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872Big City Schools

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  • mandreox
    Dec 1, 2005
      The public schools are the worst thing about New York. Paying for my
      son's tuition for grades one through eight was a great strain.
      Fortunately he passed the entrance exam for Stuyvesant High School, an
      elite public high school around the corner from my office. Now we only
      have to worry about college.

      --- Kirby Olson wrote:
      I have no idea what's being taught in the poorer neighborhoods.
      Probably survival. I got a note from a teacher who subbed in a
      Brooklyn High School. A kid snapped out the light and all the students
      threw their textbooks at him, and he was in a coma for a month.

      He's still being treated.

      I suppose you have to wear a hockey helmet and carry a big stick.
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