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887Re: [Unmuzzled Ox] Football on Thanksgiving

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  • Kirby Olson
    Dec 3, 2005
      I'd like to do more dancing. I have three small kids and we dance to an
      Australian pop group called the Wiggles. It's about the best thing about
      being a dad, I guess. We dance for an hour at a time, chasing each other
      around the living room. I think dancing can make a person less grumpy. The
      Japanese have a saying that dancing wipes away the disease of old age. Did
      anybody see the movie about the Japanese man who takes up the waltz? It's a
      neat movie.

      My family is fairly athletic and we were taught all the rougher sports as
      kids, but dancing was left out. I wish I could go dancing more often. I
      tried ballroom with my wife, and hope to take it up again as we get older
      and babysitting charges are turned into allowance funds for the tots.

      I used to work in a dance program at the University of Washington as
      department secretary. I was a lousy secretary.

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      >Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2005 10:26:41 EST
      >Dancing was part of my 6th grade physical ed class. We did a lot of square
      >dancing. Do people go to dances? I think we should all start dancing
      >and playing a little touch football. My ex-husband taught me to throw.
      >Before that, gym teachers would say, 'you throw like a girl.' I hated
      >class in Jr High and High school. We were taught field hockey and made to
      >on parallel bars. Then you had to take a shower in front of the lesbian
      >teachers. I also never learned to swim properly which was a horrible
      >when we moved from Colorado to Delaware where everyone was a member of a
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