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126Please Do Not Return To Your Supermarket Until You Read This!

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  • wendymcdonald79
    Feb 5, 2006
      Just prior to having children, I worked in a large corporation as a
      Quality Assurance Specialist for 15 years. My job was to examine
      programs to make sure that they offered our clients the best possible
      services. Unfortunately this job made me very cynical and very
      critical of almost everything that I ever come across. These offers
      that are mailed to my home, emails, etc. In fact I think I only made
      two recommendations for different programs in my entire life. I am now
      ready to make a third. Only because I was with a friend when she
      received $197.79 worth of groceries for $12.63 I immediately had an
      interest in how she did it. She told me that she joined the sampler
      package at http://savemorethanever.com Seeing what she saved I did the
      same thing that afternoon. I got the entire kit in about 5 days and
      checked out each program while i found a few minor improvements that
      could be made the overall quality of each program was better than
      anything I have seen in years. The real test was when I went to the
      supermarket and saved 87% on my grocery bill. This is one of those
      very rare recommendations that I will make!