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Arizona Republic gets it wrong on New START

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  • forabetterunitednations
    Dear Editor, Robert Robb s November 20 Don t blame Kyl for START treaty holdup is completely wrong on two basic points. First, he says we need a robust
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2010

      Dear Editor,

      Robert Robb's November 20 "Don't blame Kyl for START treaty holdup" is completely wrong on two basic points. 

      First, he says we need "a robust commitment to modernization that the Obama administration has not demonstrated."

      How can Robb not know that in fact Obama has proposed $80 billion over ten years for National Nuclear Security Administration weapons activities and $100 billion for updating or replacing strategic nuclear delivery systems?   

      Modernization means jobs for Arizonans.

      The second point: "[C]onservatives . . .  are solidifying in opposition.   But that's not Kyl's fault. It is the fault of the Obama administration for not negotiating a treaty and pursuing a nuclear-deterrent policy that enjoyed broader support." 

      On the contrary, six former Secretaries of Defense, six former Secretaries of State, current Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, and Admiral Mullen all agree on New START.  Colin Powell, viewed favorably by 70 percent of Americans, has come out in "full support."

      Arizonans should demand that Senators Kyl and McCain put Arizona jobs, American security, and the future of humanity's ability to reign in nuclear weapons ahead of holding New START hostage to a $700 billion tax cut for millionaires and billionaires. 

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