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Update & "The Long View"

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  • Bill Bryant
    TO: Members and Friends United Nations Association of the USA Greater Oklahoma City Chapter As we open the page on a new year, this seems like a good time to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2013
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      TO: Members and Friends
      United Nations Association of the USA
      Greater Oklahoma City Chapter

      As we open the page on a new year, this seems like a good time to report on a couple of the current activities of our "Greater Oklahoma City" chapter. 

      First of all, I'd like to say "Thank You" to the people who have contributed comments to our campaign against Senate Bill 23 -- the Anti-UN bill in the State Legislature. Your testimony has helped us to develop a proper framework for our arguments against SB23. You have helped us reach out to a friendly audience of university researchers, scientists, and other people who are working on real-world problems. (Thank you to Eric, Joan, Juliet, Ron, and others -- you know who you are). 

      We're giving our opposition to Senate Bill 23 a positive spin. That is, we're asking our State Senators and State Representatives to support Intellectual Freedom. That's a big part of what motivates us on this issue. SB23 would have the effect of limiting public access to books, journals, and various data sets that are published by UN agencies. For example, it would prohibit public libraries from acquiring any reports from UNESCO, the World Health Organization, and so on. State universities would be barred from purchasing data from the statistical section of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, etc. We will be speaking up for freedom of inquiry and the basic human right to learn and share knowledge. 

      Second: Beyond our advocacy activities on Senate Bill 23, we're also in the process of recruiting new members for our leadership team. Our Nominating Committee will be meeting soon, and they will be looking for one or more volunteers to join our local board of directors. If you're interested in an opportunity to help lead our chapter's activities, please let me know. Or contact our Membership Director, Patsy Drab (patdrab@...). 

      There's lots more to report on. But let me keep this message short. 

      I'll end by referring you to an article on our UNA-OKC blog. The article is titled, "The Long View." It is a reflection by Dorothy Messenger, one of our most loyal members. Here's an excerpt: 

      "In October 1945, shortly after the end of World War II and at the time the charter of the United Nations was being signed, I was a young housewife in Denton, Texas.  We had just gone through the trauma of the war, and I remember the hopeful feeling that a peaceful world was on the way, and that the United Nations would make a difference.  For all these years since 1945, I have been a staunch supporter of that organization.  Some time after we moved to Edmond in 1992, I was delighted that there was an Oklahoma City chapter of the UNA-USA to which I could belong...."
      You can read the rest here ...

      ... I think you will enjoy it. 

      Thank you for your support of the United Nations Association. 

      Best wishes for a peaceful, prosperous, and Happy New Year! 


      Bill Bryant
      President, OKC Chapter
      United Nations Association of the USA

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