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Johnny Depp joins NAMBLA

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  • mandreox
    Sotheby s recently auctioned the sole printed copy of SODOM, Or the Gentleman Instructed/ A Comedy. By the E. of R. for $88,300. SONG Love a woman! You re an
    Message 1 of 40 , Nov 28, 2005
      Sotheby's recently auctioned the sole printed copy of "SODOM,
      Or the Gentleman Instructed/ A Comedy. By the E. of R." for $88,300.


      Love a woman! You're an ass!
      `Tis a most insipid passion
      To choose out for your happiness
      The silliest part of God's creation.

      Let the porter and the groom,
      Things designed for dirty slaves,
      Drudge in fair Aurelia's womb
      To get supplies for age and graves.

      Farewell, woman! I intend
      Henceforth every night to sit
      With my lewd, well-natured friend
      Drinking to engender wit.

      Then give me health, wealth, mirth, and wine
      And, if busy love entrenches,
      There's a sweet, soft page of mine
      Does the trick worth forty wenches.

    • souvienstoidemoublier
      It took a good while for this post to post, sometimes I wonder if there is some sort of computerized monitor system and that if certain words or content show
      Message 40 of 40 , Dec 5, 2005
        It took a good while for this post to post, sometimes I wonder if
        there is some sort of computerized monitor system and that if certain
        words or content show up, it gets sent somewhere for review or for a
        heads up somewhere

        --- In unmuzzledox@yahoogroups.com, souvienstoidemoublier <no_reply@y
        ...> wrote:
        > On the other hand, it sold a lot of flags, gave Lee Greenwood a
        > revival, caused a boom in the rubber glove industry [we might even
        > have gotten to see Bruce Springsteen, Peewee Herman, Rudy Guiliani,
        > Willie Nelson, Luciano Pavarroti, and Pamela Anderson on the same
        > stage] . . . you apparently didn't take milo-economics in college or
        > you would realize that you are in the syndicate and that what is
        > for the syndicate is good for you . . . the purported "freedom" of
        > Iraqis is actually the big downside of it all, freedom spreading
        > around takes away a lot of the oomph of Lee Greenwood's "I'm proud
        > be an American, where at least I know I'm free", if freedom gets
        > around all over the place, it won't be special, and pride is about
        > being special, and he might end up having to sing something like
        > mildly pleased with myself to be an American, where at least we
        > invented 'Gilligan's Island'" . . . this is why we NEED bad
        > around the world, so we can be proud to be an American.
        > However, we do have a rule, we can't have too many at the same time,
        > one or two is about it, the rest need to just take a number or buzz
        > off . . .
        > A number of years ago, I had an idea for a black comedy in which two
        > guys are stuck with several warehouses of yellow ribbons left over
        > from the Iran hostage situation so unfortunately resolved by Reagan
        > and North in order to take care of the Contras . . . so the two guys
        > scheme up some fake terrorist group to take hostages so that their
        > product will be back in demand.
        > Only it offends a number of dangerous parties in a number of
        > quarters . . .
        > --- In unmuzzledox@yahoogroups.com, "Kirby Olson" <kirbyolson2@h...>
        > wrote:
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > > Souvien is right that a better cost-benefit analysis could be done
        > in regard
        > > to the war than simply to say that freedom is priceless. Of
        > it's
        > > pricey.
        > >
        > > But it's hard to do the cost-benfit analysis very exactly. The
        > of the
        > > World Trade Strike cost New York State 108 billion dollars in
        > costs.
        > > Building down, people dead. In the following year about another
        > amount that
        > > big was drained due to businesses moving out of state, etc. The
        > indirect
        > > costs that came out of that in turn are very difficult to discern.
        > >
        > > The number of dead on both sides in the wars to follow are easier
        > > establish -- a little over 2000 soldiers.
        > >
        > > In the day of the WTC attack there were about 3500 lost if you
        > count
        > > those on the planes.
        > >
        > > Bin Laden did plan the WTC attack, but he had only a loose
        > understanding if
        > > anything with Hussein.
        > >
        > > Hussein did applaud the attack. He may have eventually made a
        > with Bin
        > > Laden. If so the resources of Hussein and Bin Laden together
        > have
        > > made for a monumental attack that would have dwarfed 9/11. It's
        > hard to
        > > know.
        > >
        > > When Reagan hit Qaddafi I was afraid there would be such a huge
        > attack but
        > > in fact Qaddafi stood down and that was the end of Libyan terror.
        > >
        > > Perhaps this kind of manly standing up and knocking the other down
        > is
        > > respected and understood in that part of the world.
        > >
        > > They certainly don't respect the Christian slaves of Darfur.
        > Genocide is
        > > going to be their lot and there seems to be little to stop it.
        > Oddly, the
        > > lleft never protests this. Maybe because the dead are Christians.

        > I don't
        > > know. They seem to only be squeamish about some dead, not others.
        > >
        > > As part of the cost-benefit analysis though of the dust-ups in the
        > Mid-East
        > > we'd have to compare it to the war for independence while
        > for
        > > inflation. I don't have the resources for this but I do know that
        > in the
        > > first battle that was fought in Brooklyn Washington lost almost
        > men.
        > >
        > > The little war of attrition that's going on now will sorely test
        > nerves.
        > > Some of the explosive devices are miraculously monstrous. How
        > you
        > > price out lives? How do you compare them to a vague goal or a
        > or less
        > > difficult concept to define such as freedom? A half million died
        > the
        > > Civil War.
        > >
        > > For Cindy Sheehan I'm sure the price of a hangnail would be too
        > even to
        > > establish electricity and running water. I'm not sure at what
        > Bush
        > > would cut and run. He's made of stronger stuff, I think. Just
        > doctrine
        > > argues that we have to be able to win the war. We can't endlessly
        > widow the
        > > population. I'd stay in there for three more years if I were Bush
        > and then
        > > see if Hillary or Condoleeza gets the next round. I'd just love
        > that
        > > match-up and all the wild debates.
        > >
        > > But Souvien is right -- war is pricey. So is peace at any price
        > which is
        > > what the left seems to want. I myself am a centrist -- perhaps
        > only one
        > > in existence.
        > >
        > > -- Kirby
        > >
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