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    TO: Members and Friends of the United Nations Association It is time for an update on the activities of your local chapter of the UN Association. There has
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      TO: Members and Friends of the United Nations Association

      It is time for an update on the activities of your local chapter of the UN Association. There has been a lot going on. I hardly know where to begin.

      First: Let's start with our website, www.una-okc.org. I have been updating it with new items several times each month -- so it is always fresh with information and announcements you probably won't see anywhere else. If you haven't visited it lately, please be sure to check it out:

      <> www.una-okc.org 

      Second: When you visit the website, please read the story about the UN in Afghanistan. It is an article that tries to show how the United Nations is providing valuable services to Afghanistan -- in order to support stability in that fragile nation. In many ways, the UN is helping to create the conditions there that will allow US and NATO troops to eventually withdraw. (The sooner, the better -- in my humble opinion).

      Third: One of the constant challenges of any local chapter of the UN Association is to tell the story of the good works of the UN. It is a difficult task. The United Nations is one of the most under-appreciated institutions. Throughout America, it is often ignored and discounted. This is especially true in Oklahoma -- where 4 of our 5 Members of Congress voted last month to prohibit payment of America's dues to the UN.

      I think it is simply awful that our Congress Members voted the way they did -- especially since 3,400 soldiers from the Oklahoma National Guard deployed for Afghanistan just days before the action in Congress. The Good News is that one rare Member of Congress resisted the "Bash the UN" tendencies of his Oklahoma colleagues. Rep. Tom Cole, a Republican, voted to preserve America's good standing in the United Nations.

      To celebrate this accomplishment, our chapter has set up a website where you can say "Thank You" to Rep. Cole. You can add your name here:

      <> http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/say-thank-you-to-oklahomas-rep-tom-cole/

      (Please sign to express your appreciation).

      Fourth: Well, there is a lot more to say about the programs and activities of our local chapter. There isn't room here to describe them all. Let me simply say that you should plan to come to our Spring Luncheon. We'll have a special program describing some of the ways that we are supporting and recognizing many young people in Oklahoma who are engaged in Model UN groups, UNA Student Groups, etc.

      The luncheon will be:

      Saturday, April 23rd -- 12 Noon
      University Center
      Oklahoma City University

      We'll have more details about the Luncheon later. Look for future announcements on our website or by email.

      Finally: If you're a user of Facebook, please connect with us. You can find our page here:

      <> http://www.facebook.com/pages/UN-Association-OKC/341794695940

      Our little chapter of the UN Association is not the biggest in America. We don't have a lot of financial resources -- not a lot of paid members, either. But, we've got some good supporters, and we're moving forward.

      I appreciate your involvement with our chapter, and I look forward to seeing you at our Spring Luncheon.

      'Til later ... Peace!

      Bill Bryant
      President, Greater OKC Chapter
      United Nations Association of the USA

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