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1307Communist Infiltration

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  • Michael Andre
    Sep 4, 2006
      The National Weather Service has named later storms this year Karl,
      Mao and Vladimir.

      --- In unmuzzledox@yahoogroups.com, mandreox <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > Fear is what quickens me, said James Wright. And me too. The news
      > said Hurricane Ernesto was coming to New York. Yippee, I thought. I
      > planned to go to a Staten Island Yankees game with Ruth Jensen,
      > Rutertoot, and to Jeff Wright's Labor Day party. Instead Nature
      > destroy us All. Hooray! I've seen the Staten Island Ferry cancelled
      > the terminals flooded and thought I'd see it again. I hung out at
      > WTC Ground Zero for six months after 9/11. I've revealed the
      > of CIA agents in the Small Press Review in an effort to embarrass
      > George Bush. Things was serious again: The End was back! Yippee!
      > Unfortunately Tropical Depression Ernesto has amounted to a rainy
      > The Small Press Review neglected to publish Part II of my
      > investigations into the CIA. Part Three, concerning the life of a
      > Narc, thus remains unwritten. My friend got kicked out of the CIA
      > allowing Sal Allende to commit suicide; was he also the marksman
      > shot Che in Bolivia?
      > I'm not telling.
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