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1553Re: [Unmuzzled Ox] The last Beat On the Road

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  • bazink@aol.com
    Oct 16, 2008
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      drive with care


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      Subject: [Unmuzzled Ox] The last Beat On the Road

      I travel constantly. I have to drive back and forth between

      Philadelphia, New York, Montreal, Kingston and Toronto. I finally slid

      Matt Dillon's reading of On the Road into the car CD player. I was

      struck by the fact that Gregory Corso as I knew him in the middle and

      at the end of his life would have fit nicely into that book. Allen

      Ginsberg, on the other hand, had become a cross between a hammy public

      poet and too-shrewd p.r. dude. As Gregory wrote in "Canto CXXIX Ezra


      The people I used to like

      I don't like nYMORe

      They've chaNGED

      And because I don't change

      They'll have nothing to do with me

      So I disown myself from all of them --

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