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  • rsillima
    Feb 1, 2007


      Tell them Molly sent you

      Volver –
      a film with women
      in every major role

      May Day –
      Robert Kelly
      and the question of
      poems vs. poetry

      Kenny Goldsmith
      writes a blog
      on uncreative writing
      for Poetry Magazine!

      and the ensemble film
      of globalization

      Experimental Form
      and Issues of Accessibility
      (Susanne Dyckman, Rusty Morrison,
      Maxine Chernoff, Paul Hoover,
      and Jaime Robles)

      Daisy Fried
      should win
      the National Book Critics Circle Award
      by acclamation

      Confusing character transference
      with reading

      Nathaniel Mackey's
      Splay Anthem
      has to be read aloud

      IFLIFE, the poem,
      is Bob Perelman's love-hate story
      with the whole of poetry

      A guide to Bob Perelman's
      Guide to Homage to Sextus Propertius

      IFLIFE, the book,
      a dizzying display of mastery

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