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Girl after Mary Jane & Cheapo Andy

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  • mandreox
    She d say, No soft drugs! This was not a philosophy for life but we had fun for a while. In the cubby holes of swingers clubs, e.g. Plato s Retreat, she d
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      She'd say, "No soft drugs!" This was not a philosophy for life but we
      had fun for a while. In the cubby holes of swingers' clubs, e.g.
      Plato's Retreat, she'd snort and fuck and snort and fuck.

      Back then Gerard Malanga introduced me joyfully to Eric Emerson. Eric
      had starred in several Warhol films but had been out of New York for
      ten years. A few days after the introduction, I ran into Gerard. He
      was downcast. "You're not going to believe it," said Gerard, "but Eric
      was killed the very night you met him -- in an automobile accident."
      If I did believe it, I was a fool. Eric had taken too much heroin and
      grown comatose. His companions, believing he was dead, abandoned him
      on the sidewalk. He then rolled onto the street and was hit by a car.

      All this was long ago. At this very moment, however, Gerard Malanga
      and John Chamberlain are in court in Brooklyn over the authenticity of
      a painting either by or not by Andy Warhol.

      Gerard Malanga was the first editor of Interview. He complained
      constantly about his crummy wages. Then he went off to Europe, and,
      short of money, forged a Warhol portrait of Mao, and sold it to
      Warhol's Rome dealer. Or so Rumor often told me. Was it even a
      forgery? As I understand it, Andy did not actually paint these
      portraits. As often as not, it was Gerard. In any case, Warhol found
      out about the sale a week later. Gerard stayed abroad for years
      awaiting forgiveness. It came. Andy was not written up in the Lives of
      the Saints. But he was a Catholic and he did forgive.

      The painting in the Chamberlain matter dates from this period. Malanga
      was living in Great Barrington and painted some pseudo-Warhols. He
      considered them homages and did not try to sell them. However, over
      the years, these paintings fell into the possession of John
      Chamberlain. Chamberlain is a sculptor whom I've also published in my
      magazine Unmuzzled OX. Chamberlain sold a Malanga homage as an
      original Warhol. Gerard is suing.

      I had a bitter wrangle about money with Ingrid Sischy, years before
      she became editor of Interview. Ingrid was the new manager of Printed
      Matter, a store for artists' books. It was then on Lispenard Street.
      The previous manager liked Unmuzzled OX and ordered and sold many
      copies, but always on consignment. She was dismissed abruptly. Printed
      Matter was apparently losing money. When I asked Ingrid for payment,
      she refused. When I asked for the books back, she couldn't give them
      to me, because Printed Matter had sold them. I then mounted a high
      horse, alas.

      Andy Warhol would be 80-years-old were he still alive. I notice
      Ingrid's name has disappeared from the masthead of Interview. I cannot
      say alas. Not to sound like a wistful jerk but I hope Gerard gets
      some money for some of the many Warhols he has painted over the years.
      It would be just and overdue payment from the great, the fabulous, the
      long-dead Andy Warhol. The Times report on the trial slants towards
      Malanga. It might also be an honorable deed by John Chamberlain.
      It is hard to be an artist in Andy W s wake. I worked for Interview in 1983 (as a copy editor). I was paid $50 a day. I didn t do it for the money...but for
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        It is hard to be an artist in Andy W's wake. I worked for Interview in 1983 (as a copy editor). I was paid $50 a day. I didn't do it for the money...but for the "experience." When I first met Andy at Area, I told him I worked for him. He said, "Oh, that's interesting."

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