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1480Re: [Unmuzzled Ox] energy flows where attention goes

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  • James Beach
    Nov 5, 2007
      On the radio recently: after Steve Miller Band's "Fly Like an Eagle"--time keeps on slipping slipping slippin' into the future-- (no blending of tails and heads of songs, no commerical break) was one by the Beatles. I recalled the pairing put forth in a section of Michael Andre's memoirish offering "Mirror"; I liked the piece, and it stuck, and it came back to me via radio.

      So it appears I might've been incorrect in my light criticism concerning Andre's choice to juxtapose the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band's birthday with lyrics from (what I consider the lesser) Steve Miller Band in the otherwise fetching "Mirror". New pleasure in knowing that some body or some entity-- other than the author-- believes that the two bands can be successfully paired in the ear.

      Whether it was an automated computer playlist or a deejay's idea of a good mix is moot, and we could discuss a god or gods working through people and through machines, except that's off topic. Either way, any way, it's for sure a validation of what we can accomplish by becoming more aware of the powers of individual and collective energy.

      [BTW the subject line above is song lyrics by The Shamen, not original I'm sure, but they're on topic.]

      [The Beatles song, BTW, was "Back in the USSR"; I sought out the lyrics to it and saw once again that God's Plan<and this is generic reference to the laws of the universe and what humankind does to them> is beyond my reasoning and/or logic and/or emotive abilites. As it should be for an agnostic. Let me know if any one of you can shed a little light...]

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