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[media] Cries of 'media bias' hide sloppy thinking (Satullo, Chris)

http://www.philly.com/mld/inquirer/news/columnists/9759659.htm?1c (original) http://journalism.nyu.edu/pubzone/weblogs/pressthink/2004/10/04/satullo_view.html
Oct 5, 2004

[Iraq] The Thulfikar Army (Nelson, Soraya)

[COMMENT: I have been following the rise of the Thulfikar Army in some detail. Refer to these Shi'a Pundit posts for more details:
May 6, 2004

[Rwanda] Mille Collines (Tacitus)

[COMMENT: This is a travelouge of a blogger friend who traveled to Rwanda last year.] http://www.tacitus.org/story/2004/4/7/21938/25273 Right now I'm at a
Aziz H.Poonawalla
Apr 9, 2004

[technology] Timing is Everything - Microsoft Wins (Cringely, Rober

http://www.pbs.org/cringely/pulpit/pulpit20040401.html Timing is Everything Look at Anti-Trust Law as a Digital Design and -- Guess What -- Microsoft Wins By
Aziz H.Poonawalla
Apr 2, 2004

[Dean] The Front-Runner's Fall (Maslin, Paul)

http://www.theatlantic.com/issues/2004/05/maslin.htm The Atlantic Monthly | May 2004 The Front-Runner’s Fall The Dean implosion up close, from the vantage
Aziz H.Poonawalla
Mar 25, 2004

[Islam] Closing Address to the U.S.-Islamic World Forum (Clinton, B

http://www.brook.edu/fp/research/projects/islam/clinton20040112.pdf PRESIDENT CLINTON: Thank you very much. Your Excellency, thank you for your warm welcome
Aziz H.Poonawalla
Mar 11, 2004

[Dean] The media vs. Howard Dean (Boehlert, Eric)

http://salon.com/news/feature/2004/01/13/dean_media/print.html The media vs. Howard Dean Democrats haven't voted yet, but reporters have got the story: The
Aziz H.Poonawalla
Jan 14, 2004

[palestine] Who Shot Mohammed al-Dura? (Fallows, James)

http://www.theatlantic.com/issues/2003/06/fallows.htm The Atlantic Monthly | June 2003 Who Shot Mohammed al-Dura? The image of a boy shot dead in his helpless
Aziz H. Poonawalla
Jan 8, 2004

change in focus for the UNMEDIA group

Hello everyone, The UNMEDIA list is about two years old now - and I've realized that it has served its original purpose, which was to provide an outlet for the
Aziz Hatim Poonawalla
Jan 8, 2004

[Dean] Ninja power? (Gorenfeld, John)

http://www.salon.com/ent/feature/2004/01/08/ninja_dean/print.html Dean: Ninja power? For months, a rumor that Howard Dean played a minor role in a 1980s
Aziz H.Poonawalla
Jan 8, 2004

[Iraq] Painting Hussein's Portrait

http://nytimes.com/2003/12/16/opinion/16TUE1.html Saddam Hussein has long been an obsession for the world, and particularly the United States. Yet Iraq was so
Aziz H.Poonawalla
Dec 18, 2003

[South-Asia] Dear Bangladesh (Richard L. Benkin)

http://www.jewsweek.com/bin/en.jsp? enPage=BlankPage&enDisplay=view&enDispWhat=object&enDispWho=Article% 5El890&enZone=Opinions&enVersion=0& Bangladesh is a
Nov 25, 2003

[Iraq] Cheney's long path to war (Mark Hosenball, Michael Isikoff a

http://msnbc.com/news/991209.asp?0cv=CB20 Cheney’s Long Path to War The Hard Sell: He sifted intel. He brooded about threats. And he wanted Saddam gone. The
Aziz H.Poonawalla
Nov 14, 2003

File - UNMEDIA Posting Guidelines

Welcome to UNMEDIA ! Posting Guidelines 1. Subject line format Please use the following format for all subject lines, so that messages are easy to filter,
Sep 1, 2003

[politics] Bush 'Compassion' Agenda: A Liability in '04? (Bumiller,

http://www.nytimes.com/2003/08/26/politics/26MEMO.html?hp=&pagewanted=print&position= August 26, 2003 POLITICAL MEMO Bush 'Compassion' Agenda: A Liability in
Aziz H.Poonawalla
Aug 28, 2003
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