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boulder meeting fall 2003

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  • Walter Taylor
    Meeting Announcement Boulder, Colorado October, 2003 We take great pleasure in announcing that the October, 2003 meeting of the AMS, in Boulder, Colorado, will
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      Meeting Announcement

      Boulder, Colorado

      October, 2003

      We take great pleasure in announcing that the October, 2003
      meeting of the AMS, in Boulder, Colorado, will feature a Special
      Session entitled Algebras, Lattices, Varieties. The organizers
      of this Special Session are Keith Kearnes, Agnes Szendrei and
      Walter Taylor. The Special Session is announced at


      Officially, this is a Joint Central and Western Section Meeting of
      the AMS, Meeting #989. It will take place on the campus of the
      University of Colorado, Boulder. The exact dates are October 2-4,
      2003. (Thursday, Friday and Saturday). The University itself will
      be on Fall Break during this period. It is almost always a beautiful
      time to be in Colorado.

      It should be noted that we (Kearnes, Szendrei and Taylor) are organizing
      only the mathematical program of the Special Session (its 20-minute
      talks, and any social event that might be planned for our group). All other
      aspects of the meeting (the overall calendar, hour speakers, audiovisual
      needs, room assignments, coffee breaks, most special events, registration
      and fees, hotel arrangements, and so on), are handled by the AMS through
      a local organizing committee.

      We would very much like to hear from you if you are interested in
      attending this meeting, and especially if you would like to give a
      20-minute talk. Our Session will consist mostly of twenty-minute talks.
      We have been allotted time for about 22 such speakers -- fewer
      if one or two talks are extended to 30 minutes. Therefore, in
      the case of an enthusiastic response, the organizers will need
      to make a selection from among those submitted. In order to help
      people with planning, we will make a first selection by the first
      of April, 2003. A further announcement will occur about that time,
      indicating whether there is any room for further submissions.

      Therefore, if you would like to speak, we ask you to send us a title
      and a rough or tentative abstract, well prior to April 1, 2003.
      Participants are advised, that IN ORDER TO BE INCLUDED IN THE PROGRAM,
      prior to the deadlines announced here:
      This submission may be done on the web; please consult
      AMS rules require abstracts to be of unpublished work.

      The standard audiovisual equipment made available to speakers by the
      AMS consists of one overhead projector and one screen. (Moreover, one
      may safely assume that an assigned classroom at CU will have a
      blackboard.) Beyond this, we don't know at this point what will
      be available to us. If you will be needing any equipment beyond
      the AMS standard, please let us know. Until we know further how
      things shape up, we cannot make any guarantees, but we will do
      what we can.

      Neither the organizers nor the AMS have access to any funds to defray
      any costs associated with attending the meeting. All attendees
      (including speakers) are expected to pay the usual registration fee.

      This announcement will be posted and e-mailed to a number of sources
      (notably the Algebra Universalis web-available list, and the yahoo
      list maintained by Bill Rowan), but obviously some people somewhere
      will be missed. We urge you to share the announcement with anyone you
      think might have missed it. Please add the announcement to any electronic
      bulletin board where it seems appropriate.

      For an announcement of the Meeting, with links (or planned links) to
      a list of invited speakers, schedules, and so on, see

      We sincerely hope to see you here in Boulder, October, 2003.

      Keith Kearnes
      Agnes Szendrei
      Walter Taylor
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