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RE: [Unmuzzled Ox] Kirby Olson, resurrected!

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  • Kirby Olson
    Dear Michael, Like Jesus if in only this one respect I ve resurrected. Basically what happened on the Real Poetik list is that somehow I left in the magical
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 28, 2005
      Dear Michael, Like Jesus if in only this one respect I've resurrected.

      Basically what happened on the Real Poetik list is that somehow I left in
      the magical code that allows me to post. And somebody sent to the post, and
      then bang everybody began to respond to them, which means the one line
      contest is somewhat damaged. It seems now that all the people who kept
      their cool enjoyed the thing, and especially enjoyed all the famous poets
      such as Susan Howe and others revealing their secret email addresses and
      also the way in which they express their irritation.

      And the hotmail business! I get penis enlargement ads from about fifty
      companies every day. I delete them and or block them but if I am not there
      to play goalie they get in. I was tied up in Florida grading Advanced
      Placement exams for high school seniors. The students were asked to discuss
      the rhetorical strategies in a mock press release from the satirical journal
      The Onion which is based in NYC. The mock press release was about a new
      shoe insert that did reflexology while you walked, and it got your foot in
      tune with the earth by adjusting its energy frequency. The thing was quite
      funny. We had a million of these responses to grade. There were 700 of us
      to do the grading, and so we each had to read about 1500 responses most of
      whom or a large plurality of whom, didn't even understand that it was a
      humorous article making fun of American commercial claims and scientific
      quackery. Students had to understand the article's humor and make
      insightful statements regarding the way in which the satire worked. They
      had forty minutes to do it. If they succeeded in their task they don't have
      to take freshman English this coming autumn at their respective schools. I
      would say about twenty percent accomplished this task.

      Enough to make you cry and laugh at the same time. Then I was exhausted and
      had to bring my Finnish father in law back to Kennedy airport and crawl
      along the crummy Van Wyck "Expressway" which always seems to go five mph.
      Is there an alternate route to Kennedy?

      But now I'm back and will try to play goalie in this stupid email system so
      that I can get legitimate messages such as those from this marvelous group.
      By the way, did you publish American Express? Do you still have copies of
      Corso's only novel floating about? What do you think it was about? A lot
      of Corso's work remains mysterious to me even if I spent several years
      working on my book about it.

      I had intended to get Roger Richard to explain everything to me at some
      point. He had been Corso's close friend for years but he died a year ago I
      am to understand. I've asked his widow to contribute to my proposed book of
      Corso Anecdotes. We'll see. I especially need the women who knew Corso
      well to contribute because since he was a Dionysian of sorts I suspect that
      his truest consorts were women.

      -- Kirby Olson

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