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54James Dean for a Day

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  • mandreox
    May 7, 2004
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      Craig Highberger's Superstar in a Housedress, a biography of
      Curtis, opened Wednesday at the Film Forum. Unlike all previous
      documentaries, I was in it. Yes, I can now say I was in a film
      with Taylor Mead and Holly Woodlawn.

      At the premiere, sitting behind two 6-foot-tall 300-pound
      transvestites, my friend Colette whispered, "Gee, Michael,
      I'll bet
      you're the only heterosexual in the movie." In fact I was
      serious, too intellectual, too somber. Craig follows my bit with
      Jackie's death.

      I'm too camera-shy to be a decent ham. But I am an admirer of
      camp--around long before Susan Sontag's famous essay--found,
      instance, full-blown in Charles Henri Ford's The Young and the
      from the 1930s.

      Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson were at the premiere. The rights
      to "Walk on the Wild Side" had been too expensive, I expect,
      Craig's budget.

      Jackie is just speeding away.

      Thought he was James Dean for a Day.