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Walk the World in OKC 2008

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  • Bill Bryant
    In response to the needs of hungry children around the world, our chapter of the UN Association is joining with other community partners in co-sponsoring an
    Message 1 of 1 , May 14, 2008
      In response to the needs of hungry children around the world, our chapter of the UN Association is joining with other community partners in co-sponsoring an action to raise awareness (and funds) for the World Food Program. 
      The action is called "End Hunger: Walk the World."  It is a 5K fun walk to support school feeding projects of the World Food Program.  You're invited to join us:
      Sunday, June 1st -- 5pm to 7pm
      Stars & Stripes Park
      Lake Hefner
      Oklahoma City
      The walk is part of a global effort to eradicate hunger by 2015 -- one of the United Nations’ millennium goals.  "Walk the World" events will occur in all time zones during a 24-hour time period on June 1st.   
      For the past 3 years, Oklahoma City's "Walk the World" campaign has been energized by students from Casady School. 
      LeAnn Farha, event coordinator, composed a recent fund-raising appeal for Walk the World.  In it, she comments:
      "When hunger strikes a community, it is the children who suffer most.  Hunger deprives them of their will and ability to learn.  Casady School's Walk the World OKC Committee has raised more than $26,000 in the past three years, which fed about 764 children for an entire school year in developing countries....
      "Our proceeds have also benefited the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, Food-4-Kids Program, which is an emergency food-assistance program. Chronically hungry Oklahoma children identified by school personnel receive a backpack filled with non-perishable, child-friendly food for a meal over the weekend or school holiday."  
      The Greater Oklahoma City chapter of the United Nations Association is proud to support this project, and we have placed more information about it on our website at: 
      (Please be sure to visit the site, where you'll find links to more information -- including some short videos, a 1-page flyer promoting our "Walk the World" event, and the popular "Free Rice" game). 
      Additionally, our board of directors is supporting Oklahoma City's "End Hunger: Walk the World" Project with a donation of $100.  It is a small token of our appreciation for this worthwhile project and the energetic young people who have organized it. 
      LeAnn Farha writes:
      "Please consider helping Walk the World OKC’ 2008 Committee and Youth Advisory Council raise awareness and funding to fight childhood hunger again this year.  Because the majority of my committee and I will be graduating from Casady School this year, this is our last chance to lead the Walk the World OKC event.  Please help us make this year’s walk the best one yet."
      Please feel free to share this announcement with friends, colleagues, etc. 
      See you at Stars & Stripes on the 1st day of June!
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      Make an online donation to the World Food Program:
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