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Re: [alternatif-net] Kezaliman anjing Mahathir

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  • mk
    gagal dalam susun prioriti. kejadian ini amat menghiris hati dan perasaan. sistem masyarakat telah jadi hilang pedoman. Yang atas tidak turun kebawah melihat
    Message 1 of 1 , May 18, 2002
      gagal dalam susun prioriti.

      kejadian ini amat menghiris hati dan perasaan.

      sistem masyarakat telah jadi hilang pedoman. Yang atas tidak turun
      kebawah melihat nasib dan cara orang bawahan hidup dan dipimpin.

      yang naik motor bukannya orang berada. mereka ramai yg hidup cukup-cukup
      untuk menyara keluarga. Hanya motor sahaja yg mereka mampu.

      ini sahaja sudah cukup untuk kita simpati dengan kehidupan mereka.
      Sebaliknya mereka mereka bahagia dengan cara gitu
      kehidupan yang memadai.
      mereka tidak ganggu anggota masyarakat lain.
      mereka hanya mahu melihat anak mereka sihat maka mereka naik motor -
      bukan panggil doktor datang ke rumah mereka untuk diubati.

      apakah konstable polis hidup dalam tekanan?
      sehingga tidak dapat membuat pertimbangan?
      tiada belas ehsan?
      sesama insan?

      what is wrong?

      anything wrong in the system?

      Salmah Ahmad wrote:

      > By Parveen Gill mmnews@...
      > "HOW could any human being, especially a policeman, just stand there
      > and watch my husband suffer?
      > "My husband did not even attack the policeman. He just tried to escape
      > from a roadblock because he was not wearing a helmet. Must he be
      > beaten for that?"
      > Those were the words of anguish from 20-year-old Siti Rohana Mohammad
      > after she buried her husband, Ramli Othman, at the Muslim cemetery in
      > Bandar Baru Sri Puchong yesterday.
      > "I last saw my husband less than an hour before I was told he was
      > seriously injured and had been rushed to the hospital," Siti told The
      > Malay Mail.
      > "When my neighbours informed me that my husband was hit twice by a
      > policeman with a plank because he was trying to elude a roadblock, I
      > almost fainted."
      > When Siti visited her husband at the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre,
      > doctors advised her not to speak to him as he was in critical
      > condition.
      > "I could only tell him that he should stay alive for his children who
      > were all waiting for him at home," she said.
      > "I wanted to tell him how much his love was on my life. I have lived
      > my life to the fullest because he was such a wonderful husband and
      > father."
      > Siti, who was to celebrate her fifth wedding anniversary next month,
      > said her husband was on his way to buy medicine for their youngest
      > daughter. Before that, he wanted to stop by at a motorcycle shop.
      > The couple has three children - Mohammad Siafullah, aged four;
      > Mohammad Nasrullah, two; and three-months-old Siti Norliana.
      > Ramli's older brother, Rahmat Othman, 38, who was the first family
      > member to reach the scene said he tried for at least 20 minutes to get
      > someone to takehis brother to the hospital.
      > "He was unconscious. His skull was cracked open. I begged the
      > policemen for help," said Rahmat.
      > "I was in tears. One of the policemen just said, Kalau adik awak tak
      > lari, ini takkan terjadi (If your brother did not try to escape, this
      > would not have happened)."
      > Rahmat managed to stop a taxi some 20 minutes later.
      > He later lodged a report against the policemen at the Puchong police
      > station.
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