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98RE: [Unmuzzled Ox] Re: CITIES TO INHABIT

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  • Kirby Olson
    Jul 7, 2005
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      Michael, is there a Norwegian community in NYC? where? you mean the one in
      Brooklyn? Where is it, exactly?

      Your neighborhood could tip back. I live in a town with three streets --
      Main St. and then Elm St. (the elms are gone due to the nightmare of Dutch
      elm's) and then Second St. I live on a circle 8 adjacent to the town. When
      we moved in we were warned about the albino nutcase living across from us.
      He was the cocaine supplier to the entire Catskills region and when he got a
      shipment cars came every three minutes for hours at 2 am. But next door to
      him was the village policeman and he finally caught him with a supply in his
      house and the albino was shipped upstate. In his stead is now living a
      state policeman -- a tough young guy who spends a lot of time on his garden
      and mows his lawn twice a week and whose wife is preggers. It took him
      almost a year to clean up the mess of the albino's house (the albino was
      only renting -- he looked like a white gerbil with pink eyes) but the cop
      has bought the house and intends to stay.

      The sheriff lives just behind us. So they've got us surrounded. Most of
      the other people around are retired -- an electrician who worked for NYSEG,
      a guy who worked for the railroad, and so on. Everybody works on their
      gardens except for us, but the lady who owned the house before us planted
      perennials and they still come up as if by magic.

      I do mow the lawn but only once every ten days.

      We're 120 miles as the crow flies from NYC but you have to crawl on county
      roads so it takes 3 hours generally, but if you speed you can make it in
      1.5. Problem is every podunk is filled with police officers whose pay is
      made up of speeding tickets.

      160 police officers get killed every year in this country and 130 of them
      during routine traffic stops. They don't want you to stay in the car and
      would rather have you get out and put your hands on the roof of the car but
      they'd get sued the village cop has informed me. He's been shot at several
      times, but always by estranged husbands. Last week the cops shot a kid who
      came out of a house with a machete. This was in a town with two streets
      called Franklin.

      I envy European cities that don't permit every idiot to own a lethal weapon.
      I wonder if in Asia everybody is slaughtering cops and neighbors.

      -- Kirby

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