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1534Re: Flames in Paradise

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  • mandreox
    Jul 19, 2008
      The 30 square mile monster fire was stopped about a half-mile from Len
      and Dustbooks.

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      > > Len Fulton lives in Paradise. Unfortunately a California wildfire is
      > > moving in on Paradise. Len publishes Dustbooks, and Dustbooks
      > > publishes directories of little magazines and small independent
      > > presses. If you're a serious writer, you know these books. Len also
      > > publishes a magazine called SPR, The Small Press Review. I write a
      > > column for SPR called New York Letter. Half of Paradise has now been
      > > evacuated. I hope it rains in Paradise.
      > ii Michael: I keep rejoining Yahoo groups so I can email you! Scary
      > stuff--I hope Len is OK. I liked your memories of Malanga message. I
      > only met him once, when I was on the Poetry Board of St Clements
      > Church in Hells Kitchen. We decided to build up the audience for our
      > poetry readings by inviting some "stars" to read, but the only one
      > anyone knew, besides Ted B, was Gerard. He came and gave a good
      > reading, as I recall. Laura Boss was a member of the group, and a
      > girlfriend for a while. She edited LIPS, but I think that mag is gone
      > now.
      > Clear All the Rest of the Way, my New and Selected, is getting some
      > attention, but not a lot. Len listed it as a recommended pick in SPR
      > though, which was nice, so now we are full circle and I wish him and
      > his good luck!
      > Warren Woessner
      > >
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