Pakistani security forces arrested Abdolhamid last year and extradited him to Iran.

        The defendants told the court that foreign spy agencies...

        Italy changes words on Iran sanctions (by Agencies, published Thursday, 02 July 2009 13:29)


        Italy takes a softer line with Iran only days after it threatened the country with harsh sanctions over its uranium enrichment activities.

        Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi had previously warned that the Group of Eight industrialized nations would consider possible sanctions against Iran when they meet in Italy from July 8 to 10.

        "According to the telephone conversations I have had with other leaders, I think that we will go in the direction you indicated, namely sanctions," he said, when asked about potential G8 sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

        However, Foreign Minister Franco Frattini backtracked on the claims on Wednesday, assuring that the G8 leaders have no plans whatsoever to impose...

        Eurozone unemployment hits 10-year high (by Agencies, published Thursday, 02 July 2009 13:33)


        The eurozone unemployment rate climbed to a 10-year high of 9.5 percent in May, official European Union data shows.

        Some 273,000 people lost their jobs across the eurozone in May, bringing the number of out of work individuals to 15.013 million -- a rate not recorded since May 1999.

        Eurostat also estimated that in total 21.5 million people were jobless across EU states in May, among which more than 15 million were in the eurozone.

        Separately, Eurostat announced in its report that prices at eurozone factory gates recorded their biggest annual fall in May.

        The Netherlands had...
        Japan's industrial output soars 5.9% (by Agencies, published Thursday, 02 July 2009 13:41)


        Japan's industrial output has risen for the third straight month in May as signs of recovery in the economy encouraged Japanese manufacturers.

        Japanese government data shows the economy started to climb out of its deepest postwar recession with a 5.9 percent increase in production from a month earlier.

        The figure matches a rise in April that marked the biggest jump in 56 years even though it missed the 6.7 percent growth forecast in a Kyodo news agency market survey.

        The results add to evidence that companies of the world's No. 2 economy are coming back to life after an unprecedented fall in global demand...

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      • The Rebel
        Rebel Newsflash Rebel Newsflash Digest of lastest articles from the Rebel site The Wall Street White House (by Andrew Cockburn, published Friday, 03 July 2009
        Message 3 of 9 , Jul 3, 2009
          Rebel Newsflash

          Rebel Newsflash

          Digest of lastest articles from the Rebel site

          The Wall Street White House (by Andrew Cockburn, published Friday, 03 July 2009 01:13)

          How Goldman Sachs and Citi Run the Show

          Robert Hormats, Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs, is to be installed as Under Secretary of Economics, Business, and Agricultural Affairs. This comes as one more, probably unnecessary reminder of the total control exercised by Wall Street over the Obama administration’s economic and financial policy. True, Hormats is “a talker rather than a decider” according to one former White House official, but he will find plenty of old friends used to making decisions, almost all of them uniformly disastrous for the U.S. and global economy.

          Among the familiar Wall Street faces that Hormats will encounter in his new post will that of Deputy Secretary of State Jacob Lew, lately Chief...

          The Pirates of Zion: Obama misses the Boat (by Alan Sabrosky, published Friday, 03 July 2009 01:24)


          Israel’s boarding and capture in international waters of The Spirit of Humanity, an unarmed boat carrying relief supplies to the suffering people of Gaza, shows that state-sponsored piracy is a real peril today.

          It is just one more breach of international law added to the global “rap sheet” of a rogue state that, as Netanyahu remarked a few weeks ago,...

          It’s Time for Another American REVOLUTION! (by Phillip Marlowe, published Friday, 03 July 2009 01:57)


          On this eve of the Fourth of July, 2009, White people of America need to wake up and face reality. It may be tough to think about, but hell, what’s in store for the White race’s future is infinitely more bleak. White countries are now being flooded with non-Whites, we’re being turned into New World Order slaves and our very own race is slowly getting politically strangled and bred out of existence!

          In 1776, we went to War with Great Britain because of the very same kind of people that we now need to put a stop to:

          “The inability of...

          Blood and Politics: The History of the White Nationalist Movement from the Margins to the Mainstream, by Leonard Zeskind (by Jonathan Pyle, published Friday, 03 July 2009 02:10)

          Blood and Politics , published this May, is a history of "White nationalist" political activity between 1974 and 2004 by Leonard Zeskind , an anti-racist writer and activist who has monitored White political groups since the 1970s. The book consists of a chronologically ordered series of chapters on phenomena including Willis Carto 's Liberty Lobby , William Pierce 's National Alliance , David Duke 's campaigns, Klan groups, Holocaust deniers , survivalists , Christian Identity adherents, Aryan Nations , White separatist compounds , bank robberies and murders by White criminal conspiracies , the Populist Party , skinheads , Pat Buchanan 's campaigns, Ruby Ridge , Waco , White power music , militias , common law courts , American Renaissance , The Bell Curve , the Oklahoma City bombing trials, the Council of Conservative Citizens , Sam Francis , and 9/11 .

          While it may be unfair of Zeskind to lump these diverse phenomena into a unitary "White nationalist movement," one can avoid quibbling about...

          Brave New World - Film, Lit and the NWO (by James Corbett, published Friday, 03 July 2009 02:41)

          This installment of "Film, Literature and the New World Order" explores Aldous Huxley's classic work of science-fiction, Brave New World. Brave New World is a dystopic vision of a nightmare future in which worker drones are engineered from birth to perform slave labour for a world dictatorship. Even more frighteningly, the workers have even been engineered to love their servitude. Most frightening of all, Huxley's own family background and experience might show that Brave New World is not so completely fictional as we would like to believe...

          Graduates Recite The Lord’s Prayer Despite ACLU Ban (by Julia Foster, published Friday, 03 July 2009 03:04)

          Nearly 400 graduating seniors at Pace High School in Santa Rosa County, Fla. stood up in protest against the ACLU and recited the Lord’s Prayer during their graduation ceremony on Saturday. Many painted crosses on their graduation caps to make a statement of faith. This event follows a lawsuit the ACLU filed against the Santa Rosa County School District, claiming some of the teachers and administration endorsed religion. Liberty Counsel, a law firm represents Pace High School Principal Frank Lay and schoolteacher Michelle Winkler.

          The protest was preceded by a lawsuit filed six months ago by the ACLU. The school district entered into a consent decree, which essentially bans...

          Back to the point of departure (by John PIlger, published Friday, 03 July 2009 03:11)


          TS Eliot wrote that the point of any journey was to find out where you came from. As I bore my bulging canvas bag to the wharf at Circular Quay, not far from where my Irish great-great-grandparents had landed in leg irons, I hoped the point of my journey would become clearer once my ship had sailed. The Bretagne was my ship; it was white with blue stripes along the side and had a graceful bow, having been built in Saint-Nazaire as a modest version of the mighty Normandie. Alas, long veins of rust showed, and the crew looked morose. A Greek company now owned it, and the previous day had decanted 600 Greek brides.


          The brides had been married “by proxy” in Greece to men in Australia they had never met. It worked this way. Young Greek (and Italian) men...

          Bureaucrats Will Carry Out Mandatory Home Inspections Under Climate Bill (by Paul Joseph Watson, published Friday, 03 July 2009 03:24)


          Government vampires ready and waiting to sink their teeth into the fat hog American taxpayer once more

          The controversial climate bill that is set to be taken up by the Senate on Monday after its passage in the House will legislate home inspections by government regulators who will demand to audit every aspect of your property under the threat of substantial and repeated fines if their visits are denied or their demands not satisfied.

          The climate legislation is written in a manner that automatically assumes that global warming is taking place and that it is attributed to rising...

          Western Governments Funding Taliban & Al-Qaeda To Kill U.S. Troops, Destabilize Countries (by Paul Joseph Watson, published Friday, 03 July 2009 03:27)

          Western Governments Funding Taliban & Al Qaeda To Kill U.S. Troops, Destabilize Countries 020709top2

          Recent revelations concerning the U.S. importing Taliban members into Iraq to foster false flag terrorism is merely the tip of the iceberg when compared to the U.S. intelligence complex’s multi-decade history in sponsoring Sunni Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups around the world.

          Wayne Madsen recently revealed how Taliban fighters were being imported from Afghanistan into Iraq to attack civilians and U.S. soldiers, as well...

          Pirates of the Mediterranean: Part II (by Yvonne Ridley, published Friday, 03 July 2009 04:44)

          The arrogance of Israel is nothing short of breath-taking.

          On the eve of one of the most damning reports ever to be published on human rights abuses and suspected war crimes, Israel committed an act of piracy. While western naval fleets are patrolling the waters off the coast of Africa, acts of piracy are being carried out routinely in the Mediterranean.

          But the international community leaders couldn’t care less because most of those who are kidnapped, shot at and hijacked at sea are Palestinian fishermen from Gaza.

          However yesterday Israel crossed a line after firing on and boarding a boat carrying aid and peace activists to Gaza.

          The 21 on board included...

          Falk slams Israel, says relief boat seizure 'unlawful' (by Agencies, published Friday, 03 July 2009 08:35)


          Israel's two-year blockade of the Gaza Strip is a continuing crime against humanity, and its seizure of a ship carrying humanitarian aid for Gaza was "unlawful", says a UN human rights investigator.

          Richard Falk, the UN special rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories, said Thursday that the blockade restricted vital supplies such as food, medicine and fuel to "bare subsistence levels."

          His remarks came after Israeli authorities on Tuesday seized a ship carrying relief aid for the strip. The vessel was also carrying 21 pro-Palestinian international activists.

          Irish Nobel peace prize laureate Mairead Maguire and former US congresswoman Cynthia McKinney were among those aboard.

          Tel Aviv said the ship...

          Air France jetliner hit Atlantic intact (by Agencies, published Friday, 03 July 2009 08:54)


          A new report indicates that the Air France Flight 447 crashed almost vertically into the Atlantic Ocean with its entire fuselage undamaged.

          The French investigating body in charge of aviation security mishaps, BEA, has in its latest account revealed that passengers of the ill-fated flight had no time to react in the face of a sudden sharp descent that plunged the airliner into the ocean.

          Alain Bouillard, head of the BEA inquiry team, also ruled out earlier speculations that pointed to a speed sensor glitch as a key contributor to the incident, noting the faulty acceleration gauge on the Airbus A330, known as Pitot tubes, might have deluded the pilots but could not create such an accident on its own.

          "It is an element but not the cause," Bouillard told reporters, referring to the aircraft's external speedometers which were originally considered...
          In Israel, former US lawmaker remains imprisoned (by Agencies, published Friday, 03 July 2009 09:03)


          Former US lawmaker Cynthia McKinney and several other human rights activists remain in an Israeli prison after refusing to sign a deportation form that they claim is self-incriminating.

          In a press release from McKinney's Green Party, she said the form states that the their relief boat carrying 21 activists, medial supplies, cement, olive trees and children's toys en route to Gaza, was violating the Israeli blockade and trespassing its territorial waters.

          She, however, insists the Spirit of Humanity, the Greek-flagged relief boat, was in international waters.

          "We were in international waters on a boat delivering humanitarian aid to people in Gaza when the Israeli Navy ships surrounded us and illegally...

          Pro-Israel Lobby Alarmed by Growth of Boycott, Divestment Movement (by Art Young, published Friday, 03 July 2009 09:10)


          The movement to call Israel to account for its crimes against the Palestinian people is growing, it is "invading the mainstream discourse, becoming part of the constant and unrelenting drumbeat against Israel." It could eventually threaten the existence of the Jewish state by undermining the support it receives from its strongest backer, the U. S. government.


          That was the message of alarm delivered by the Executive Director of the American Israel American Israel Public Affairs Committee, Howard Kohr, to...

          Hezbollah after the Elections (by Franklin Lamb, published Friday, 03 July 2009 09:13)


          While on the surface the pro-US team here did preserve its 'majority', the Hezbollah led opposition actually won the election by nearly ten percent of the popular vote. Of approximately 1,495,000 votes cast on June 7, 815,000 voted for the National Lebanese Resistance led by Hezbollah while 680,000 voted for the March 14 government parties.


          As Lebanon’s new Prime Minister, Saad Hariri labors to put together a coalition Cabinet, Hezbollah is currently stronger politically in Lebanon...

          Why Jerusalem? - Israel's Hidden Agenda (by Dan Lieberman, published Friday, 03 July 2009 09:20)


          Three huge granite stones rest comfortably on the top of Midbar Sinai Street, in Givat Havatzim, Jerusalem's northernmost district. Cut to specification, the imposing stones represent one of several preparations by the Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement’s to erect a Third Temple on the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount. Since the Islamic Wafq owns and controls all the property on the Haram al-Sharif, by what means can these stones be transferred to the Temple Mount and how can a Temple be constructed there? Not by any legal means. The stones are a provocation, which the Israel government refuses to halt. Neglect and passivity lead to a belief that an eventual Muslim reaction to the increasing provocations will give Israel an excuse to seize total control of the Holy Basin – the ultimate of the properties that Israel intends to incorporate into a greater Jerusalem.


          For decades, Israeli authorities have spoken of a united Jerusalem - suggesting a spiritual quality to its message – as if Israel wants the home...

          Senior British commander killed in Afghanistan (by Agencies, published Friday, 03 July 2009 12:05)


          A roadside bomb killing one of the most senior British army officers in Afghanistan has dealt a huge personal blow to the forces stationed in the troubled country.

          The British Ministry of Defense announced that lethal incident happened when the bomb struck the commander's Viking armored tracked vehicle in Helmand province.

          The Viking, which has proved vulnerable to Taliban roadside bombs, was blown up about five miles north of Lashkar Gah, the provincial capital, according to Times Online.

          Lieutenant Colonel Rupert Thorneloe, 40, who died alongside another British soldier, Trooper Joshua Hammond, 19, became the highest-ranking officer...

          Palestinian woman carrying toy gun shot (by Agencies, published Friday, 03 July 2009 12:11)


          A Palestinian woman who was carrying a toy gun has been injured after being shot by Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers near a Nablus-area checkpoint.

          The Israeli soldiers claimed that they shot the woman at the Bekaot checkpoint on Friday morning because she ignored their request to stop.

          According to the soldiers, they discovered that she was carrying a toy gun after shooting her.

          The Palestinian woman was rushed to hospital for treatment as she sustained wounds to her legs.

          The IDF also said that it had no responsibility...
          US drone attacks kill 13 in Pakistan (by Agencies, published Friday, 03 July 2009 12:14)


          Intelligence officials say a US drone has fired missiles into Pakistan's South Waziristan region on the Afghan border, killing at least 13 people and injuring dozens others.

          The drone reportedly targeted insurgent hideouts in the troubled region where US troops are conducting a major operation against militants, Reuters reported.

          The missiles were fired into an area controlled by Pakistani militant leader Baitullah Mehsud, according to local intelligence officials.

          More than fifty insurgents and some Pakistani soldiers have been killed over the last 24 hours in northwestern Pakistan.

          US drones have escalated...

          Most complete Earth map published (by Agencies, published Friday, 03 July 2009 12:19)


          The US and Japan have published the most complete terrain map of the surface of the Earth, covering 99% of the planet's face.

          The ASTER Global Digital Elevation Map includes 1.3 million images taken by Japan's Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (Aster) aboard the earth-monitoring Terra satellite.

          Provided by the US space agency NASA and the Japanese trade ministry, the data will be free to download and use.

          "This is the most complete, consistent global digital elevation data yet made available to the world," said Woody Turner, NASA program scientist of...

          Leaders agree to empower African Union (by Agencies, published Friday, 03 July 2009 12:26)


          African leaders have agreed to empower the African Union and give it a role in coordinating defense policy and trade negotiations, paving the way for the creation of "United States of Africa."

          The majority of African leaders present at an AU summit in Sirte, Libya sponsored Libyan President Moammar Gadhafi's initiative for a restructured African Union in which 53 nations across the continent would opt for a centralized command in order to address member states' defense, political and transnational trade affairs, Reuters reported.

          In the course of Friday's clandestine marathon meeting, African heads of state agreed on a draft decree on the creation of a strong "African Authority" which, if adopted, could tackle regional issues through a consensus amongst all members.

          The authority will also pave the way for unified action and seek to "reflect everybody's position", said Beninois Foreign Minister Jean-Marie...

          The Denial Twist (by Mark Oppenheimer, Tablet Magazine, published Friday, 03 July 2009 12:35)

          Bradley R. Smith and Mark Weber are at the center of the U.S. Holocaust-revisionism movement. Now they're feuding with each other.

          In his long lifetime, James von Brunn—the 88-year-old who earlier this month allegedly shot and killed United States Holocaust Memorial Museum guard Stephen Johns—managed to embody every cliché about the Holocaust-denying anti-Semite: seething with hatred toward Jews, convinced that somehow they rig the money system, certain that there are multiple world-wide conspiracies afoot. And if we stopped to think harder about it, we might have to admit that there’s something comforting about how perfectly von Brunn fulfills our preconception of the Holocaust denier. It is pleasantly convenient to imagine that all Holocaust deniers belong to one coherent movement—as if all of our enemies could be found, and could fit, in the same contained, albeit ghoulish, landscape.

          In reality, however, that caricature grossly misunderstands this anti-Semitic Holocaust skepticism, which is not a unified movement but a loose confederation of people who often have very little in common. The major American organization known for its theories of Holocaust denial, the Institute for Historical Review (IHR), received just under $250,000 in contributions for the 12 months ending on April 30, 2008, the last year for which figures are available, and that money could have come from only a handful of contributors; the Institute’s publishing arm had sales of $53,269—or, to give a generous estimate, about 5,000 books. The Institute’s Journal of Historical Review was last published in 2002, and the very next year a rival publication, The Revisionist , which had already folded once before, ceased publication. The world of Holocaust denial comprises one-man enterprises, fledgling organizations with tiny budgets and few followers, and amateurish magazines with the lifespans of fruit flies.

          These enterprises seem poised to become even more fragile, thanks to an internecine feud that began early this year and threatens to cripple an already lame Holocaust-denial movement. In January, IHR director Mark Weber posted an article on his web site arguing that Holocaust “revisionism” has failed to gain traction in either history departments or with the public at large: “[T]here has been little success in convincing people that the familiar Holocaust story is defective,” Weber wrote. And, he continued, it was time to leave the Holocaust behind and focus on Jewish malevolence today: “Jewish-Zionist power is a palpable reality with harmful consequences for America, the Middle East, and the entire global community. In my view, and as I have repeatedly emphasized, the task of exposing and countering this power is a crucially important one. In that effort, Holocaust revisionism cannot play a central role.”

          Soon after Weber’s statements became public, his onetime friend and colleague, 79-year-old Bradley Smith, was quick to denounce his former fellow traveler. “There are those who feel he has … betrayed the revisionist movement,” Smith told the Forward .

          Holocaust deniers are a touchy bunch, prone to infighting, but the war of words between Weber and Smith, two old allies, was something special; a battle had been joined in the heart of the American Holocaust-denial movement. I was intrigued by Weber, this man who claimed to be leaving Holocaust revisionism behind. It was easy enough to judge him just an anti-Semite at war with other anti-Semites. If anything, Weber’s shift to anti-Zionism only confirmed his anti-Semitism; after all, if he were just a disinterested, objective historian, then having dropped the historical question of the Holocaust he’d begin a study of, say, the British raj or the history of Hawaiian agriculture. That he continued to be obsessed with the alleged lies and machinations of Jews seemed proof of an objective disorder.

          But because I believe in redemption, and because Weber’s web site offered a curious mixture of anti-Semitic nonsense and mainstream news articles about Israel, and even articles from the Jewish press, I decided that it was worth trying to talk to Mark Weber. Maybe he was a new man. Or maybe he was trying to become one. And while I was at it, I figured, I might as well also try to talk to Smith.

          Between February and May, I met in person and spoke multiple times on the telephone with both Smith, who lives in Mexico and whose cuddliness in person seems to mock his reputation as a dangerous extremist, and Weber, a 57-year-old native Oregonian who seems a good deal smarter than Smith but also a good deal less mirthful. These were men whose friendship was on the outs, and each was eager to emphasize his differences with the other. But they were also similar, in ways I did not expect. For example, both Weber and Smith seem to think of themselves as Enlightenment liberals: Smith fashions himself a free-speech absolutist, whose Holocaust skepticism is merely about usefully breaking taboos, while Weber sees himself as a positivist, sifting evidence to determine what is true and what is not. Each man, too, seems to want to be loved and, I thought, a bit puzzled that it has not worked out that way. Most surprising, both Weber and Smith loved Jews. They don’t love Jews generally, of course, but each man has a Jewish woman in his past with whom he has had a close relationship. Discovering these contradictions in the lives of Smith and Weber did not arouse in me any sympathy, and of course it doesn’t discredit their ideas, which are wrong on their own merits. But to meet these two men late in their careers in anti-Semitism, and to get to know them as they tangled with each other, helped illuminate what kind of man might choose to cross the borders of respectable opinion, and what inner needs might keep him exiled from his fellow man.


          After I had secured the Weber interview, Smith, whose home in Mexico is just 100 miles from where Weber lives in Southern California, volunteered to drive across the border and meet me. For one airfare, I could meet two extremists.

          Of the two men, Bradley Smith is much closer to the common perception of a classic Holocaust denier, singularly obsessed with disproving the existence of the Nazi machinery of death. But the elderly Smith was kindly enough to endure the traffic jam at the Mexican-American border and meet me at the Starbucks in San Clemente, California, the beach town where Richard Nixon began his exile. Smith had left a message on my mobile phone saying that he would wait for me in the parking lot, and that’s where I found him, snoozing behind the wheel of his pickup truck. I rapped on the window, and the aging radical opened his eyes with a start, remembered where he was, smiled at me, popped open his door, and lumbered out, smiling warmly. In his worn flannel shirt and jeans, a scraggly white beard dressing up his weather-beaten face, Smith looked like an old, sagacious cowhand, the kind of guy whose favorite story is about how he forgave the beloved bull who once got startled and kicked him in the head.

          Once we were both seated at the coffee shop, I tried to ask Smith about possible flaws in the works of great Holocaust historians.

          “You’ve read all the standard accounts,” I asked, “like Lucy Dawidowicz and Raul Hilberg ?”

          “Yeah,” Smith said, “that’s what I started with, I read Hilberg. I didn’t read them very closely. Because I’m not really interested in the history of the period.”

          I was a little shocked. “I mean, you read Lucy Dawidowicz’s book on the period? You read David Wyman ?”

          “Not thoroughly,” Smith said. “Wyman, I didn’t read. He came a bit too late.”

          I was astounded. “But that’s kind of amazing, right? Because here are these classic works of Holocaust literature that purport to show it all and you say you haven’t read them closely. So you have read Arthur Butz , who’s a nobody in the field, closely, but you haven’t read the great titans in the field closely?” “You know what? I’m not interested in the story,” he replied. “Revisionists have written very detailed documents about the holes—”

          “So what are you interested in?”

          “In a free exchange of ideas.”

          “But you aren’t interested in trying to find out which ideas are right?”

          “Not particularly. You know what I’m really interested in? Every generation has its taboo, and I happen to be here with this taboo. I happen to be here with this one. And I can see how it’s exploited, and who benefits from the exploitation.”

          And so it went for a while. As we got up to leave, Smith said that he had a gift for me. He reached into his bag and produced paperback copies of The Man Who Saw His Own Liver and his self-published memoir, Break His Bones: The Private Life of a Holocaust Revisionist . He assured me that they were both good reads.

          Meet Mark Weber, self-styled Holocaust-denial academic

          The Newport Beach offices of Mark Weber’s Institute for Historical Review are located in a rented warehouse space in a bland office park. Weber is a former leader of the American Holocaust-denial movement who has now embraced a more intellectualized anti-Semitism; his chief goal is to expose the long tentacles of Jewish-Zionist power. As he showed me in, he paused to introduce me to a young, female intern, one of two who work for him now. According to tax records, Weber is the only paid employee of the Institute, and in the last year for which the Institute’s tax forms are available his salary was $43,999.

          His office, lacking walls but defined by bookshelves all around, seems bereft of personal effects. He refused to talk about his ex-wife or his two children; during the time we spent together, he took one call from his current wife, a Russian immigrant whose name he would not give me, and that was as close as he would let me get to his family. His office life was clearly defined by books: books stacked on rows of metal shelves, to be shipped to people who buy from the IHR’s publishing arm, and books crammed into the tall wooden shelves that hold his research library. Dozens of the books, hundreds even, were about Jews and the Holocaust, many of them books I knew from my own graduate studies, written by Raul Hilberg, Lucy Dawidowicz, David Wyman, and others. There were also volumes of Judaica, including Herzl’s diaries and The Encyclopedia of Zionism . I was reminded of the English novelist Howard Jacobson ’s brilliant insight about Holocaust deniers: “You will know them because they know more about the Jewish religion than you do. As soon as you meet one of those, and think, by God they’ve got a lot of quotations, by God they know everything about Jews—then that’s what they are. And what cheers me about all this, is that your true anti-Semite, like your true Holocaust denier, is doomed to a kind of Dante-esque hell of living among Jewish things, Jewish books, Jewish artifacts. You can see them in the library, they’ve got the Talmud up here, and they’re burrowing away to find more and more evidence against the Jews. Few Jews live a more perfect scholarly Jewish life.”

          This perfectly describes Mark Weber. During the course of our two conversations in person (I returned the next day for another three hours), and several more on the telephone, Weber spoke knowledgeably about the Hebrew Bible, Jewish holidays, the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC , the founding of the state of Israel, Theodor Herzl, David Ben-Gurion, and the work of Anti-Defamation League director Abraham Foxman. It became clear that he reads the Jewish press more closely than I do, and I write for the Jewish press. At one point, he and I got into an argument over the proper connotations of the Yiddish word macher —a fight that ended, I must sheepishly admit, when I realized he was right.

          Gray-goateed, youthful, brown-eyed, in a crisp short-sleeved dress shirt, Weber sat behind a desk and explained to me the source of his conflict with Bradley Smith and others, men with whom he worked closely since before he became head of the IHR in 1995. Throughout our conversation, he positioned himself as the moderate and a freethinker, exasperated by trying to reason with the crazies. He seemed particularly dismayed by Smith and the Frenchman Robert Faurisson, who are both interested above all in questioning the existence of gas chambers in Nazi death camps. “I find myself—knock on wood—trying to talk dispassionately to both sides,” Weber said. “I think people like Bradley Smith and Faurisson are frustrated that they haven’t been more effective. We all wish things were as we wish them to be. I was disappointed that Bradley Smith would turn his back on years of friendship to say the things he did…. [But] Bradley Smith and Robert Faurisson have their identities tied to Holocaust revisionism in a way that isn’t healthy.”

          As Weber sees it, he is interested in a wide variety of questions, while Smith and Faurisson are one-issue obsessives. If Smith and others are too “tied” to Holocaust revisionism, Weber is by contrast a scholar—“the only director of the IHR to have any training as an historian,” as he puts it—and an iconoclastic seeker. It’s true that Weber has authored essays on subjects not strictly about Jews or the Holocaust; one recent paper, posted on his web site, is “The ‘Good War’ Myth of World War II,” an attack on Roosevelt and Churchill that never mentions the Holocaust. But even that paper is ultimately an attempt to draw a moral equivalence between Americans and the Nazis, and most of Weber’s corpus is concerned with either attacks on Jews or the defense of anti-Semites. His papers and pamphlets include “Buchenwald: Legend and Reality” and “Fred Leuchter: Courageous Defender of Historical Truth,” an apologia for a Holocaust denier whom Weber calls, in a macabre turn of phrase, “the foremost American expert on gassing and gas chamber technology.”

          Weber’s father, a journalist-turned-lawyer, managed President Kennedy’s Oregon campaign in 1960, and his mother returned to school for a doctorate in biology after her children were grown, but Weber traveled far from his prosaic, middle-class roots. As a teenager he was as an activist for the Biafran refugees , then after college taught secondary school in Ghana, only to become in 1978, after travels in Europe and time living in Germany, a writer for a neo-Nazi newspaper, and later, at the IHR, the premier face of Holocaust denial and revisionism in America. But in his conversations with me, Weber seemed to be arguing that his catholicity of interests, his unusual history, and his broad focus on white supremacy, Holocaust skepticism, and historical revisionism on a range of topics (like the causes of World War II, Stalin’s crimes, and Hiroshima, as well as present-day Middle Eastern politics) showed him to be of higher caliber than those who natter on about gas chambers.

          “What’s odd is, as [Smith] himself says, he’s not a scholar, not a historian,” said Weber, who, by contrast, holds a master’s in European history from Indiana University. “He’s a publicist for this idea…. It’s hard to see, increasingly, how he can get traction. His latest thing is to place ads [often in campus newspapers] that say, ‘Name one person who died in a gas chamber.’ And maybe one person will read that and say, ‘Okay, okay, I can’t.’ But it’s a pretty far remove from most people’s concerns.” It was hard to tell, listening to Weber, if he wanted to shift the IHR’s identity away from flat-out Holocaust denial because he had decided that it was wrong, and that the Holocaust did happen, or because it was ineffectual, a school of losers who might be right but had failed to convince anybody, and thus deserved their own ignominy. Was Weber abandoning Smith just because he was a loser? I found myself feeling a strange pity for Smith.

          That feeling hardly dissipated when I met Smith in person. An enthusiastic raconteur, Smith told me at length about his days as a bullfighter in Mexico, an activity he enjoyed before his days working at an art gallery in New York and then as a bookseller in Los Angeles. Above all, he rejected Weber’s portrayal of him as a single-issue obsessive. Instead, he argued, he was a passionate libertarian, primarily concerned with protecting the sanctity of the freedom of speech. He offered another piece of his history into evidence: Earlier in his storied life, Smith operated one of the few bookstores in Los Angeles where one could buy “obscene” books, and in 1962 he was convicted of selling Henry Miller’s Tropic of Cancer ; his lawyer on appeal was the renowned First Amendment crusader Stanley Fleishman, the disabled polio victim immortalized in Gay Talese’s Thy Neighbor’s Wife . On the website of Smith’s one-man organization, the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH), Smith praises Jews for coming to his defense at that dark hour: “All my life I have watched Jews lead the struggle to maintain a free press and intellectual freedom in America. In the 1960s, when I was a book dealer on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, I was arrested, jailed, tried and convicted for selling a book then banned by the U.S. Government—Henry Miller’s Tropic of Cancer . Jews from every walk of life supported my stand against Government censorship.”

          Smith may be romanticizing his past as a free-speech crusader; at his trial, he positioned himself not so much as a martyr for the cause as a simple bookseller caught in a web of legalese. According to a Los Angeles Times article of February 8, 1962, Smith declared in his testimony that “he had not heard of the state obscenity law until two weeks after his arrest.” Nevertheless, Smith did take real risks for the cause, and he now says that the fight against censorship has always been his main concern; according to his professed logic, the possibility for “open debate” about whether or not there were gas chambers is useful as the ultimate test of whether our speech is truly free.

          In this regard he differs from both Weber and from Faurisson, who sees debunking the Holocaust as an instrument for undermining the Israeli state. Put simply, if we take these men at their words, Smith sees the gas chambers as a question of free speech; Faurisson, as an underpinning of a fraudulent Jewish state; and Weber, as a distraction from the machinations of Jewish power in America. These distinctions may seem trivial to some, different facets of the same anti-Semitic menace; but for the men struggling for the soul of Holocaust revisionism, these differences are all that there is.

          The struggle gets personal between two titans of Holocaust-revisionism movement

          Sitting across from Mark Weber, formerly the leading light of American Holocaust revisionism, in his California office, I asked him the unavoidable question: did the gas chambers ever exist? “There may have been gas chambers,” he said. But he wanted to make a larger point about the war and historical memory: “It would be astonishing if a historical chapter as big as the Holocaust weren’t subject to some exaggeration. The same is true of Stalin—how many people did he kill? Estimates vary. Now the idea that the Holocaust is free of this kind of exaggeration is almost impossible.”

          From there, Weber segued to the discussion he hopes to have more of, since he now is willing to concede—to use his words—“the immense catastrophe in which millions of European Jews died during World War II.” Today, Weber is much more interested in Jewish-Zionist power, which of course, he says, is what allows that Jewish suffering to be exaggerated.

          “I don’t hate Jews,” he said. “I don’t wish ill to anyone because of his ancestry. But I talk about Jewish-Zionist power because it is a real thing and it has consequences, and those consequences are harmful.” For Weber, some of those consequences are how the United States exercises power in the Middle East: unconditional support for Israel, the invasion of Iraq, the death of young American soldiers in unnecessary foreign adventures—all brought about in large part by the unique power of American Jews, with their dual loyalties and preternatural skill for organization.

          Of course, the very idea that Jews have too much influence presupposes that there’s an appropriate amount of influence any ethnic or religious group should have; so as much as Weber would like to keep his views on culture separate from his views on foreign affairs and politics, his reasoning ineluctably links the two. I was glad to find, then, that he is refreshingly candid in his views on culture. These views were formed partly during his travels in Europe, during time he took off from college. It was an interregnum during which, according to one person close to Weber, he lived in Germany and was arrested for displaying a swastika—an episode the details of which Weber disputes. (That “is wrong, and I will leave it there,” he told me. “Were you arrested for something else, then?” I asked. “I’m not going to get into that,” he said.)

          “When I was in Europe,” Weber said, “I was very struck that there are all sorts of different groups: Flemish, Dutch, Bretons, French. I thought it’s a good thing all these groups exist and the world would be worse off if they disappeared.” I pointed out that even if that kind of homogeneity were desirable, the United States has never had it—we’ve always been a country of immigrants. Weber conceded the point, but said that up until the time of World War II we had a common narrative, that we were “this English people that brings other people in to assimilate.”

          The loss of that unifying story is in good measure, Weber says, Jews’ fault. Weber believes that even Jews who embraced this mainstream, Christian America often undermined it. “The Jewish role in American culture has served immensely to de-Christianize Christmas, that’s just one example,” he said. “And one of the most popular Christmas songs is ‘White Christmas,’ by Irving Berlin. Jewish songs about Christmas strip it almost of any religious character.” Another time, on the phone, Weber put his concern even more starkly: “Jewish leaders in America push for, work for, an America—it’s a gross generalization, I know—an America with no racial or cultural identity. Not just in this country, but around the world, including in Europe. That’s almost a truism.”

          Jews succeed in this deracinating project because of their extraordinary constitution as a people. “It’s an ethnic community with a consciousness fortified by an unusual religion,” Weber told me. “There’s no other group in the world like that…. It’s a collective community narrative, or community sense,” one that holds even for Jews who are secular, ignorant of Torah, married to non-Jews, and never in synagogue. “Every Jew is aware that Jews are a chosen people. They may not understand what that means. But to pretend—I don’t want to say I know lots of Jews or I have lots of Jewish friends—but there’s a Jewish consciousness that says they’re a special people.”

          Mark Weber had just described the plaintive, hopeful dream of every rabbi in America. While Jewish rabbis, scholars, and grandmothers across the land fret that Jews have no sense of common purpose, no Jewish learning, and no loyalty to the tribe, Weber was here to announce that Jews were purposive, unified, loyal, and engaged.

          Weber’s voice was thick with admiration for Jews—and it was full of derision, or at least pity, for his old friend, gas-chamber skeptic Bradley Smith. “Smith was on Donahue in the ’80s, and he was on TV and radio a lot,” Weber told me. “[But] he’s increasingly obscure. The times are different…. When Bradley first started, that was a startling claim, that the gas chambers didn’t exist…. But Bradley Smith has been marginalized in a way he wasn’t in the ’80s and ’90s.” It was ironic, then, that Smith was getting a dose of new publicity thanks to Weber, whose rather histrionic break with Smith and his kind had made them all interesting again, at least to me.

          But the elderly and kindly-looking Smith, when I met him at a California Starbucks, wanted to talk not about the Holocaust but mainly about his short-lived career as a self-published author. He has written a book-length monologue called The Man Who Saw His Own Liver , which includes mysterious koans like this: “Jews were in there too from the beginning with Christians and Nazis and the others working on the bomb. They were good at it too. Einstein, Oppenheimer. Teller. What distinguishes Jews primarily from the others is that there aren’t so many of them.” When I insisted on discussing the work for which he is most famous—a series of advertisements in campus newspapers, beginning in the 1990s, questioning various aspects of the received Holocaust story—Smith began attacking David Sweet, the president of Youngstown State University, in whose campus newspaper Smith had recently placed his advertisement asking for, “with proof, the name of one person who was killed in a gas chamber at Auschwitz.” In a letter to the Youngstown State newspaper in March, just days before I met with Smith, Sweet had quoted John Silber, the former president of Boston University, who in 2000 had called Smith a liar.

          It incensed Smith that he had been called a liar—just as it incensed him that more non-Jewish professors at Northwestern didn’t stand up for their colleague Arthur Butz, an engineering professor who has argued the gas chambers did not exist; just as it incensed him that Mark Weber has allowed the Institute for Historical Review, once the premier organization in the world for Holocaust revisionism, to lapse into irrelevance. Back in 1993, Smith sided with Weber and others against Willis Carto, who according to Smith “wanted to change the nature of the Journal of Historical Review,” then the IHR’s major publication. “[The journal] was set up primarily to pursue revisionist arguments with regard to the gas-chamber story and the Holocaust,” Smith clarified for me, by phone, a few weeks after our meeting. But Carto, who was accused of hiding funds bequeathed to the IHR, and now runs a fringe publication called The Barnes Review, grew more interested in “nationalism and the race issues and conspiracy stuff,” Smith said. “I mean, he is interested in the Bilderbergers, and stuff like that, and that simply isn’t what those of us who wanted the journal wanted in it…. It was the center of the revisionist movement internationally, and we wanted it to remain that way. They published good stuff, carefully edited.”

          Alas, The Journal of Historical Review has not been a priority of Mark Weber’s for a long time, and hence there was mistrust between Smith and Weber even before Weber’s eccentric turn away from the important stuff—gas-chamber questioning—toward the more abstract project of extreme anti-Zionist paranoia. After all, the journal “failed under Mark Weber,” Smith told me. “He hasn’t published it in 10 or 12 years. He’s not really a businessman, and he’s not an editor. It’s difficult for him to work with writers. Mark has a tendency to rewrite stuff, rather than edit stuff.

          “I think he functions much better when he has a boss than when he is the boss,” Smith said. “He is not lazy at all, and he is very smart, and he’s a good speaker, and he’s a good writer, when he writes. He has everything. But he can’t run the business, and he can’t work with writers. He lost everybody.”

          Smith and Weber each tried to be charitable about the other. For example, Weber had told me that while he didn’t approve of race-mixing, he’d never held it against Smith that Smith has a Mexican wife and a half-Mexican daughter. And Smith was careful not to traffic in the unsavory rumors spread by Weber’s enemies—for example, that he has a Jewish sister. The rumor “comes across my desk every two to three years,” Smith told me, “and I’ve never thought to ask him about it.”

          But the rumor was true. Weber did have a Jewish sister. And Smith, currently married to a Mexican, once shared his life with a Jewish lover. I set out to find these women.

          The Jewish women behind the Holocaust revisionism titans

          One point to which Mark Weber, one of the leading proponents of Holocaust revisionism in the country, often returned is that it’s impossible to know why people believe what they do. Weber seemed almost amused by his own choice of obsessions, as if he knew that his own path has been more random than not. I happen to agree. Maybe, I surmised, if he’d read Tolkien at a young age, he would have been a fantasy fan; maybe if he’d been born 10 years earlier, he would have got involved in the Goldwater campaign and ended up a mainstream conservative. Who knows?

          It would be folly to suppose that any single person from one’s past has written the script for everything to come. But it would also be naive to think that being close to a Jew isn’t important in the life of someone who spends decades talking about the lies of Jews. Smith practically went straight from the arms of a Jewish lover to the arms of those who deny the existence of Nazi gas chambers. Weber didn’t gain a Jewish relative until years after he found the Holocaust-denial movement, but this relative has become a dirty rumor, one tossed around by his enemies, a scurrilous allegation that nobody has proved until now.

          The Jewish woman Bradley Smith lived with for eight years during the 1970s is Susan Brown, a practicing psychologist in Los Angeles who works principally with autistic children. She has been happily married for 20 years to another man, and she has two grown children, three grown stepchildren, and seven granddaughters. After I had learned her name—from an acquaintance of an acquaintance of Smith’s—and found her phone number, I called her up. She had fond memories of the old Bradley, the one who didn’t think one way or another about gas chambers.

          “We met through mutual friends,” Brown told me. “Bradley had been involved in this trial through his bookstore, so he got to know a lot of people through the Los Angeles Free Press, which I was involved with it—I had contributed some money. So that’s how I met him. We were all politically involved with that.”

          I asked Brown if she was surprised when she heard about Smith’s new career, which didn’t begin until after their relationship had ended.

          “Totally mystified” is how Brown described her reaction, “but I have some theories.

          “Whatever else Bradley is, he is in addition a very bright guy, very well read, and he worked assiduously for many years in politics, with the bookstore on Fairfax [Avenue]. He was circulating with all the people I still circulate with. In the years I knew him there wasn’t ever any smidgen of a thought [about Holocaust denial]; I was getting my Ph.D. then, and there was a lot of talking, [but] not one iota of glimmer of this budding thought, nothing at all there.”

          Smith was, Brown told me, reluctant to adopt party lines; he was never a West Coast liberal like so many of the Hollywood people—most of them Jews— he ran with. “He was not, not a mindless liberal in that way,” Brown said. “He was very thoughtful about things he would say. He was not ‘one of them’ in the [world of] sixties politics.” Like many libertarians, whether inclined to the left or the right, Smith had a maverick streak, so perhaps the seeds of his ultimate career were always present, if apparently benign.

          “But I think the thing that pushed him over,” Brown said, “was that he never could get published.” For an aspiring writer in a city with so many successful writers and artists, this was a failure that could rub a man raw. “It wasn’t like he never got close. He had corresponded with literary journals—The New Yorker, The Atlantic . He wasn’t a total dud. He was sending things back and forth, and he couldn‘t crack it. The people we knew were all interested in the same things, and he couldn’t make it like they could, and it was killing him.

          ”I think he found a niche to do a 180; he had the skills that were needed for that niche. It can from some happenstance meeting”—Smith met a Holocaust denier at a libertarian convention—“and it was out of great despair that he found a place. And I think it just took over his life. He saw that he could go with it, and he did, and it just took over.”

          Despite the odd turn that Smith’s life took, Brown remembered their time together as pleasant, and their parting as amicable. “We lived together all the time I was doing my dissertation,” she said. “He was a wonderful friend to me, he was lovely to my two young children.” He even had an aliyah at her son’s bar mitzvah, reading the prayer for a Torah reading. “I tell you, he was—long after our personal sexual relationship was the core of what kept us together, he was a wonderful friend to me, in terms of my kids, and he understood what was import to me and them.”

          I mentioned to Brown that Smith was now married to a Mexican woman.

          “That doesn’t surprise me,

          (Message over 64 KB, truncated)

        • The Rebel
          Rebel Newsflash Rebel Newsflash Digest of lastest articles from the Rebel site Why I am not a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist (by Peter Myer,
          Message 4 of 9 , Jul 4, 2009
            Rebel Newsflash

            Rebel Newsflash

            Digest of lastest articles from the Rebel site

            Why I am not a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist (by Peter Myer, published Saturday, 04 July 2009 06:51)

            Why I am not a Christian

            I was born in a nominally Christian country, and at an early age attended "Sunday school", where well-meaning people tried to indoctrinate me in the Christian religion. It never made any sense to me.

            My parents were not religious. My mother occasionally attended church because she had a good voice and liked to sing in the choir. As I recall, my father never set foot in a church except for the occasional wedding. My paternal grandfather had no time for religion, but my paternal grandmother was a devout Protestant. When I was about nine years old she gave me books with many pictures illustrating biblical themes. Being a curious lad I read these, but they made no great impression on me. My grandmother died when I was thirteen and her religious influence upon me, such as it was, promptly ceased. Thus the religious indoctrination of children by their parents, which warps the minds and blights the lives of so many innocent children, was not practiced upon me as a child, thank God.


            The nearest church to where we lived (in a large city) was just down the road — it was a Methodist church (though even now I have no idea of what...

            Israel pisses on Britain (again) – and our craven leaders love it (by Stuart Littlewood, published Saturday, 04 July 2009 07:20)
            "Nowadays you have to carefully pick your way through a veritable obstacle-course of pro-Zionists, Chosen Ones and Israeli stooges that inhabit every nook and cranny in the corridors of power and dominate Britain’s key defence bodies. These Israeli flag-wavers seem only too happy for the Israelis to piss on us – and on the rest of the world – while rewarding them with more and more trade and scientific co-operation."

            On Tuesday 30 June the Israeli navy, in a blatant act of piracy on the high seas, assaulted the vessel Spirit of Humanity and abducted six British nationals who were taking part in a voyage of mercy. The tiny unarmed ship was bringing a humanitarian cargo of medicines, children's toys and reconstruction materials to the devastated people of Gaza.

            Israel's murderous 22-day offensive last December-January left more than 50,000 homes, 800 industrial properties, 200 schools, 39 mosques and two...

            New IAEA chief sees no proof of Iran N-bomb (by Agencies, published Saturday, 04 July 2009 08:08)


            Incoming IAEA Director-General Yukiya Amano says there is no conclusive evidence to prove that Iran is enriching weapons-grade uranium.

            Amano, who was narrowly elected as the new head of the UN nuclear watchdog on Thursday, however, urged Iran to follow Security Council demands regarding its nuclear activities.

            'Iran and other countries are under obligation to implement these Security Council resolutions," said Amano in his first news conference in Vienna.

            "I hope the implementation by Iran and other countries will further help the agency to discharge its responsibilities," he added.

            Washington and a number of European countries accuse Tehran of refining uranium for nuclear weapons development.

            Iran, however, says its...

            Israel keeps ex-congresswoman McKinney in custody (by Agencies, published Saturday, 04 July 2009 10:37)


            A former US lawmaker and a number of other human rights activists remain imprisoned in Israel three days after their failed attempt to break Israel's Gaza blockade. 

            Tel Aviv has kept most of the peace activists, seized at sea by the Israeli navy, in custody without providing information on their release. 

            On Tuesday, Israeli authorities seized a ship carrying relief aid for the blockaded Gaza strip. The vessel was also carrying 21 pro-Palestinian international activists. 


            Irish Nobel peace prize laureate Mairead Maguire and former US congresswoman Cynthia McKinney were among those aboard. 

            The boat has been charged...

            In Lebanon, spying charges arrest two more men (by Agencies, published Saturday, 04 July 2009 10:43)


            Lebanese military intelligence sources have arrested two men, a father and his son, on charges of spying for Israel amid an anti-espionage crackdown in the country.

            The National News Agency of Lebanon reported on Friday that the two men were arrested in Naqoura on the Lebanese-Israeli border south of the country. 

            The security forces said that they would continue to identify and arrest the people who spy for Israeli intelligence agencies. 


            Lebanon has arrested at least 60 people for spying and 100 others on suspicions of espionage since it launched its major crackdown on alleged spy...

            Before getting the OAS boot, Honduras quits (by Agencies, published Saturday, 04 July 2009 10:56)


            Honduras has quit the Organization of American States ahead of a crucial bloc meeting that would have discussed the dismissal of the country over its recent coup. 

            The OAS had scheduled the meeting for Saturday after giving the interim government in Honduras an ultimatum to reinstate the ousted president of the country, Manuel Zelaya. 

            In a statement issued later on Friday, however, the Central American coup leaders annulled the Honduras membership in the OAS in defiance of the organization's demand. 

            According to AFP, Micheletti's administration ruled out allegiance to the united charter of Americas "with immediate effect" in a move to ward off...
            U.S. Uses False Taliban Aid Charge to Pressure Iran (by Gareth Porter, published Saturday, 04 July 2009 11:16)

            The Barack Obama administration has given new prominence to a Bush administration charge that Iran is providing military training and assistance to the Taliban in Afghanistan, for which no evidence has ever been produced, and which has been discredited by data obtained by IPS from the Pentagon itself.

            The new twist in the charge is that it is being made in the context of serious talks between NATO officials and Iran involving possible Iranian...

            Hungarian lawmakers reject Holocaust denial law (by JTA, published Saturday, 04 July 2009 11:21)


            Hungary’s lawmakers rejected constitutional amendments to make Holocaust denial a punishable offense.

            Some local Jewish community leaders believe that Monday's vote secured the first parliamentary victory for Jobbik, a rapidly rising local neo-Nazi movement widely predicted to win several seats in the national elections due within a year.

            The proposals, put forth by the ruling Socialist caretaker government, attracted fewer than half the votes needed to adopt a constitutional...

            Bulimist's Choice: Embracing public Judaism (by Jill Jacobs, JTA, published Saturday, 04 July 2009 11:24)

            The Fourth of July is a time for the American Jewish community to celebrate the unprecedented freedom that the United States has afforded its Jewish citizens. While anti-Semitism has not disappeared, Jews living in America enjoy religious liberties that few Jewish communities in history have experienced, have attained economic and educational success, and have risen to the highest echelons of political power.

            In the 21st century, the question is no longer whether Jews will make it in this country but what Jews will contribute to the American...

            Future of Fatah in Doubt (by Mel Frykberg, published Saturday, 04 July 2009 12:22)

            The future of Palestinian unity talks is far more complex than the bitter rivalry, bloodshed and division which represent the yawning chasm separating Palestine's two main political factions, Hamas and Fatah.

            There are serious issues within Fatah that need to be resolved. After two decades of power struggles and acrimony within the organisation, Fatah's Revolutionary Council has agreed to hold its sixth general conference Aug. 4 in Bethlehem in the Palestinian West Bank. Fatah, founded in 1964, is affiliated with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's Palestinian Authority (PA), which controls the West Bank.

            The conference, due to be attended by over 1,500 members, is significant in that it is the first to be held on Palestinian territory. Hitherto,...

            Finding Fish, But Israelis Too (by Eva Bartlett, published Saturday, 04 July 2009 13:16)

            A fishing boat hacked by Israelis.

            "They told us 'go west or we will shoot you'," says Ashraf Sadallah. "Initially, we refused, so they began shooting very close all around our boat."

            At 6am on Jun. 16, Sadallah and his brother Abdel Hadi Sadallah, in their early twenties, went roughly 400 metres out to sea off the coast of Sudaniya in Gaza's northwest. "We wanted to bring in nets we had left out the night before," says Sadallah. 

            Their small fishing boat, known as a hassaka, was in Palestinian fishing waters when three Israeli navy boats approached the brothers. 

            "After they opened fire on us, we paddled about three kilometres west where a larger Israeli gunboat was waiting. When we were about 30 metres from...

            Building and weeping (by Shlomy Zachary, published Saturday, 04 July 2009 13:24)

            Now, it's official: Palestinian property in the West Bank no longer enjoys constitutional protection. This is what could be gleaned from Defense Minister Ehud Barak 's decision, made casually but without any legal basis, that houses in the settlement of Ofra, which were built on stolen, private Palestinian land, in violation of both international and local law, will be permitted to remain in place. Barak's stand was expressed in a statement he made in response to a High Court petition filed by Palestinians, aided by the Israeli human-rights organizations Yesh Din and B'Tselem, requesting the enforcement of work-termination and demolition orders that had been issued against such recently erected structures.

            Israeli policemen clash with Jewish settlers in the unauthorized outpost of Amona, close to the West Bank Jewish settlement of Ofra
            The Defense...

            Missouri National Guard Train to Kill “Militia Insurgents” in Exercise (by Kurt Nimmo, published Saturday, 04 July 2009 13:42)

            The Missouri National Guard is training to engage in combat with “militia” groups, according to the News Tribune .

            “During the battalion’s annual training exercise, eight members of the Jefferson City-based unit, acting as a fictitious militant group, attempted to disrupt the battalion’s operations through attacks and harassment. The battalion’s other two units, the Kansas City-based 205th Area Support Medical Company, and the Springfieldbased 206th Area Support Medical Company, fended off the attacks while performing their medical duties,” the newspaper reported on June 30.

            National Guard training in Missouri and South Dakota prepares soldiers to confront and kill "insurgent" Americans.

            The article...

            The Giant With Feet of Clay (by Jürgen Graf, published Saturday, 04 July 2009 14:06)

            The Giant With Feet of Clay cover

            Raul Hilberg and his Standard Work on the 'Holocaust'

            Raul Hilberg's major work The Destruction of European Jewry is generally considered the standard work on the Holocaust. Jürgen Graf applies the methods of critical analysis to Hilberg’s evidence and examines the results in the light of Revisionist historiography. The results of Graf’s critical analysis are devastating for Hilberg.

            Bedwetting predicts apnea in obese kids (by Agencies, published Saturday, 04 July 2009 14:30)


            Being overweight and wetting the bed are reported to be the sign of the nighttime breathing disorder known as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in children.

            OSA is a sleep disorder characterized by apneic pauses in breathing during sleep, recurrent conditions which last long enough to cause breathing to become intermittent.

            According to a study published in Pediatrics , there is a significant association between bedwetting, excess weight and OSA.

            Overweight individuals are believed to be four times more vulnerable to developing OSA. Bedwetting, similarly, increases the likelihood of the...

            The Big Whorehouse On The Potomac (by Paul Craig Roberts, published Saturday, 04 July 2009 20:07)

            As Americans celebrate July 4th, they can contemplate that the union of "free and independent states," like the former British colonial power, has evolved into its final manifestation--a complete whore house. While Members of Parliament in London charge their expense accounts with every personal expenditure, including the rental of adult xxx-rated films, an American newspaper put the reporting of public policy out to bids until politico.com blew the whistle.

            In Washington, everything is for sale, including journalistic integrity. The Washington Post , which abandoned investigative ...

            Whither the revolutions? (by Eric Walberg, published Saturday, 04 July 2009 20:15)

            What drives US foreign policy? Is it primarily the domestic economy, as it logically should be, or, as many argue, the powerful Israel lobby, or as other argue, the need to secure energy sources? Of course, the answer is all three, in varying degrees depending on the geopolitical importance of the country in question. And woe to any country that threatens any of the above.

            Russia is perhaps a special case, as US politics was dependent for so long on the anti-communist Cold War that ideologues found it impossible to...

            We Arabs have had enough (by Joharah Baker, published Saturday, 04 July 2009 20:37)


            What unwritten law is out there that allows Israelis to sling racist insults at Palestinians with impunity? After all my years in this country, and the absurdities that come along with it, this is one absurdity I still find hard to digest.

            My outrage has been rekindled by Israeli Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch who recently, during a tour of the old central bus station in Tel Aviv, called a Palestinian-Israeli policeman a "real dirty Arab". Once the words were out, the minister was forced to apologise, saying his remarks did not reflect his worldview. A spokesman for the ministry also issued a statement, saying that, "in a moment of jest, and using common slang, the minister said what he said, not intending to hurt anyone."

            If this were an isolated incident, or if it were not an Israeli rightwing minister who said it, we might, just might, be inclined to believe this...

            The arm-twisting game (by Ayman El-Amir, published Saturday, 04 July 2009 20:56)

            When in 1956 Israel dragged its feet about withdrawing from Sinai after the failed tripartite Israeli-British-French invasion of Egypt, US president Dwight D Eisenhower sent a letter to Israeli prime minister David Ben- Gurion expressing grave concern regarding reports that Israel did not intend to withdraw. "Any such decision by the Government of Israel", Eisenhower wrote, "would seriously undermine the urgent efforts being made by the United Nations to restore peace in the Middle East, and could not but bring about the condemnation of Israel as the violator of the principles as well as the directives of the United Nations". At the same time, Eisenhower instructed the Justice Department to "review" the tax- deductible status of individual contributions by US nationals to Israel. That alone did it.


            The United Nations and the word of the US president then carried a great deal of weight. They could not be easily overridden by the pressure of...

            Forbidden fruit (by Khaled Amayreh, published Saturday, 04 July 2009 21:00)


            In brazen defiance of American demands for freezing Jewish settlement expansion in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, the Israeli government has decided to build hundreds of additional settler units. On Monday, the government approved the expansion of the Adam colony, north of Jerusalem, despite repeated American and international calls for a total freeze of settlement expansion.


            The approval, which okayed the building of at least 50 settler units, was made in coordination with settler leaders as well as the Israeli Prime...

            US national debt stands at $11.4 trillion (by Agencies, published Saturday, 04 July 2009 21:11)


            As the United States celebrates the Independence Day, the national debt continues to grow; the US government now owes $11.4 trillion, about $37,000 for each and every American.

            The national debt was exactly $11,518,472,742,288 on Wednesday, said the Treasury Department that updates the number every few days.

            Economists warned that the debt could become the next economic crisis without firm action from the Obama administration, the Associated Press reported.

            The current situation is complicating efforts by President Barack Obama and Congress to cope with the worst recession in decades as stimulus and...
            In Israeli jail, McKinney expects more from Washington (by Agencies, published Saturday, 04 July 2009 21:16)


            Former US lawmaker Cynthia McKinney, who is in an Israeli jail for trying to take humanitarian aid to Gaza, says the White House has done nothing to secure her release.

            Speaking to Press TV from inside the Israeli jail, she said US taxpayers paid for Israel's 22-day war on the Gaza Strip.

            “Operation Cast Lead was made possible by the US taxpayers' gift to the Israeli war machine in the form of F16s, helicopters gunship, white phosphorous, depleted uranium, cluster bombs and anything that kills," she told Press TV from inside the Israeli jail on Saturday.

            McKinney has been in Israeli custody since Tuesday when she and 20 other humanitarian activists were arrested by the Israeli Navy while trying to...


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            Rebel Newsflash Rebel Newsflash Digest of lastest articles from the Rebel site 27 pro-Taliban militants killed in Pakistan (by Agencies, published Sunday, 05
            Message 5 of 9 , Jul 5, 2009
              Rebel Newsflash

              Rebel Newsflash

              Digest of lastest articles from the Rebel site

              27 pro-Taliban militants killed in Pakistan (by Agencies, published Sunday, 05 July 2009 04:22)


              At least 27 pro-Taliban militants have been killed when Pakistani fighter jets pounded the hideouts of the militants in north western Pakistan.

              The Saturday air strikes hit three suspected militant positions in the Orakzai region, part of the rugged, lawless tribal belt along Pakistan's border with Afghanistan, killing at least 12 militants, Press TV has learned.

              Sources said various hideouts of militants were destroyed during the air assault, just a day after a helicopter crash that had claimed the lives of at least 26 soldiers in the Orakzai agency.

              On Saturday, the Taliban said that it had shot down the helicopter, but the government has blamed the crash on a technical problem, although it has...
              Who Rules The World? - Part 1 (by Philip Jones, published Sunday, 05 July 2009 05:41)


              The Origin Of Evil : Ancient Mythology Or Occult Reality?

              Many people would naively answer the above question by saying that Barrack Obama, the current 'Glove Puppet' US President does. Others might proclaim that it is the UN which exercises global authority. Some of those involved in the same field of research as myself might say that the 'Rothschild's and the Illuminati are the 'Lords of this world.' Many Christians and Jews will say it is our creator, Yahweh, who should be rightfully regarded as such, for after all, he is 'The Lord.' The faithful followers of Islam will pronounce that 'Allah' is the almighty most merciful ruler over all creation. Would you be surprised then to discover that nowhere does the Bible say that either Jesus Christ or his Heavenly Father are the real rulers of this world. On the contrary, the scriptures record Jesus as having said: "The ruler of this world will be cast out." And he added: "The ruler of the world is coming, and he has no hold on me."-John 12:31; 14:30; 16:11.

              Discovering The Truth:

              Those of you who do not consider the Holy Scriptures (or the Koran for that matter) as being the word of God, may be...

              Was Michael Jackson another Illuminati Slave? (by Charles, published Sunday, 05 July 2009 06:13)

              Michael Jackson

              Approximately forty years ago, the Jackson family appeared on the Ed Sullivan show and released the first of many albums for Motown records.  What made the Jackson 5 special was their lead singer, pint-sized Michael Jackson.

              Even at the tender age of ten Michael Jackson had an ebullient joy and charisma  that was palpable and contagious on both TV and radio.  Later, at the age of 21, he broke from his family and began a successful solo career.  F. Scott Fitzgerald said American lives have no second acts.  And for child entertainers trying to extend their success into adulthood, that is doubly so.  Michael Jackson proved Fitzgerald wrong.  But at what price?

              A series of articles on the blog Aangirfan [aangirfan.blogspot.com] explores the possibility that Michael Jackson was yet another Illuminati sex...

              Attorney General to Classify Pro-Life Pro-Gun Americans as Terrorists (by Jim Kouri, published Sunday, 05 July 2009 07:51)

              An amendment to a bill swiftly moving through the US Congress will allow the Obama Administration's Attorney General to classify Americans as domestic terrorists if they are pro-life, pro-gun and anti-big government.

              Impeached Florida judge -- now a Democrat Party member of the House of Representatives -- Rep. Alcee Hastings introduced what some claim is a disturbing piece of legislation . Hasting's amendment calls for the Attorney General to have discretion over who is called a terrorist and what groups will be treated as terrorist groups.

              "This is arguably one of the worst pieces of legislation to come down the pike in a long, long time. In essence Attorney General Eric Holder -- a...

              MI6 chief's wife posts all on Facebook (by Agencies, published Sunday, 05 July 2009 11:24)


              The new MI6 chief in charge of Britain's spying operations faces a serious security blunder after his wife posts family photos and personal details on Facebook. 

              Sir John Sawers is due to take up a post as chief of the Secret Intelligence Service, in charge of Britain's spying operations abroad, in November. 

              He is at the centre of a security breach after his wife published family holiday photographs on the Internet networking site Facebook, details which could compromise security. 

              Lady Shelley Sawers disclosed information, including the location of the London flat used by the couple and the whereabouts of their three children...
              Italians protest US base expansion, G8 (by Agencies, published Sunday, 05 July 2009 11:28)


              Several thousand Italians, protesting against a planned expansion of an airport and a US military base in Vicenza, have clashed with police forces. 

              A 500-million-dollar expansion plan would make the US military base one of the biggest in Europe. 

              Riot police fired teargas at protesters who were trying to cross a bridge leading to the US military base at the Dal Molin airport in the northern city of Vicenza. 


              The demonstrators, wearing motorcycle helmets and carrying plexiglass shields, lit firecrackers, threw bottles and rocks towards the riot police...

              Obama Lynching Party (by Israel Shamir, published Sunday, 05 July 2009 16:09)

              The honeymoon President Barack Obama has enjoyed with the media since his inauguration was abruptly over – after the Cairo Speech . After his promise of peace with the Islamic world, in no time this savior of America, the man who said Yes, We Can became increasingly lonely and besieged by an unlikely coalition of Zionists, the loony left and right-wing racists.

              Barack Obama has become the bane   of Israeli Jews, wrote the Jewish Forward ’s Nathan Jeffai. Only 6% of Jewish Israelis consider his views...

              Just Walk Away! (by Roy Tov, published Sunday, 05 July 2009 20:46)

              On July 3, 2009, a 17-year-old girl named Hyam Ayash from the Deir al-Balah refugee camp in Gaza was assassinated by the Israeli army.

              The idea is scaring. We are taught that we need a lot of things to live. Instead of a clear conscience, we seek material comfort. The last is perceived as physical security, which we want to insure. We want insurance against insurance companies that won't pay. A job that will provide a safe pension. Any elder could tell you a thing or two about that illusion. We need a mortgage, and better if it is refinanced from time to time. We need usurious credit cards, and comfortable payments for the latest gadget. We need that twenty-ton refrigerator to keep the ten gallon bottle of milk fresh. We need health insurance against a possible accident on the way to the shopping mall; but when it comes time to get coverage, some survivors will tell tearful stories of broken promises.

              The development of such a system was gradual. I don't think the first bankers could imagine credit cards and frequent flier miles earned while...

              Kremlin links nukes reduction to US missile plan (by Agencies, published Sunday, 05 July 2009 22:56)


              The Kremlin says a new agreement with the US over reducing nuclear warheads requires Washington to reconsider its plans for a missile defense system in Europe. 

              President Dmitry Medvedev clarified Russia's stance ahead of US President Barack Obama's visit on Monday. 

              The two leaders are expected to discuss ways to replace the 1991 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START I) before it expires in December. 

              Moscow that deems Washington's plans for deploying the missile system a threat to its national security has related a new START deal to the missile...
              Biden: We misread economic crisis (by Agencies, published Sunday, 05 July 2009 22:59)


              US Vice President Joe Biden says the Obama Administration miscalculated the severity of the economic situation, insisting that the stimulus package will be promising. 

              Appearing on ABC's "This Week" on Sunday Biden said that the administration fully supports the stimulus package and believes it could generate more jobs in the future. 

              "We misread how bad the economy was, but we are now only about 120 days into the recovery package,'' AP quoted Biden as saying. 

              More jobs will be created in the coming months, he added. 

              The US unemployment rate in June hit a 26-year high of 9.5 percent after American...
              As Israel gears up for war, US divide appears (by Agencies, published Sunday, 05 July 2009 23:02)


              As Israel continues its efforts to portray Iran as a regime hell-bent on a nuclear war, top officials in the White House and the US military express contradictory stances on a potential Israeli attack on Iran. 

              The top US military commander, Admiral Mike Mullen, warned on Sunday that any military strike against Iran would have "unintended consequences". 

              Mullen, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, told Fox News on Sunday that any attack against Iran would be "very destabilizing." 

              "I've been one who has been concerned about a strike on Iran for some time, because it could be very destabilizing, and it is the unintended...
              Two-third of Iran unrest arrests 'released' (by Agencies, published Sunday, 05 July 2009 23:11)


              Iran's Police Chief, Brigadier General Esmail Ahmadi-Moqaddam, says two-third of those arrested in the country's post-election violence have been released. 

              Ahmadi-Moqaddam said on Sunday that the majority of those arrested had been freed "on bail or without bail." 

              Tehran was gripped with days of widespread protests after the 10th presidential election saw Mahmoud Ahmadinejad re-elected by a landslide. 


              At least 20 people were killed and hundreds injured in the protests staged by supporters of defeated candidates who continue to dismiss the...

              Mousavi details accusations of fraud in Iran vote (by Agencies, published Sunday, 05 July 2009 23:47)


              Defeated Iranian presidential contender Mir-Hossein Mousavi has released a new report detailing what he calls 'irregularities' in the June 12 election. 

              The report, prepared by the Committee for the Protection of Votes which is run by Mousavi's campaign office, accused the re-elected President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of abusing the national financial resources for his election campaign. 

              It added that many Cabinet members, senior executive managers and governor generals carried out activities in line with Ahmadinejad's re-election campaign. 


              The report alleged that the president had distributed cash among working class Iranians to win their votes,Ghalamnews  released late Saturday. 

              Cynthia McKinney: Prisoner number 88794 (by Agencies, published Sunday, 05 July 2009 23:51)
              The following is the transcript of a phone interview with former US congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who is currently held in an Israeli jail for trying to take humanitarian aid to Gaza. 

              Q - You are currently in Israeli custody, on what grounds have you been detained? 

              A - Well that's a very interesting question, because we have violated no laws. And its interesting that the twenty-one of us, who were onboard the Spirit of Humanity had our boat commandeered, we were hijacked, we were then taken to Israel which was not our intended destination. And we became the Free Gaza 21. I became Ramleh prisoner number 88794 and I am in right now Ramleh Prison. 

              Q - How is the situation over there? How do you feel? Is there any sort of pressure against you? Violence whatsoever, as you can see violations? 

              Ethnic Cleansing as a State Policy (by Nicola Nasser, published Sunday, 05 July 2009 23:58)


              In his speech at Bar Ilan University on June 14, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proposed a new Israeli 'peace plan,' with preconditions that a Palestinian negotiator must first meet before he would"promptly" engage in "unconditional" bilateral talks to meet an international consensus demanding the creation of a Palestinian state alongside Israel. His preconditions added to the fourteen conditions the former Israeli government of comatose Ariel Sharon attached to Israel's adoption in grudge of the 2003 Road Map blueprint for peace with the Palestinian side, on the basis of which the U.S. administration of President Barak Obama and his presidential envoy George Mitchell are now urging an early resumption of "immediate" Israeli - Palestinian peace talks, which Mitchell on June 26 hoped "very much to conclude this phase of the discussions and to be able to move into meaningful and productive negotiations in the near future."


              Sharon's conditional approval of the Road Map has condemned the blueprint as a non-starter, led to the Israeli military reoccupation of the...


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            • The Rebel
              Rebel Newsflash Rebel Newsflash Digest of lastest articles from the Rebel site Mullen optimistic about victory in Afghanistan (by Agencies, published Monday,
              Message 6 of 9 , Jul 6, 2009
                Rebel Newsflash

                Rebel Newsflash

                Digest of lastest articles from the Rebel site

                Mullen optimistic about victory in Afghanistan (by Agencies, published Monday, 06 July 2009 05:15)


                Admiral Michael Mullen expresses his satisfaction over a new wave of extra troops deployed to Afghanistan, saying that they can seize areas currently under Taliban control.

                The US chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told CBS in an interview that with the new deployments the troops can defeat the insurgents across the war-torn country.

                "We have enough forces there now not just to clear an area but to hold it. So we can build after. That's really the strategy," Mullen said.

                US President Barack Obama has dispatched an additional 21,000 troops to battle a mounting Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan's southern and eastern...
                Dozens dead, as Pakistan violence continues (by Agencies, published Monday, 06 July 2009 05:17)


                More than 30 people are killed in separate incidents of violence in northwestern Pakistan where the army has opened several fronts against pro-Taliban militants.

                Fresh clashes between the army and insurgents erupted on Sunday in the town of Mingora north of Swat.

                "Gunship helicopters shelled militant hideouts at Mangaltan area of Charbagh town. At least ten militants were killed in the shelling," said a military spokesman.

                This is while the military claims to have 'almost cleared' the volatile Swat valley of Taliban-linked militants.

                In addition to Swat, at least six...

                The Seven Pillars Of Zionist Subterfuge (by Arthur Topham, published Monday, 06 July 2009 05:20)

                Romanov Family

                Tzar Nicholas II and his family. The Tzar acted constitutionally and abdicated on March 5, 1917. He and his family were kept prisoner at Tobolsk and guarded by a Russian commandant and Russian guards. In April, 1918, after the Jewish regime gained controlled, he was transferred along with his family from Moscow to Ekaterinburg in the Urals. All the Russians were replaced by Bolshevik Jew Cheka members who, on July 16, 1918, woke the Tzar and his family and took them into the basement and shot and bayoneted them and then took the bodies to a disused iron pit and and cut them up and burned them and then dissolved the parts with 400 lbs of sulphuric acid. Afterwards the ashes and fragments were thrown down a mine shaft and covered up. Thanks to the fact that the White Armies captured Ekaterinburg the truth was found out.

                The struggle for freedom of speech in Canada continues. It’s has now been over 19 months since the Zionist organization nominally referred to as...

                Distracting manoeuvre (by Jordan Times, published Monday, 06 July 2009 05:37)

                An Israeli navy submarine reportedly sailed into the Arabian Gulf last month, ostensibly as part of an Israeli military drill. But the submarine, believed to carry nuclear weapons, is more likely to have been on a far more sinister preparatory mission and a potential Israeli military offensive on Iran is still very much in the cards.

                This is a dangerous and entirely unwanted development. The region is in enough turmoil as it is, with Israel in large part to blame, without the potentially catastrophic consequences an Israeli strike on Iran could have.

                Israel, of course, does not do irony. Otherwise, its insistence that Iran is the greatest threat to regional stability, and not Israel, which occupies land and attacks neighbours at will, might be seen as some warped post-modernist political spin.


                But Israel does not like competitors. Like an over-bloated and unchallenged industrial monopoly, Israel fears that its hegemony could be...

                A Lemming's Tale, Interrupted (by Phillip Marlowe, published Monday, 06 July 2009 05:41)


                Oh, I remember that bickering, shuffling crowd and those forever nights so long ago. We all marched along, sometimes stumbling, but ever forward we went — never stopping, never thinking, never saying no.

                It was never a silent crowd, by any stretch. Although most just grumbled far too quietly to be heard by anyone but their closet neighbors, still quite a few raised their voices loudly and indignantly over the least little thing. Usually, I had no idea what was shouted because I had long since tired of listening to it. Yet, I do remember that almost all the marchers stridently insisted that we continue the course we were on and those who disagreed were shouted down as misguided, evil or derisively hooted into embarrassed silence as the crazy ones.

                I was never exactly sure of the shape to that marching crowd. Most thought it to be wildly amorphous and impossibly wide, but the only thing I...

                Major General 'Bert' N. Stubblebine III, head of military intelligence, says: '9-11 an inside job' (by Curt Maynard, published Monday, 06 July 2009 05:47)

                It's real important that Americans understand what Stubblebine is saying, he's saying that the United States government is GUILTY of murdering thousands of Americans on 9-11 and that they, the United States government, choreographed and carried out the events of September 11, 2001.

                Americans must understand who Stubblebine is, he isn't some joker, he's a Major General [One step under the highest rank in which an officer in the...

                A life in ruins (by Peter Beaumont, published Monday, 06 July 2009 05:58)

                Shifa Salman, in the ruins of her family home, which was destroyed by the Israeli incursion into the Gaza Strip in January 2009.

                The force of the explosion that destroyed Shifa Salman's house in the northern Gaza district of Jabal al-Rayas folded floor into floor as easily as pastry. It pushed pillars through concrete, reconfiguring her home into a bristling dome. The tail-fin of one of the Israeli bombs responsible still sits on top of the rubble, innocuous as a child's discarded toy. These days, pigeons and sparrows nest in the cave-like space carved out by the detonation inside the ruins where mattresses and bags of flour are stored, the latter stencilled with the initials of the World Food Programme. Sleek, aggressive cockerels patrol the floor, flying at intruders.


                Six months after Israel 's war against Gaza, Shifa, a 20-year-old student, sleeps with her family behind the fallen house. A trodden path leads...

                The Great American Bubble Machine (by Matt Taibbi, published Monday, 06 July 2009 06:07)

                American bubble machine

                How Goldman Sachs has engineered every major market manipulation since the Great Depression

                The first thing you need to know about Goldman Sachs is that it's everywhere. The world's most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.


                Any attempt to construct a narrative around all the former Goldmanites in influential positions quickly becomes an absurd and pointless exercise,...

                140 dead in bloody riots in China's Xinjiang (by Agencies, published Monday, 06 July 2009 07:41)


                At least 140 people have been killed and more than 800 others injured as ethnic violence erupted in China's restive Xinjiang region.

                A government spokesman confirmed on Monday that at least 140 people were killed, after hundreds of locals took to the streets of the regional capital Urumqi on Sunday -- burning and smashing vehicles and confronting police and anti-riot troops -- state media Xinhua news agency reported.

                Xinhua did not say how many people were involved or how many have been arrested, but AFP said that the confrontation involved around 3,000 Uighurs, and that at least 300 had been arrested.

                The unrest had followed a protest against government handling of a clash between Han Chinese and Uighur factory workers in far southern China in...

                Ex-Gitmo prisoner trying to save torture photo (by Agencies, published Monday, 06 July 2009 07:51)


                Former detainee of Guantanamo Bay prison Binyam Mohamed has appealed to a US federal court not to destroy evidence that shows his torture.

                He said that the evidence proved he was abused while being held at the notorious detention center, the Guardian reported on Sunday.

                The evidence is said to consist of a photograph of Mohamed, a British resident, was taken after he was severely beaten by guards at the US navy base in Cuba.

                Mohamed appealed to the federal district court in Washington not to destroy the image, which neither he nor his lawyers have a copy of, and which...
                Oil prices fall to near $65 a barrel (by Agencies, published Monday, 06 July 2009 07:54)


                Oil prices have fallen to around $65 a barrel over gloomy unemployment reports in the US and Europe as well as concerns about a global economic recovery.

                US sweet oil for August delivery dropped $1.65 to $65.08 on Monday in Asia, while London Brent crude prices decreased 65 cents to $64.96 a barrel.

                The fall came after the latest figures showed that 467,000 Americans lost their jobs in June and the jobless rate hit a 26-year high of 9.5 percent.

                Unemployment rate in the 16 countries of European Union also jumped to 9.5 percent in May to reach to its highest level in the past decade.

                Pakistan under foreign pressure over Iran deal (by Agencies, published Monday, 06 July 2009 07:57)


                A senior Pakistani official reveals that two major western and Islamic states are exerting pressure on Islamabad to scrap its multi-billion-dollar gas deal with Iran.

                The initial agreement of the $7.5 billion Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline, also known as the Peace Pipeline, was signed in Tehran in May between the Iranian and Pakistani presidents.

                Iran says that via the pipeline it will deliver eight billion cubic meters of natural gas to Pakistan annually.

                Adviser to the Prime Minister on Petroleum Asim Hussain told The News; "two powerful countries--one a Western power and the other an all important...
                Chavez calls Honduras coup leaders coward (by Agencies, published Monday, 06 July 2009 08:18)


                Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has called Honduras coup leaders 'coward' after they did not allow the deposed president's jet to land in Honduras.

                The Venezuelan plane carrying ousted President Manuel Zelaya was kept from landing at Tegucigalpa's airport by troops who blocked the runway.

                At least one person was killed and two others were wounded in clashes with soldiers after thousands of pro-Zelaya supporters rallied at the airport, emergency service officials said on Sunday.

                Later, Zelaya's plane flew on first to Nicaragua and then on to El Salvador where a group of leftist presidents were gathered to support him.

                He was due to meet with OAS Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza, Argentina's President Cristina Kirchner and Ecuador's President Rafael Correa.

                Goldstein’s Massacre at the Mosque (by Independent Reporter, published Monday, 06 July 2009 13:45)

                In this shocking video, Jewish preachers are openly speaking that Muslims have no right to live and they should be brutally killed including their women and children. Also includes evidence of the Goldstein Massacre.

                Related Articles:
                Goldstein's Massacre at the Mosque

                Former US lawmaker released from Israeli jail (by Agencies, published Monday, 06 July 2009 14:39)


                Israel has released former US lawmaker Cynthia McKinney who was arrested last week for being on mission to take humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip. 

                According to her mother Leola McKinney who contacted the US Embassy in Israel, Cynthia was released from Israeli custody and taken to Ben Gurion International Airport on Monday. 

                "We finally got word that she was released," her mother said late Sunday. 

                "We don't know what time she is supposed to fly out. All we know is that they took her to the airport," she added.

                McKinney was in Israeli custody...
                Obama arrives in Russia to 'reset' ties (by Agencies, published Monday, 06 July 2009 14:42)


                US President Barack Obama arrives in Russia and holds talks with his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev to 'reset' stained relations between the two states. 

                "We hope... all our bilateral discussions we will close a number of difficult pages in the history of US-Russian relations and open a new page," Medvedev said at the opening of the talks, AFP reported. 

                The US president was also confident about the negotiations promising 'extraordinary progress'. 

                "The United States and Russia have more in common than they have differences," Obama said at the Kremlin.

                The main aim of Obama's visit is to renew...
                Israel denies Saudi green light for Iran attack (by Agencies, published Monday, 06 July 2009 14:47)


                Tel Aviv has denied reports that suggest Israeli bombers have been allowed to use Saudi airspace for an attack on Iran's nuclear sites. 

                The denial came after unnamed Israeli diplomatic sources told The Sunday Times that Saudi officials have secretly agreed to allow Israeli fighter jets to fly over the kingdom to strike Iran's nuclear sites. 

                “The Saudis have tacitly agreed to the Israeli air force flying through their airspace on a mission which is supposed to be in the common interests of both Israel and Saudi Arabia,” the The Sunday Times quoted an Israeli diplomatic source as saying. 

                The office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was quick to deny the report on Monday, claiming it to be "completely false and baseless." 
                General Motors bankruptcy plan approved (by Agencies, published Monday, 06 July 2009 14:51)


                A US bankruptcy judge has approved a restructuring plan for auto giant General Motors to permit the troubled carmaker to sell its assets to a new company. 

                The move came as GM, filed for bankruptcy protection on 1 June. It seeks court permission to sell its best assets to a new company in which the US government will get a majority stake. 

                Judge Robert Gerbert issued a 95-page ruling to secure "the best interests of both GM and its creditors". 

                He says his decision would prevent "the death of the patient on the operating table". 

                The move is part of a scheme to aid the auto-maker's efforts...
                Vietnam War architect McNamara dies (by Agencies, published Monday, 06 July 2009 21:09)


                Former US Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, the main engineer of the US war in Vietnam, has died at the age of 93, his family says. 

                McNamara died in his sleep at his home in Washington on Monday after a period of ill health, his wife, Diana, told the Associated Press. 

                McNamara served under Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson. As the key developer of the war in Vietnam, he later denounced the US war as "wrong, terribly wrong." 


                McNamara worked for seven years as the defense secretary in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, longer than any other person in that post. 

                Netanyahu not after two states: Livni (by Agencies, published Monday, 06 July 2009 21:15)


                Israel's opposition party leader Tzipi Livni says that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does not really believe in a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

                "Netanyahu doesn't really believe that two states, a Jewish state and a Palestinian state, even a demilitarized one, is an Israeli interest," Livni said Monday, while addressing lawmakers at the Knesset (Israeli Parliament). 

                "But the prime minister was surprised to encounter the outside world and placed Israel, to my great sorrow, in the position of the party that is rejecting peace and then he understood that at this stage he needs to utter the words 'two states'," the Kadima leader also underlined. 

                In an address at Bar-Ilan University outside Tel Aviv on June 14, Netanyahu noted that any future Palestinian state would have to be...

                Germany wants restrictions on Palestinians eased (by Agencies, published Monday, 06 July 2009 21:21)


                German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier has called on Israel to ease the restrictions on the movement of Palestinians. 

                Speaking in Jerusalem (al-Quds) on Monday, Steinmeier also called on all parties in the Arab-Israeli conflict to come back to the negotiating table, DPA reported. 

                "Time is working against peace," he said following a meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The momentum created by the US President Barack Obama in the Middle East "could not be allowed to go to waste," he added. 

                The German foreign minister will visit Syria on Tuesday to hold talks with President Bashar al-Assad before leaving for Lebanon, where he is...
                In military race, US forces Israel out of India bid (by Agencies, published Monday, 06 July 2009 21:25)


                The United States has forced Israel to withdraw from a multi-billion dollar tender to sell advanced multi-role fighter jets to the Indian Air Force. 

                Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) was set to build an advanced model of the Swedish-made Gripen fighter jet with its manufacturer, Saab, to compete in a military deal to sell over 120 combat aircraft to India's Air Force.

                Israel was expected to build the electronic systems for the fighter jets, including "communications, electronic warfare and radar systems." 

                The US Defense Ministry, however, ordered IAI to withdraw from the deal citing concerns that Israel would offer the American technology to the...
                Shocker: Number of Americans who say U.S. should support Israel drops from 71% to 44% in one year (by Philip Weiss, published Monday, 06 July 2009 21:42)

                One of my new themes on this site is that the Israel lobby as we know it is over. Gaza and Netanyahu shattered it. Obama gave his speech in Cairo because he knew he would have political cover from American Jews to reach out to the Muslim world. Marty Peretz and Charles Krauthammer didn't like the speech, but Jeffrey Goldberg and Roger Cohen (and Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod) did. That's the ballgame.

                This morning Ori Nir of Peace Now provides powerful evidence for my theory from a still-secret poll that says that women and Democrats are...

                Decoding Scheuer's Call for Osama to Kill More Americans (by James Corbett, published Monday, 06 July 2009 21:49)


                CIA analyst Michael Scheuer's recent call for bin Laden to kill more Americans would be shocking if we hadn't already heard it dozens of times before from other "War on Terror" advocates. "It's an absurd situation," Scheuer told FOX News personality Glenn Beck on his program last week. "Only Osama can execute an attack that will force Americans to demand that their government protect them effectively, consistently, and with as much violence as necessary."


                The comments have provoked much shock and outrage among pundits and websites like Jon Stewart and NewsHounds who may have considered him to be on...

                Biden Comments Signal Possible Iran Attack (by Kurt Nimmo, published Monday, 06 July 2009 22:04)

                Vice President Joe Biden, appearing on ABC’s “This Week,” said that the Obama administration would not stand in the way if Israel chose to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities. “Look, Israel can determine for itself — it’s a sovereign nation — what’s in their interest and what they decide to do relative to Iran and anyone else,” Biden said. He added that the Obama administration “cannot dictate to another sovereign nation what they can and cannot do.”

                Reminded that the U.S. could impede an Israeli strike on Iran by prohibiting it from using Iraqi air space, Biden said he was “not going to speculate” beyond saying that Israel, like the U.S., has a right to “determine what is in its interests.”

                gulf ship
                More than 17 million barrels of oil pass through the Strait of Hormuz every day. Iran has promised to shut down all shipping in the...

                ‘Sucker’s Rally’ Beginning To Unwind? (by Paul Joseph Watson, published Monday, 06 July 2009 22:20)


                U.S. stocks are falling again following a massive plunge at the end of the last week amidst signs that the “sucker’s rally” we warned about back in May could now be unwinding, in line with the Bilderberg Group’s 2009 agenda.

                The Dow Jones is down by around 0.6% at time of writing following a significant fall of around 2.6% on Thursday. There was no trading on Friday due to the July 4th national holiday.

                “U.S. stocks have fallen for three straight weeks, the longest losing streak since March, on concern deeper-than- estimated job cuts and a drop in consumer confidence will prolong the recession,” reports Bloomberg.

                The S&P 500 has also slumped by 6% over the last few weeks and oil prices have tumbled.


                As we reported in early May, when establishment financial analysts were euphoric about an apparent economic and stock market recovery,...

                Bioweapons, Dangerous Vaccines, and Threats of a Global Pandemic (by Stephen Lendman, published Monday, 06 July 2009 22:49)
                Although international law prohibits the use of chemical and bacteriological weapons, America has had an active biological warfare program since at least the 1940s. In 1941, it began secret developmental efforts using controversial testing methods. During WW II, mustard gas was tested on about 4000 servicemen. Biological weapons research was also conducted. Human subjects were used as guinea pigs in various other experiments, and numerous illegal practices continued to the present, including secretly releasing toxic biological agents in US cities to test the effects of germ warfare.

                The Hague Convention of 1907 banned chemical weapons usage, and the 1928 Geneval Protocol prohibited gas and bacteriological warfare. The 1972 Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) "Prohibit(ed) the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and Their Destruction." The 1989 Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act "implement(ed the) Prohibition of the Development, Production, and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and Their Destruction...."

                In 2001, the Bush administration rejected the 1972 BWC, took advantage of a loophole allowing "prophylactic, protective or other peaceful uses,"...
                Auschwitz: Open Air Incinerations (by Carlo Mattogno, published Monday, 06 July 2009 23:03)

                Auschwitz: Open Air Incincerations

                Due to a restricted capacity of the Auschwitz crematoria, hundreds of thousands of corpses of murdered victims are said to have been incinerated in fires lit in deep trenches in Auschwitz. This study investigates all the documentary, physical, and anecdotal evidence. Carlo Mattogno shows that the stories about these open air incinerations, although based on a kernel of truth, are vastly exaggerated, and their homicidal background is untrue.


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              • The Rebel
                Rebel Newsflash Rebel Newsflash Digest of lastest articles from the Rebel site The Age of Despotism (by Chuck Baldwin, published Tuesday, 07 July 2009 05:19)
                Message 7 of 9 , Jul 7, 2009
                  Rebel Newsflash

                  Rebel Newsflash

                  Digest of lastest articles from the Rebel site

                  The Age of Despotism (by Chuck Baldwin, published Tuesday, 07 July 2009 05:19)

                  This past Independence Day weekend, my friend, LCDR (Retired) Guy Cunningham, delivered an outstanding address here in Pensacola, Florida, in which he said that America is now in "The Age of Perfidy." He went on to say that our country is soon to enter "The Age of Despotism." I candidly confess that I believe the retired Naval officer could be more right than we might want to admit.

                  Commander Cunningham is no slouch. He was a Green Beret (who served in the same Special Forces company alongside his father...

                  Unrest continues for second day in China (by Agencies, published Tuesday, 07 July 2009 05:29)


                  An ethnic unrest has continued for a second city in China's western Xinjiang province where clashes have so far left over 150 people killed.

                  More than 300 protesters demonstrated outside a main mosque on Monday in the late afternoon in Kashgar city.

                  State-run media said the protesters were dispersed by anti-riot police deployed in the volatile region.

                  At least 156 people were killed and 800 more were injured on Sunday, when thousands of Muslim Uighurs rioted in the restive region's capital, Urumqi.

                  The clashes are thought to be the deadliest ethnic unrest to hit the country in decades.

                  The demonstrators say they are demanding justice for two...
                  Kissinger lauds Obama's first 'chess move' (by Agencies, published Tuesday, 07 July 2009 05:33)


                  Former US national security adviser Henry Kissinger praises President Barack Obama's realpolitik approach to address the country's global issues.

                  Speaking to the German weekly magazine Der Spiegel , Kissinger endorsed Obama's efforts meant to deal with US's international concerns including its relationship with the Muslim world.

                  "Obama is like a chess player who is playing simultaneous chess and has opened his game with an unusual opening. Now he's got to play his hand as he plays his various counterparts," he was quoted as saying by the magazine on Monday.

                  "We haven't gotten beyond the opening game move yet. I have no quarrel with the opening move," Kissinger added.

                  The former US Secretary of State...

                  Israeli settlers burn Palestinian farms in WB (by Agencies, published Tuesday, 07 July 2009 05:37)


                  A number of Israeli settlers have set fire to Palestinian farms in northern West Bank, in an attempt to scare the Palestinians into abandoning their land.

                  The farms damaged on Monday were owned by the Palestinians in the villages of Erak Bureen and Raubah, in the vicinity of Nablus, local sources reported.

                  Ghassan Douglas, a Palestinian Authority official responsible for settlement affairs, told Ma'an news agency that the settlers are planning to take control of the land in the area, which is near the 'illegal' Israeli settlement of Barakah.

                  He called on Washington and the European Union to mount pressure on Tel Aviv's government to freeze its settlements.

                  Meanwhile, Israeli military...
                  Militants kill 7 US troops in Afghanistan (by Administrator, published Tuesday, 07 July 2009 05:43)


                  Taliban attacks across Afghanistan have killed at least seven US soldiers, marking the deadliest day for US forces in the war-ravaged country in nearly a year.

                  Four American soldiers died in an attack on a team of US military trainers in a roadside bombing in northern Kunduz province, on Monday.

                  NATO's International Security Assistance Forces (ISAF) said two other US soldiers were killed when an improvised explosive device was detonated in southern Afghanistan later in the day.

                  Military sources said a seventh soldier died of wounds he sustained in a Monday firefight with insurgents in the east.

                  There were no further...

                  Israel to destroy illegal outposts in months (by Agencies, published Tuesday, 07 July 2009 05:46)


                  Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak says that Tel Aviv is committed to evacuating the 23 illegal outposts in the West Bank within weeks or months.

                  In a Monday meeting with US Middle East envoy George Mitchell in London, Barak commented on the illegal outposts saying that "I think there is progress. There's still a way to go."

                  He added that he expects no imminent announcement on settlement building saying, "I think it will take still a few weeks before it will become clear."

                  Barak's remarks came amid repeated calls on Tel Aviv's regime to put an end to illegal construction of settlements in the occupied West Bank.


                  Mexico's opposition party wins elections (by Agencies, published Tuesday, 07 July 2009 05:50)


                  Mexico's Institutional Revolutionary Party has gained victory over the ruling National Action Party in the country's midterm elections with about 99% of the ballot counted.

                  Results from Mexico's Sunday polls to elect five hundred Congress members, 565 mayors and six governors reveal a significant defeat for the governing National Action Party (PAN) despite its all-out attacks on the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) which had reigned over the Hispanic American state for over seven decades.

                  With almost all the ballots counted, PRI has acquired 37 percent of the congressional votes compared to PAN's nearly 28 percent, which means that incumbent President Felipe Calderon will have a tough time in the remaining three years of his tenure.

                  The PRI, whose legislature leader has yet to be nominated, is accused of authoritarianism during its 71 years in power.

                  In the meantime, the...
                  US reduced Afghanistan to ruins: Larijani (by Agencies, published Tuesday, 07 July 2009 05:54)


                  Iran's Parliament (Majlis) Speaker Ali Larijani says the US military's so called 'war on terror' in Afghanistan has left the country in tatters.

                  "The occupiers used the lack of democracy in the country, and the need to fight terrorism and drugs as an excuse to invade Afghanistan," Larijani told his Qatari counterpart Mohamed Mubarak Al Khuleifi in Doha on Monday.

                  "However, after a few years, destruction and widespread massacres were the only fruits of their presence," he added.

                  The visiting Iranian speaker, who wrapped up his two-day trip later in the day, also criticized the Western powers for fomenting different crises in other Islamic countries such as Somalia and Sudan.

                  "Colonialists have created crises in several regions of the Muslim world. From an overall perspective, it is clear that these problems were not...
                  Germar Rudolf Again At Large (by Curt Maynard, published Tuesday, 07 July 2009 06:00)

                  rudolf germar

                  As announced yesterday the dissident Germar Rudolf from JVA Mannheim prison has been released. On October 19, 2005, Rudolf was arrested in the United States and deported to Germany. On arrival, he was arrested by police authorities and transferred to a prison in Stuttgart-Stammheim in Baden-Württemberg. In March 2007, the Mannheim District Court sentenced Rudolf to two years and six months in prison for inciting hatred, disparaging the dead, and libel.

                  Some turbulent years preceded this. In the early ’90s Rudolf was into research and appraisals of the Auschwitz gas chamber complex. Since his...

                  The Very Long Arm of Egalitarian Propaganda (by Christopher Donovan, published Tuesday, 07 July 2009 06:13)

                  Life events have brought me into increasing contact with Central Pennsylvania, a vast tract of mountainous, rolling farmland stretching between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. I think it was James Carville who derided Pennsylvania as those two cities "and Alabama without Blacks in between."

                  There is something to that description. It is not a wealthy area, and it is mostly white. In many ways, it is indeed "Appalachian America," both by the mountains and the markers. I see more Confederate flags here than in many places south of the Mason-Dixon line. Are these the Scots-Irish of David Hackett Fisher's wonderful book Albion's Seed , the later German farmers, or a mixture? I don't know, but I am discovering.

                  As I am wont to do, I take the opportunity where I can to explore. One thing I've discovered is just how far the reach of egalitarian...

                  US denies giving Israel green light for Iran attack (by Agencies, published Tuesday, 07 July 2009 12:09)


                  With the media brimming with talk of a US go-ahead for an Israeli war on Iran, the Obama administration moves to deny that it has given Israel the "green light" for any such strike.

                  State Department spokesman Ian Kelly rejected the impression that US Vice President Joe Biden's earlier remarks could be seen as giving Israel a green light to attack Iran.

                  Biden said on Sunday that the United States would not stand in the way of Israel if it chose to take military action against the Iranian nuclear program.

                  In an interview broadcast on ABC, Biden said the US "cannot dictate to another sovereign nation what they can and cannot do."

                  "Israel can...

                  In China, Uighurs pour into streets as toll rises (by Agencies, published Tuesday, 07 July 2009 12:47)


                  Hundreds of Uighurs poured into the streets of Urumqi to protest against mass arrests made following deadly ethnic unrest in the western Chinese city. 

                  At least 200 people -- mostly elderly women and women with children -- staged a demonstration in Urumqi and faced off against police on Tuesday, claiming that their relatives had been arrested arbitrarily. 

                  By Tuesday morning, Chinese police had arrested at least 1,434 people in connection with the Sunday riots, which has so far left 156 people dead and over 800 others wounded. 

                  Protesters told foreign reporters, who were taken to the area by government officials to witness the damage caused by Sunday's violence, that those...

                  Zionist Fanatics Practice Serial Vandalism in Paris (by Administrator, published Tuesday, 07 July 2009 13:04)

                  Thousands of books drenched in cooking oil – that is the latest exploit of the Zionist fanatics who regularly attack property and people in Paris and get away with it.

                  In the early afternoon of Friday, July 3, five men, mostly masked, stormed into the “Resistances” bookstore located in a quiet residential neighborhood of the 17th arrondissement in northwest Paris. To the startled women working in the shop, as well as two customers, they announcing that they were from the Jewish Defense League and began ripping books off shelves and tables, dousing them heavily with cooking oil, and then smashing four computers before leaving rapidly in a waiting vehicle.

                  The bookstore is owned and operated by Olivia Zemor and Nicolas Shashahani, who are also the leaders of the very active militant group...

                  Israeli blockade brings Gaza trade to standstill (by Sherine Tadros, Aljazeera English, published Tuesday, 07 July 2009 13:13)

                  Once wealthy business owners, the Shamaly family of Gaza now farms smuggled livestock to survive a crippling Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian family says it has no other options for work, since the two-year-old blockade put an end to its bustling construction business.

                  Minister calls for housing partition (by Jonathan Cook, published Tuesday, 07 July 2009 13:22)

                  orthodox jews

                  Israel’s housing minister called for strict segregation between the country’s Jewish and Arab populations last week as he unveiled plans to move large numbers of fundamentalist religious Jews to Israel’s north to prevent what he described as an “Arab takeover” of the region.

                  Ariel Atias said he considered it a “national mission” to bring ultra-Orthodox Jews – or Haredim, distinctive for their formal black and white clothing – into Arab areas, and announced that he would also create the north’s first exclusively Haredi town.

                  The new settlement drive, according to Mr Atias, is intended to revive previous failed efforts by the state to “Judaise”, or create a Jewish majority in, the country’s heavily Arab north.


                  Analysts say the announcement is a disturbing indication that the Haredim, who have traditionally been hostile to Zionism because of their strict...

                  Even Hitler's Name Wasn't Changed (by Roy Tov, published Tuesday, 07 July 2009 13:52)

                  I was born to Jewish parents. Some of my more distant family died in the European Wars of the 20th century. Yet, I am a Christian. My conversion was a long process. When I was a student at an Israeli high-school on a kibbutz in the Jordan Valley, I learned that Jesus' name in Hebrew had been changed so that it is now an acronym meaning "Be His Name and Memories Forgotten." Hitler's name had not been touched, hence - I thought - Jesus must have committed a very serious crime. Indeed he had. By putting the emphasis on faith and love he seriously threatened the Pharisees - later to be called Rabbis - and their monopoly on the interpretation of the Old Testament.

                  The Pharisees used their interpretation, called the Talmud, to create a convenient life for their group. For this, Jesus called them hypocrites. It...

                  Obama steps in to correct Biden on Israel (by Agencies, published Tuesday, 07 July 2009 22:37)


                  After Vice President Joe Biden suggested that the US would countenance Israel attacking Iranian nuclear sites, Barack Obama steps in to clarify the White House stance on the issue. 

                  In an interview with by cable television broadcaster CNN, President Obama was asked whether Washington had given Israel the go-ahead to strike Iran. He answered, "Absolutely not." 

                  The response came after Biden on Sunday said the US would not stand in the way of Israel in its decisions on Iran. 


                  “Israel can determine for itself... what's in their interest and what they decide to do relative to Iran and anyone else,” Biden said. “We...

                  Syria demands Golan on 'silver platter' (by Agencies, published Tuesday, 07 July 2009 22:42)


                  Syria calls on Israel to return the occupied Golan Heights after Tel Aviv sends word to Damascus that it will not cede the plateau on a 'silver platter'. 

                  During a meeting with German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Tuesday, President Bashar al-Assad said Syria would be willing to resume indirect Turkish-mediated peace talks as long as the focus of the talks would be on a complete Israeli withdrawal from the Golan Heights. 

                  Foreign Minister Walid Muallem said Syria wants the occupied plateau returned to it "on a silver platter." 


                  "It's our land and our right to have it back," added Muallem. 

                  Earlier on Monday, Israeli President Shimon Peres asked Steinmeier to deliver the...

                  Dick Holbrooke - The Zionist Agent in Obama's Viet Nam (by Christopher Bollyn, published Tuesday, 07 July 2009 23:08)

                  War weary Americans who hoped the new Obama administration would change U.S. policies in Iraq and Afghanistan and bring the troops home must be sorely disappointed. The only Americans coming home these days are those who have died in the senseless conflict. More troops are being sent to fight a war that is understood neither by the American public nor by the people doing the fighting.

                  Dick Holbrooke in Afghanistan in 2006. Understanding Holbrooke's mission in Central Asia requires knowing who this Zionist "master of...


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                  Rebel Newsflash Rebel Newsflash Digest of lastest articles from the Rebel site McFadden s Attempts to Abolish the Federal Reserve System (by Richard C. Cook,
                  Message 8 of 9 , Jul 8, 2009
                    Rebel Newsflash

                    Rebel Newsflash

                    Digest of lastest articles from the Rebel site

                    McFadden's Attempts to Abolish the Federal Reserve System (by Richard C. Cook, published Wednesday, 08 July 2009 05:05)

                    Louis T. McFadden (1876-1936): An American Hero - Dr. Ron Paul, the Republican candidate for the 2008 presidential nomination, is not the first U.S. politician to point to the abuses of the Federal Reserve System and call for its abolishment. Similar pleas to get rid of the Fed were made by Reps. Wright Patman (1893-1976) and Henry Gonzales (1916-2000), both Democratic congressmen from Texas and chairmen of the House Banking Committee.

                    Few recall, however, how controversial the Fed was when it was first proposed and then maneuvered through a recessing Congress just before...

                    Anti-G8 protests hit Italian capital (by Agencies, published Wednesday, 08 July 2009 05:52)


                    Italian students have clashed with riot police on the streets of the capital during protests against this week's Group of Eight summit in central Italy.

                    Police detained 38 activists Tuesday after protesters with covered faces blocked roads and set fire to garbage bins near a university in Rome. The police say French, German, and Polish citizens were among the detainees.

                    The three-day summit is scheduled to start later today in the quake-stricken city of L'Aquila.

                    About 15,000 police officers have been deployed to L'Aquila to ensure security during the gathering.

                    Separately, hundreds of students from La Sapienz University in Rome also demonstrated against the summit.

                    They were also protesting against the...
                    Israeli soldiers kidnap 13 Palestinian civilians (by Agencies, published Wednesday, 08 July 2009 05:56)


                    Zionist regime soldiers have invaded a number of towns in the West Bank and kidnapped 13 Palestinian civilians.

                    Local sources said on Tuesday that Zionist troops attacked the cities of Ramallah, Nablus, Bethlehem, and Hebron (al-Khalil), adding that they rummaged around, ransacked homes, and kidnapped 11 civilians.

                    In another attack on the same day, Israeli soldiers detained two young men after raiding their homes in the villages of Atil and Ilar in the northern sector of the occupied West Bank.


                    The Israeli army claims that the arrested people are all on what they call the "Wanted List".

                    Local sources said that the men have been taken to...

                    Worst of global crisis yet to come: WTO chief (by Agencies, published Wednesday, 08 July 2009 05:59)


                    World Trade Organization Director General Pascal Lamy says the ramifications of the global financial meltdown are still taking shape.

                    Speaking ahead of a G8 meeting, Lamy warned that the worst of the social and political effects of the economic crisis is still to come.

                    "The worst of the crisis in social terms is still to come, which means that the worst of the crisis in political terms is still to come," he told reporters in Geneva on Tuesday.

                    He went on to say that this could lead to greater pressure on governments to implement protectionist measures.

                    Therefore, "the stress test for...
                    Israel summons EU envoy (by Agencies, published Wednesday, 08 July 2009 06:01)


                    The Israeli Foreign Ministry has summoned EU ambassador Ramiro Cibrian-Uzal to reprimand him over the European Commission's criticism of Tel Aviv's settlement policy.

                    In an unusually harsh statement released Monday, the European Commission said Israel's settlement policy helps strangle the Palestinian economy and makes the Palestinian government more dependent on foreign aid.

                    "It is the European taxpayers who pay most of the price of this dependence," said the statement.

                    It also said that Israel is annexing fertile Palestinian lands to Israeli settlements and is constructing settlers-only roads in the West Bank, in addition to the hundreds of roadblocks.

                    On Tuesday, Israeli Foreign Ministry official Rafi Barak demanded an explanation for the statement and told Cibrian-Uzal, "The claims exceed the...

                    Amid G8 summit, China unrest sends president home (by Agencies, published Wednesday, 08 July 2009 06:04)


                    Chinese President Hu Jintao has cut short his attendance at a G8 summit in Italy to return home amid worsening ethnic tensions in the Xinjiang region.

                    Ethnic tensions between the Muslim Uighurs and Han Chinese population residing in the northwestern Chinese territory of Xinjiang have prompted riots that left 156 people dead on Sunday.

                    Hu flew back to Beijing early on Wednesday and left other officials at the helm of the Chinese delegation to the G8 talks in Rome, the Chinese Foreign Ministry confirmed on its website.

                    A planned presidential visit to Portugal has also been cancelled.

                    The Xinjiang regional capital Urumqi currently experiences relative calm following a lock-down of the city by authorities overnight.

                    Many columns...
                    The Synagogue of Satan (by Andrew C. Hitchcock, published Wednesday, 08 July 2009 06:28)

                    Andrew Hitchcock's Synagogue of Satan

                    The Synagogue of Satan is the first book ever to document the secret history of the evil conspirators responsible for wars, revolutions, and financial debacles around the world. It is a virtual encyclopedia of fresh new information and facts unmasking the Jewish Illuminati elite and their sinister goals and hidden influence. Here is just a part of the secrets you will discover in this eye-opening 320 page book.

                    Journalist Fired Over Flu Pandemic Lawsuit (by Kurt Nimmo, published Wednesday, 08 July 2009 06:49)

                    Austrian journalist Jane Bürgermeister, who recently filed criminal charges with the FBI against the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations (UN), and several high ranking government and corporate officials concerning bioterrorism, has been fired from her job. “On Monday, I was unexpectedly fired from my job as European Correspondent of the Renewable Energy World website,” Bürgermeister writes on her blog.

                    “Because there is reason to believe this decision was related to my filing charges alleging bioterrorism against the people of the USA and the rest of the world, and because I am entitled as a citizen to report a crime if there is credible evidence, I intend to file a lawsuit against Pennwell, a magazine,” she explains. “I have heard of other journalists fired or harassed for covering this subject.”

                    Journalist Fired Over Flu Pandemic Lawsuit
                    Jane Bürgermeister contends offshore banksters have cooked up an engineered flu virus in order to realize their eugenics plan for mass...

                    Obama's Cap and Trade Carbon Emissions Bill - A Stealth Scheme to License Pollution and Fraud (by Stephen Lendman, published Wednesday, 08 July 2009 11:55)

                    On May 15, HR 2454: American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (ACESA) was introduced in the House purportedly "To create clean energy jobs, achieve energy independence, reduce global warming pollution and transition to a clean energy economy."

                    In fact, it's to let corporate polluters reap huge windfall profits by charging consumers more for energy and fuel as well as create a new bubble through carbon trading derivatives speculation. It does nothing to address environmental issues, yet on June 26 the House narrowly passed (229 - 212) and sent it to the Senate to be debated and voted on. More on that below.

                    On March 31, Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman and Energy and Environment Subcommittee Chairman Edward Markey released a...

                    G8 convenes in Italy amid dire economic forecast (by Agencies, published Wednesday, 08 July 2009 12:04)


                    Leaders of the Group of Eight (G8) industrialized nations have gathered in Italy to evaluate the global economic downturn, whose "worst" political and social effects are yet to come.

                    The annual G8 summit, set against a backdrop of anti-G8 protests, will be held from Wednesday to Friday in the earthquake-hit city of L'Aquila, where nearly 300 people were killed in April.

                    But as G8 leaders and a host of emerging powers arrive at the city, World Trade Organization chief Pascal Lamy issued a stern warning of what they should expect when discussing the financial outlook, AFP reported.

                    "The worst of the crisis in social terms is still to come," Lamy said. "The worst of the crisis in political terms is still to come."

                    The bulk of...

                    US calls for 'even stricter' sanctions on Iran (by Agencies, published Wednesday, 08 July 2009 12:15)


                    Amid White House plans to address the issue of the Iranian nuclear program, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says the US will push for "even stricter" sanctions to be imposed on Tehran.

                    "We would ask the world to join us in imposing even stricter sanctions on Iran to try to change the behavior of the [Iranian] regime," Clinton said in an interview with the private television network Globovision which was broadcast late Tuesday.

                    She expressed the White House concern regarding what she termed as Iran's "pursuit of nuclear weapons", saying it could "be very destabilizing in the Middle East and beyond".

                    Iran says its activities are in line with its obligations under the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and are aimed at the civilian...

                    At G8, Russia will push for new reserve currency (by Agencies, published Wednesday, 08 July 2009 12:19)


                    Russia will raise the idea of a new international reserve currency at the meeting of the Group of Eight leading economic nations, top Kremlin economic aide Arkady Dvorkovich says.

                    He said that although Russia would not try to undermine the US dollar, there is a more immediate opportunity for some currencies to play a greater regional role, Reuters reported.

                    Dvorkovich, who was speaking to journalists on the eve of the G8 summit that begins in Italy on Wednesday, said the opportunity for new reserve currencies should be addressed during the G8 meeting.

                    China and Russia "will state that the creation of any reserve currencies is a gradual process that needs evolutionary development," he added. "This...

                    Israel takes war on Iran underground (by Agencies, published Wednesday, 08 July 2009 12:39)


                    Israeli intelligence services are trying to sabotage Iran's military and nuclear programs through tainted equipment and cyber attacks, a recent report says.

                    Israeli officials, weary of Iran's achievements in the nuclear field, have turned to cyber attacks to halt the country's development, Israeli sources told Reuters on Tuesday.

                    The appeal of such a method was heightened after officials in Washington made clear that they are not willing to support an attack on key Iranian nuclear facilities.

                    "We came to the conclusion that, for our purposes, a key Iranian vulnerability is in its on-line information," a recently retired Israeli security...

                    Stem cells used to make human sperm in UK lab (by Agencies, published Wednesday, 08 July 2009 12:42)


                    British scientists have used embryonic stem cells to create the world's first human sperm in the laboratory and mark a breakthrough in fertility treatment.

                    Only 11 years after the creation of the first human-embryonic-stem-cell, researchers at Newcastle University and the NorthEast England Stem Cell Institute (NESCI) created human sperm from stem cells.

                    According to a report published in Stem Cells and Development , within 10 years infertile couples can have a child which is genetically their own with the help of this technique.

                    "This is an important development as it will allow researchers to study in detail how sperm forms and lead to a better understanding of infertility...
                    UN ends public hearings on war crimes in Gaza (by Agencies, published Wednesday, 08 July 2009 12:48)


                    A UN team investigating possible war crimes in Gaza describes testimonies presented to the mission as "difficult to hear" after holding public hearings with the victims of the conflict.

                    On Tuesday, The fact-finding mission ended its four-day public hearings to gather witness testimony about alleged war crimes during Israel's three-week war on the Gaza Strip.

                    The UN inquiry team -- headed by Richard Goldstone, a Jewish South African judge -- held two days of public hearings in Gaza two weeks ago and another two-day in Geneva on Monday and Tuesday to give a chance to those who were not able to travel to Gaza to present their testimony.

                    Tel Aviv refused to cooperate with the UN Human Rights Council and did not allow the investigators to enter Israel, accusing the panel of being...

                    In League with Satan... (by Jungleboots91, published Wednesday, 08 July 2009 13:06)

                    Music By: Venom...

                    Long-haul flights triple blood clot risk (by Agencies, published Wednesday, 08 July 2009 13:36)


                    As some 2.5 billion passengers are expected to be traveling by air in 2010, long-haul flights have been linked with a triple risk of blood clot formation. 

                    The formation of blood clots in the veins, often in the legs, or venous thromboembolism (VTE) is considered as a potentially fatal condition as it may lead to pulmonary embolism if the clot travels to the lungs. 

                    While previous studies had reported conflicting results regarding the link between long-haul flights and the formation of potentially fatal blood clots, a new study confirms the association in some high-risk individuals. 


                    According to the study published in the  Annals of Internal Medicine , long-haul flights increase the risk of developing VTE by threefold. 

                    The risk...

                    Hamas' choice: Recognition or resistance in the age of Obama (by Ali Abunimah, published Wednesday, 08 July 2009 13:53)


                    In a major policy speech on 25 June 2009, Khaled Meshal, the head of Hamas' political bureau, tried to do what may be impossible: present the Islamist Palestinian resistance organization as a willing partner in a US-led peace process, while holding on to his movement's political principles and base. [1]

                    This is the dilemma that every Palestinian leadership, and perhaps almost every liberation movement, has eventually had to confront. It is a...

                    Shalit, Israel, and Hypocrisy (by Iyad Romel, published Wednesday, 08 July 2009 13:54)

                    Last week marked the three-year anniversary of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit’s captivity in the Gaza Strip. After the cross border raid on an Israeli army post by Hamas and other splinter groups, headlines of Shalit’s capture circulated through Western media declaring, “BREAKING NEWS: ISREALI SOLDIER KIDNAPPED.” Almost instantly, politicians across the world called for the release of Shalit, a reaffirming indication of the political ties between Israel and various Western powerhouses. Not surprisingly, no Western politician has ever called or pressured for the release of Palestinian prisoners―I’d be surprised if they could name a single one. Hypocritically, world leaders and public figures petition for the release of one POW (Prisoner of War), while Israel keeps thousands of Palestinians in custody without fair trial. These acts of war don’t make CNN headlines, not even one. Shalit did, and it’s just absurd.

                    Shalit, captured in combat, is a POW—not a civilian. He was, and still is, a soldier in the Israeli army who served with occupying troops along...

                    Neutralizing a Nation (by Joharah Baker, published Wednesday, 08 July 2009 14:09)


                    It is not always about overt political displays when it comes to what defines our conflict with the Israelis. It is easy to become wrapped up in the grandiose issues such as borders, settlements, the separation wall, refugees, Jerusalem, water and so on and so forth. After all, these are the disputes that must ultimately be resolved in order for this conflict to end justly and permanently. But let us put such matters aside for the purpose of this article. There is an underlying, extremely insidious and equally effective rationale that Israel uses in regards to the Palestinians of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem that is a sort of preparation, a way of setting the stage for the imposition of their own terms regarding the abovementioned issues.

                    As much as this conflict is about the political dimensions everyone knows all too well, it is also about the forced transformation of the...

                    Offering Israel new opportunities for obstruction (by Hasan Abu Nimah, published Wednesday, 08 July 2009 20:50)


                    Will Arab states give Israel more incentives for peace or more opportunities for obstruction by including 56 Muslim states in their peace initiative?

                    Israel has never been short of pretexts for obstructing progress towards a Middle East peace settlement. But recent moves to push Arab and Muslim states to normalize ties with Israel as a reward for agreeing to freeze settlement construction will likely provide Israel with more opportunities for obstruction rather than incentives for cooperation.

                    The Arab Peace Initiative (API), approved by the 2002 Beirut Arab summit, offered Israel full peace and normal ties with all 22 members of the Arab...

                    Eye of the Storm (by Texe Marrs, published Wednesday, 08 July 2009 21:26)

                    "For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind." Hosea 8:7

                    As bad as things are today, could America and the world soon plunge headlong into a fiery era of ever unfolding misery and tragedy? Raised as a boy along the hurricane-prone Gulf Coast of Texas, my family and I were well aware that after the worst of hurricanes move ashore and wreak havoc, there comes a brief time when all seems calm. The howling winds die down and the torrential downpour of rain abates. People experience a false sense of relief. Then comes the deluge. You realize that you were only in the center, in the eye of the storm, and that there was much more to come. The natural tragedy continues, roaring on to its historical destiny as a killer hurricane.

                    Likewise, America and the planet seem to have only entered the eye of the storm. The worst of the dark night of evil is yet to come, and when the...

                    The EU Dithers on Israel (by Isabelle Avran, published Wednesday, 08 July 2009 21:57)

                    On 23 April, the European Commission published its assessment of the EU’s relations with Israel, as part of its report Implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy . This came three months after the end of Israel’s assault on Gaza, and three weeks after the election of Benyamin Netanyahu -- leader of a government that is further to the right than any in his nation’s history.

                    The report noted: “Any review of bilateral EU-Israel relations, including in the context of the ENP [European Neighbourhood Policy] Action Plan, must take into account the persisting Israeli-Arab conflict and the overall political developments in the Middle East. Continued and even accelerated expansion of settlements in 2008 had a negative impact both on the peace process and on access and movement for the Palestinian population and economy. This was further compounded by the lack of progress on a number of commitments made in the framework of the Action Plan, such as on facilitating Palestinian trade.”

                    The report also underlined the worsening situation for the Palestinians: “The launch of Operation Cast Lead in Gaza at the end of the reporting...

                    Israel's Unpredictability and Iranian Elections (by Kourosh Ziabari, published Wednesday, 08 July 2009 23:06)

                    Unpredictability and irregularity have long been the large-scale Iran policy implemented by the people residing in Beit Hanassi and Beit Aghion, representing the long-term objectives of Israeli statesmen and conservative pundits recommending how to cope with Iran, a so-called member of the “Axis of Evil”.

                    The 10 th Presidential Elections of June 12 in Iran that resulted to the reelection of incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, along with the extensive aftermath and consequences the official announcement of his victory brought, created a venue both for world leaders and global media outlets to make some hullabaloo, stir chaos, and provoke international conflict, if possible; Israel was among the entities that clutched the opportunity consummately.

                    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with U.S. President Barack Obama in the Oval Office
                    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with U.S. President Barack Obama in the Oval Office (Doug Mills / New York...
                    'Rules of Disengagement: The Politics and Honor of Military Dissent' (by Stephen Lendman, published Wednesday, 08 July 2009 23:44)

                    Reviewing Marjorie Cohn and Kathleen Gilberd's book

                    Marjorie Cohn is a Distinguished Law Professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego where she's taught since 1991 and is the current President of the National Lawyers Guild. She's also been a criminal defense attorney at the trial and appellate levels, is an author, and writes many articles for professional journals, other publications, and numerous popular web sites.

                    Her record of achievements, distinctions, and awards are many and varied - for her teaching, writing, and her work as a lawyer and activist for peace, social and economic justice, and respect for the rule of law. Cohn's previous books include "Cameras in the Courtroom: Television and the Pursuit of Justice" and "Cowboy Republic: Six Ways the Bush Gang Has Defied the Law."

                    Her newest book just out, co-authored with Kathleen Gilberd (a recognized expert on military administrative law), is titled "Rules of...

                    Are Markets being Manipulated by 'Rogue Traders'? (by Danny Schechter, published Thursday, 09 July 2009 00:02)

                    There’s New Evidence to Suggest that Crime In The Financial Markets is Rife

                    New York, New York: Everyone has heard of the Wikipedia but not everyone knows about the Investopedia , a Forbes website, that monitors finance for market players. One of the issues it is concerned about is market manipulation, actions by rogue and not so rogue players who, working alone or together, unduly influence the way our supposed “free” markets function.

                    It is a fascinating source of information for the uninitiated who hear the daily reports on the ups and downs of the Dow and believe that somehow it is all part of the natural order of the universe.

                    It isn’t.

                    Thanks to an even more informative web site, Gamingthemarket.com, we learn that in fact markets are subject to, prone to, and characterized by all...

                    US denies deal with Israel over settlements (by Agencies, published Thursday, 09 July 2009 00:12)


                    The US has denied a report that it has reached a compromise that would allow Israel to continue the construction of settlements that has already begun.

                    "That report in that Israeli media outlet is inaccurate," State Department Spokesman Ian Kelly said after the Maariv newspaper reported that the Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak and US envoy George Mitchell had struck such a deal.

                    "Our bottom line is the same. It has not changed," Kelly said.

                    "And that's that all parties in the region have to honor their obligations," Kelly added.

                    On Wednesday, Maariv reported that the compromise was reached during a meeting in London on Monday between the Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak...

                    'US to hand over Iranian diplomats to Iraq' (by Agencies, published Thursday, 09 July 2009 00:17)


                    Five Iranian diplomats kidnapped in the northern Iraqi city of Arbil in 2007, will be handed to the Iraqi government soon, an Iraqi source has unveiled.

                    "The Iraqi government is insisting that the diplomats should be handed to Iraq even sooner than the date the two countries [the US and Iraq] had earlier agreed on," the Iraqi official who spoke on condition of anonymity noted, IRNA reported.

                    In January 2007, US forces raided the Iranian Consulate in Arbil and arrested five diplomats.

                    The source said that the diplomats were supposed to be handed to the Iraqi government within a week but at the Iraqi Prime Minister's insistence...
                    Members of Jewish militant group arrested in Paris (by Agencies, published Thursday, 09 July 2009 00:24)


                    Four members of an extremist Jewish militant group have been detained over an attack on a Paris bookstore run by pro-Palestinian activists.

                    Aged between 16 and 26, the members of the Jewish Defense League were arrested in Paris and its suburbs and taken into custody on suspicion of trashing the store.

                    Masked vandals burst into the shop, armed with sticks and bottles of oil early on Friday afternoon, smashing the computers and cash till, pulling books off the shelves and emptying bottles of oil on the floor.

                    Known for its support for the Palestinian cause, the bookstore in the northwestern 17th district of Paris has been attacked several times before.

                    Fresh US drone attacks kills dozens in Pakistan (by Agencies, published Thursday, 09 July 2009 00:29)


                    US drones targeting suspected militants have fired missiles killing about thirty people in Pakistan's troubled South Waziristan, leaving dozens injured.

                    The Wednesday strike was the second drone attack of the day in the area controlled by Pakistan militant chief Baitullah Mahsud.

                    The death toll is expected to rise as some of the injured are said to be in critical condition.

                    At least 14 people were killed during a similar attack earlier in the day which took place in the same region near the Afghan border.

                    Hundreds of...


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