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18 openings at IMT-Lucca ITALY

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  • Ugo Montanari
    IMT - Institute for Advanced Studies, Lucca, Italy PhD School in Computer Science and Engineering Call for applications: 12 PhD positions, deadline October 28
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2010
      18 openings at IMT-Lucca ITALY
      IMT - Institute for Advanced Studies, Lucca, Italy
      PhD School in Computer Science and Engineering
      Call for applications:
      12 PhD positions, deadline October 28
      5  assistant professor positions, deadline November 15
      1  full professor position, deadline October 7

      IMT - Institute for Advanced Studies
      IIMT (http://www.imtlucca.it/) is located in Lucca (Italy). It aims at pushing the frontiers of knowledge and at contributing to the formation of international professional elites for business and institutions. Ph.D. programs are taught exclusively in English.
      The PhD School in Computer Science and Engineering aims at preparing researchers and professionals with broad training in the foundations of informatics as well as in applications to a variety of cutting-edge systems and disciplines.
      Within IMT there is a research area on Computer Science and Applications that currently includes senior visiting professors (Rocco De Nicola, Luciano Lenzini, Ugo Montanari) and a number of young assistant professors. Many scientists from Italy and abroad visit for advanced seminars and research collaborations. The research area is closely connected with the doctoral program.

      PhD Positions
      12 PhD Positions in Computer Science and Engineering.
      Research topics: architectures and languages for global and grid computing, web systems and services, in particular for business applications, embedded systems, web data mining, wired and wireless networks, mobile systems.
      6 scholarships (about ± 13.638 EUR gross yearly) plus accommodation and full board.
      6 positions to be funded with internal projects or third-party scholarships all those come with a research budget of 3.000 EUR and free meals (lunch and dinner).
      Program Board: Marco Ajmone Marsan, Paolo Ciancarini, Rocco De Nicola, Carlo Ghezzi, Luciano Lenzini, Ugo Montanari (coordinator), Antonio Prete.
      Deadline for application is October 28, 2010.

      Assistant Professor Positions
      5 Assistant Professor Positions.
      Research topics:
      * Global Computing
      * Networking Systems Engineering
      * Computer Science Applications to Cultural Heritage Sites
      * Complex Data and Image Analysis
      * Industrial Energy Efficiency
      The remuneration package is competitive at an international level and includes generous research funds. The duration of the contract is of 3 years, renewable for additional 3 years. Specific terms of appointment are negotiated individually.
      Deadline for application is Nov 15, 2010. Short visits at Lucca are possible, and welcomed.

      Full Professor Positions
      Tenured Full Professor position in Computer Science (only transferring from another Italian University - Italian SSD: INF-01)
      Profile: Software Systems for Global Computing. Candidates should be actively involved in the fields of foundations and process description languages for distributed systems, and in particular regarding software systems for global computing, with applications to service oriented computing.
      Deadline for application is October 7, 2010.

      For further information please contact rpo@....


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