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38Dia: Beacon

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  • mandreox
    Jun 10, 2003
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      Drove up to Beacon Sunday with Sharon Gilbert to see Dia: Beacon, the
      new museum of Minimalism. Andy Warhol's Shadows had their gallery
      there, largely because Dia helped set up the Warhol Museum in
      Pittsburgh; and the two museums have the same architect. And Flavin,
      Beuys, Judd, and Palermo had their galleries. A docent was leading a
      tour as we sat in the Irwin gardens. Sharon said she thought the
      light on the Flavin was inappropriate. The docent said each gallery
      was set up with the active co-operation of each artist. We refrained
      from asking how Judd, Palermo, Warhol, Beuys and Flavin managed that,
      being dead.

      Rainy spring. Noah and the ark jokes are so common it's as if Noah
      drowned and the funeral was last week.